MLW Fusion The Recall for Episode #89 (Smith Jr vs Ki)

This episode of MLW Fusion begins with The Dynasty being interrupted with the upcoming match. With the announced match between MJF and Hammerstone, the question is whether or not The Dynasty will implode. At the Melrose Ballroom in New York City, the next matchups in the 2019 Opera Cup are slated to take place. The first match involves Davey Boy Smith Jr against Low Ki and MJF is scheduled to take on Hammerstone. The first night of the match is set to take place next.

Prince of Darkness Match
Jimmy Havoc vs Mance Warner

The was the match that was slated to take place a couple of weeks ago. Havoc reportedly wrapped his hands in broken glass and punched Mance Warner. Once Jimmy Havoc is in the ring, he awaits the Southern Psycho, Mance Warner. The premise of the match is that both men are to be blindfolded and compete this way against one another. Before the match begins both men tell the other man to put their blindfold on first and neither seems to want to budge. Eventually, both men’s faces are covered as they attempt to try to find their way around the ring. Warner attempts to use the fan’s direction to find Havoc. Havoc pulled the hood up and jumped Warner.

After putting the hood back on, Havoc knew where Warner was and beats down on him. Warner then finds Havoc and throws fists at him. Havoc then pulls off the mask off again and jumps Warner. However, with the referee distracted Priscilla Kelly comes out and hits Warner low and she slides out of the ring. Havoc hits the acid rainmaker clothesline on Warner for the pin and the win.

Winner: Jimmy Havoc

After the match, questions arise as to why Kelly is with Havoc. Another interview is happening this time in an alleyway with Tom Lawlor saying that the Filthy Tom Dojo is reopening. As he approaches the door, Ross Von Erich is there to greet him. A fight ensues but Lawlor eventually gets away.

Atout interviews Hammerstone backstage asking them if there are any problems amongst them. Hammerstone denies them even swearing his love for MJF in the process. He also proceeds to say that he will be winning the Opera Cup as well. While this is happening MJF is discussing the benefits of Vitamin C with Richard Holliday.

Warner is addressing the attack from Priscilla Kelly. Both Havoc and Kelly attack him in the process.

Gino Medina is stopped by a backstage camera asking him about his relationships with The Dynasty, and Konnan. He responds saying no comment but a door swings open and Salina De La Renta pulls him into the room with her.

Backstage MJF comes up to Hammerstone and addresses how beautiful his championship is. Why do you need the Opera Cup if you already have a championship to speak of? Hammerstone points out to MJF that he is trying to get him to throw the match.

The Stronghearts are shown having a press conference earlier in the day. At this point, Contra Unit attacks them beating down on all three members.

Alexander Hammerstone vs. MJF

The tale of the tape certainly shows that Hammerstone has the height and weight advantage over MJF. Richard Holliday accompanies MJF to the ring while Hammerstone is already in the ring. Both MJF and Hammerstone poked a finger in the chest. The intent was that the finger poke was supposed to put the other man down. Hammerstone hits a dropkick and then hits a backflip over the top rope on MJF. Holliday distracts Hammerstone causing MJF an in.

MJF locks in body scissors on Hammerstone. He continues to berate Hammerstone saying that the fans don’t care about him. MJF uses the ropes during an abdominal stretch to gain additional leverage. Hammerstone eventually recovers and takes the fight to MJF. MJF is caught jumping off the middle rope and hit with a belly to belly over the top suplex. Fans chant one more time and Hammerston signals for the Nightmare Pendulum. Hammerstone looks conflicted as Holliday speaks to him from the ring floor. Once at his feet MJF spits in the face of Hammerstone.

Alex Hammerstone is irate now. MJF pokes him in the eye and then runs off the rope. Hammerstone hits not one but two bicycle kicks on MJF. Holliday is on the apron causing a distraction causing MJF to hit Hammerstone low. MJF attempts a pin but the result is only a two count. Hammerstone hits a powerbomb on MJF after a bicycle kick. He makes the pin and picks up the win.

Winner: Alexander Hammerstone

After the match, Holliday tries to play peacemaker between Hammerstone and MJF. Fans chant for them to hug it out. A handshake later MJF collapse on the mat.

Injustice is sitting on the sidelines as alternatives for the Opera Cup. We then see Ross Von Erich still chasing Tom Lawlor and a fight is taking place between them.

Backstage Atout interview Davey Boy Smith Jr. Smith Jr shares how tough he knows Low Ki is. He also shares that the Opera Cup will be next on the horizon for him along with the MLW Heavyweight Championship.

Low Ki vs Davey Boy Smith Jr

Low Ki makes his way to the ring first but awaits Davey Boy Smith Jr who follows up to the ring. A handshake to start the match between both men takes place. Both men size each other up to start the match. Smith Jr locks up Low Ki with an armbar in the middle of the ring. Ki regains control temporary but both men separate. Davey Boy hits a stiff headlock takeover.

Once back to their feet Low Ki sneaks in an armbar over the top rope on Davey Boy Smith Jr. Ki manipulates the joints on Smith Jr. Davey Boy then hoists Low Ki up and then drives a punch. Smith Jr then hoists up Low Ki and slams him to the mat. Davey Boy then works on the ribs of Low Ki with a bear hug like grip.  Low Ki hits stiff kick after stiff kick but Smith Jr seems unphased. A knee to the midsection of Davey Boy Smith Jr. He then hits a warriors stomp but Davey Boy doesn’t go down.

Ki Smith Jr
Photo / MLW

Punches by Low Ki drives Smith Jr to the barricade. Low Ki hits a chop on Davey Boy Smith Jr. Smith Jr then drives Low Ki back first into the barricade. Ki hits a somersault kick on Davey Boy Smith Jr. Low Ki goes up and attempts a double stomp but misses. A powerbomb by Davey Boy Smith Jr on Low Ki led to a pinfall attempt but only for a count of two. Low Ki hits a bodyslam on Davey Boy Smith Jr. Smith Jr then attempts a power slam. Ki then locks in a submission attempt and as he seems as though he is fading he cradles in Low Ki into a pinfall attempt for the three count and the win.

Winner: Davey Boy Smith Jr

After the match an embrace and a show of respect between both men. We then see a camera trying to follow Ross Von Erich and Tom Lawlor going through the train station in New York City.