MLW Fusion The Recall for Episode #92 (Thatcher vs Pillman Jr)

MLW Fusion began with Alicia Atout waiting in a hotel lobby discussing the events of an attack earlier in the evening. Injustice is shown attacking Brian Pillman Jr. Atout later shared that Pillman could have suffered a separated shoulder. It isn’t cleared whether or not he will face Timothy Thatcher in the semi-finals of the Opera Cup. One of the featured matches of the night is the Von Erichs facing the Spirit Squad. Will Pillman Jr and Thatcher actually take place?

AJ Kirsh and Rich Bocchini flashback to the previous week when Tom Lawlor defeated a fake Von Erich when Mike Mondo and Kenny Doane came and jumped Marshall and Ross from behind. ‘Filthy’ Tom Lawlor is on commentary when Doane and Mondo come to the ring in karate gear. They are part of Team Filthy known as the Filthy Squad.

Filthy Squad vs The Von Erichs

The match begins almost immediately. Both Marshall and Ross get the early advantage until  Mondo and Doane regain the advantage. Quick tags between the Filthy Squad beat down on Marshall. The focus of the match early on Marshall’s left knee.

Marshall makes the tag in the match who then tags Ross. A tag back into Marshall leads to a claw slam and a three-count for the win. The Von Erichs defeated the Filthy Squad.

Winners: Von Erichs

After the match, the fake Von Erich runs to the ring after last week attacking the brothers. Both Marshall and Ross Von Erich fought him off.

An update about Brian Pillman Jr was given about the attack suffered earlier in the day. Pillman is said to be evaluated a the time of that update.

Backstage as an interview is about, to begin with, the Von Erichs but ‘Filthy’ Tom Lawlor attacks both brothers. He attacks Marshall’s leg and Ross by the stairwell.

We see Jordan Oliver, Myron Reed and Koto Brazil giving a promo about how they are being falsely accused. Koto points out that if Pillman hurt and that they should be getting their shot at the Opera Cup.

This is followed by a promo from Mance Warner speaking about his on-going feud with Jimmy Havoc who now has Priscilla Kelly by his side. He said he’s coming for Havoc and loves to bleed, and fight and they will when they face each other at Zero Hour.

They also promote the Fightland event with Killer Kross making his MLW debut from the famous 2300 Arena. It is also said to be the return of LA Park with Salina De La Renta by his side. Also, Jacob Fatu is set to defend the MLW Heavyweight championship against CIMA.

Konnan is set to return this week MLW next week. A video package promoting ‘The Weak.The Brave…The Annihilated Erick Stevens.

Alicia Atout is reporting she believes that Pillman won’t be ready to compete. Pillman said that he is cleared to compete and has his sights set on Timothy Thatcher. He will focus his attention on Injustice at a later date.

Contra Unit airs another promo sharing that their warriors continue to train. They speak of how Contra will rise.

Konnan comes to the ring and fires up the crowd. He promotes how Lucha Libre AAA and MLW will collaborate. Konnan said he feels that he thinks he has found the next big thing and its ‘The Untouchable’ Gino Medina. Medina comes out and Konnan speaks of Medina’s family lineage in wrestling. He spoke of how Gino reminds him a great deal about the likes of him, Art Barr and Eddie Guerrero. Konnan then says that he doesn’t think Salina De La Renta isn’t looking out for his best interests.

At this time, Salina De La Renta comes out to the ring and addresses the allegations that Konnan has pout forth about her. Konnan asks why would you sign with Salina. At this point, The Dynasty comes to the ring. MJF addresses Gino says that there is a reason why he has not one, but two major contracts. He then says that if he wants to be a top guy then he knows what he needs to do. Richard Holliday then goes on the mic and says that when The Dynasty is the building everyone is breathing rarefied air. Hammerstone says to Gino that he could choose between a has-been in Konnan or someone that has never made anyone a champion in Salina.

Medina faces both Salina and Konnan with The Dynasty. Gino shakes hands with Konnan and then beats him down as the rest of The Dynasty join in. Salina leaves the ring. Gino Medina has officially chosen The Dynasty as his running mate.

After a brief commercial break, we are shown what happened earlier with ‘The Untouchable’ Gino Medina joining The Dynasty.

Opera Cup Semi-Finals
Timothy Thatcher vs Brian Pillman Jr
Thatcher Pillman Jr
Photo / MLW

Brian Pillman Jr makes his way out to the ring with a taped shoulder. Pillman Jr awaits Thatcher in this semi-finals matchup. Early on in this matchup strikes are the name of the game. Pillman Jr lays in forearms on Thatcher. Thatcher eventually regains the advantage over Pillman Jr. Timothy Thatcher methodically works on the legs of Pillman Jr and then continues to use variations of the move on his legs and back. He transitions so smoothly from area to area. Thatcher continues to work on the injured left shoulder of Pillman. He is unrelenting working the shoulder wrenching on it. Kirsch and Bocchini focus on the heart and determination of Pillman Jr.

Pillman begins to mount a bit of offense. He then catches Thatcher with a snap slam. Thatcher then backs Pillman Jr back into the corner. Pillman then hits kicks to keep Thatcher off him. He then attempts the Dire Promise but Thatcher fights it off. Pillman Jr hits a trapped knee strike on Thatcher. Thatcher then locks in a fujirmar armbar on Pillman Jr who uses his opponents’ momentum to roll him up for the count of three.

Winner: Brian Pillman Jr

The finals are set between Davey Boy Smith and Brian Pillman Jr for the 2019 Opera Cup. It is the first time in 71 years since it has been awarded.