MLW Fusion The Recall for Episode #88 (Pillman vs TJP)

On the 88th episode of MLW Fusion, we debut a new review. Pro Wrestling Post’s new Major League Wrestling review has a new name, a different writer and is inspired by a baseball action. Baseball players are Recalled and this wrestling show experience will be recalled as well. Thanks to AEW Lead writer Robbie Sutter for the snazzy new banner and a new name. The show will feature a main event of Brian Pillman Jr and TJP.

Show kicks off with Injustice essentially hijacking the beginning of the show. Rich Bocchini says that they have been there for a few minutes. Injustice then began a sit-in until King Mo arrives and interrupts what is taking place, in the ring. The announce team of Dan Lambert (King Mo’s cornerman), AJ Kirsch, and Rich Bocchini address what is taking place, in the ring. The trio doesn’t appear to want to back down to King Mo who is prepared, to take these men out until the letters ACH flashes up on the screen. Fans begin to chant in unison for ACH as he steps in the ring. After getting into the ring, the members of Injustice step out of the ring and on the ring apron. ACH and King Mo shook hands in the middle of the ring.

King Mo and ACH vs Kotto Brazil and Jordan Oliver

As soon as the bell rings Kotto and Oliver jump the duo of Mo and ACH. That advantage was momentary as ACH gains control of the match for his team. ACH looks like a new sense of passion and energy upon his MLW return. Mo continues to work on Brazil. The more MMA based offense of Mo is apparent rather than the ring awareness demonstrated by his partner ACH. Brazil then regains control with a headscissors takedown. While the referee is distracted Oliver whips ACH into the barricade around the ring. Brazil then brings ACH back in the ring and makes the tag to Jordan Oliver. Oliver strikes a couple of chops on ACH while positioned in the corner.

Each time it appears as though ACH is about to make a comeback, Oliver cuts him off at the pass. Brazil is then tagged back into the ring and both members continue to beat down ACH. Mo is attempting to get the crowd involved in the match on the opposite side. However, as ACH attempts to get to his corner Brazil gets up and knocks Mo off the ring apron in the process. Brazil then locks in a single leg Boston crab with the intent of fatiguing his legs and thus affecting his offense. ACH then fights to get to the rope causing a break of the hold.

Brazil brings ACH back to his corner and then tags in Jordan Oliver in the process.

Despite Mo’s best efforts to energize the crowd, it seemed as though hope was lost. However, is it? Mo is then tagged in and hits a spinebuster and then an atomic drop by Mo. King Mo is clocked with a kick by Mo, but he doesn’t react to it. Mo then hits a double spear on both members of Injustice. ACH is then retagged into the ring and hits a combination of moves on Brazil and Oliver including a foot sweep. Mo is then tagged in and a combination stinger splash and kick by ACH takes down Kotto Brazil. A leglock submission later and ACH and King Mo are victorious.

Winners: ACH and King Mo

In a ‘moments ago’ backstage scene, we see Gino Medina speaking with Konnan in a stairwell. They didn’t disclose what they were talking about.

Lifestyles of the Rich and Dynastic

Hammerstone and Holliday are at a bar sharing a moment. It was quite amusing as the bartender brings them both a couple of Starbucks coffee rather than well alcohol. It’s likely part of the joke because you don’t generally go to a bar for coffee. However, when MJF comes in and begins a ‘chugga chugga chugga’ chant it certainly brought out a sinker of amusement. MJF shares how for the best Channukah / Christmas Whatever gift that they deserve the biggest and the best earbuds. Holiday bends over as to catch his breath. These things were enormous as though you’d insert them in the ears of an elephant they’re so big. Holliday begins to weep and says to MJF thank you’re the best. In return gives MJF a false MJF ‘Max-Mini’. It doesn’t go over well. They kick the ‘gift’ out.

As mentioned the history of the Opera Cup is shared. Where it came from and the success was from. The cup was donated by the Hart family. In particular, it was Davey Boy Smith Jr who donated it to MLW. The trophy was restored to be its original form after years of sitting idle. A first-round match is scheduled to take place next.

First Round Match – Timothy Thatcher vs. Richard Holliday

After Thatcher has made his way to the ring, the familiar sound of Diamonds are Forever rung on the overhead speaker as Richard Holliday makes his way to the ring. Before the bell rings to start the match, fans chant ‘THATCHER’S GONNA KILL YOU’ repeatedly. Holliday appears unphased by the fans’ comments. Thatcher hits a standing enziguri on Holliday to start the match and then begins to beat him down. As Thatcher attempts to suplex Holliday, the elitest hits 2008 on the American grappler. Thatcher then locks in a half crab. Holliday rolls through and Thatcher locks in an ankle lock right after. Richard Holliday then can grab ahold of the tights as he attempts to make a pin, but only for a count of two.

Holliday then begins to work on Thatcher and beat him down.

Thatcher then regains control and work on the Dynasty member. Fans begin to chant one more time as Thatcher strikes a second forearm strike across the chest. While both on their feet both men exchange blows. Eventually, Holliday hits a DDT, but only for a count of two. Thatcher then hits an uppercut. However, Holliday hits a double underhook backbreaker on the American Grappler. The commentators say they are seeing grit from Holliday. Thatcher then ties in a double underhook into a hip toss. Holliday grabs Thatcher by the hair, but Thatcher reverses that as he attempts to climb the top turnbuckle. Richard Holliday hits 2008 from the second rope and a pinning attempt, but only for a count of two. However, unsuspectingly Thatcher locks in a Fujimar armbar to which Holliday had no choice but to tap out.

Winner: Timothy Thatcher

After the match, Alicia Atout interviews Salina De La Renta. De La Renta is immediately annoyed by Atout. Gino Medina then comes out and De La Renta brushes off Atout and snuggles up to Medina by walking with him arm in arm.

Earlier today, Warner shares how he was supposed to face one another the previous week in a Taipei Death Match. Mance Warner then proposes a blindfold match between them.

We then and see Ross and Marshall Von Erich speaking with their father Kevin Von Erich about what happened with Tom Lawlor. The elder Von Erich said he felt they did Lawlor a favor and that the next time face each other it will be theirs to take.

Josef Samuel speaks about Contra Unit and how members of the faction are sent Ikuro Kwon. Soldiers are staying vigilant and rising up on all corners of the world.

For the first time since 2004, TJP who competed for MLW at the time under a mask returns to the promotion as part of the first round of the Opera Cup.

The Strong Hearts are set to be coming to MLW by way of OWE. CIMA, El Lindermans, and T-Hawk are set to make their debut for the company.

First Round Match – Brian Pillman Jr vs TJP
Pillman Jr TJP
Photo / MLW

TJP makes his return to MLW and comes to the ring first followed by Brian Pillman Jr. Upon locking up, TJP ties up Pillman first. An armbar early on in the match leads to a kick on TJP with a fained nip up. TJP then is able to maneuver himself out from a headlock on Pillman much to the dismay of Pillman Jr. A standoff between both men appears to take place and fans are appreciative of that. TJP then locks in a sharpshooter on Pillman Jr and transitions into a front chancery.

This is later followed up with an octopus on Pillman Jr who then transitions it into a stretch muffler on TJP. TJP then hits an arm breaker. Pillman Jr is then hit with a tornado DDT to create space between them. Once both men are on the top turnbuckle TJP hits a superplex and follows that up with a brainbuster but only for a count of two. TJP then hits a kick to the head of Pillman Jr and locks in an STF.

TJP then continues to hit Pillman Jr with kicks to his thighs. Pillman Jr comes back with a superkick but is then caught with an attempted Detonation Kick. However, Pillman blocks it and hits the Diet Promise. One..two..three! Next week, Pillman

Winner: Brian Pillman Jr.