MLW Fusion Preview for 3/17/21 (Muertes vs Parrow)

If you are a fan of the superheavy weights, you won’t want to miss a minute of MLW Fusion this Wednesday as we preview the 3/17/21 edition. After stealing the MLW Openweight Championship, Mil Muertes has been challenged by the One Man Demolition Machine Parrow. You can rest assured that Alexander Hammerstone will be looking to reclaim his property.  Azteca Underground will do double duty as Los Parks defends the titles against Injustice.

After Last week’s alliance with Calvin Tankman, can Injustice upset The chairman and his son?  The Middleweight Champion Lio Rush will defend his championship against an unknown challenger. Can the man of the hour defeat an unknown man? Last but not least, Alicia Atout will finally find out who the “El Jefe” is behind Azteca Underground. All this and much more to discuss in this week’s MLW Fusion preview for 3/17/21. 


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Mil Muertes vs Parrow 

Last week Parrow returned to MLW, decimating a local competitor. This week the One Man Demolition Machine will challenge The man of 1000 deaths, Mil Muertes. Muertes has made his presence known by attacking MLW Openweight Champion Alexander Hammerstone and stealing the title. Hammerstone is still recognized as the champion, but Azteca Underground has the gold in their possession.

More specifically, Salina de La Renta has the gold in her possession. Parrow is power personified. However, not only does he have the power, but he also has the speed. It is going to take everything Parrow has to stop Muertes. Will Salina’s Monster demolish the One Man Demolition Machine? Will Parrow put an end to Mil Muertes’ body count? 

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MLW Fusion Preview for 3/17/21
MLW Tag Team Championship
Los Parks vs. Injustice 

According to Injustice, they have respect for the MLW Tag Team Champions Los Parks. Los Parks, on the other hand, respect no one but “EL Jefe.”  Since defeating the Von Erichs, LA Park and Hijo de LA Park have been on a roll. Salina de la Renta has a team of Lucha Libre experts. The tag team champions are calculating and will stop at nothing to retain their title. Recently, Injustice, Myron Reed, and Jordan Oliver have gotten some backup in the Heavyweight Hustle Calvin Tankman.

This partnership will definitely come in handy if all three members of Los Parks decide to assault the young tag team. While Los Parks may be the immediate threat, Injustice needs to be prepared for MLW Heavyweight Champion Jacob Fatu and Contra to attack. After the main event match for Never Say Never was announced as Fatu vs. Tankman, Contra will be looking to get an advantage. Will Injustice defeat Los Parks? Will Contra get revenge, and will Tankman confront Fatu before Never Say Never? 

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MLW Middleweight Championship
Lio Rush vs. Unknown Opponent

Last week on MLW Fusion, Middleweight Champion Lio Rush taped an open contract to the locker room wall. MLW has confirmed that the challenge was accepted, but no one knows who it is. MLW officials have stated they are keeping the identity a secret until the bell rings this Wednesday. Last week Pro Wrestling Illustrated gave their list for the top five best Middleweights. Is one of them the challenger? Could it be the young, brash Hart Foundation member Brian Pillman Jr? 

Could it be former champion Myron Reed? Even though Reed obviously has his hands full, it wouldn’t be out of the question for Reed to attempt to become a double champion in one night.  The number one Middleweight selected by PWI is the former champion, the Laredo Kid. Could the Laredo Kid be looking to avenge his loss to Rush? Whoever it is, you can bet the man of the hour is looking to walk out still champion. 

MLW Fusion preview for 3/17/21
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MLW Fusion Preview for 3/17/21
Alicia Atout Exposes Azteca Underground 

For months now, Azteca Underground has been posting propaganda all over social media. They purchased Salina de La Rentas Promociones Dorado. Since then, Los Parks have captured the MLW Tag Team Championship. They punished Caribbean legend, Savio Vega. Mil Muertes has destroyed everything in his path and stolen the MLW Openweight Championship.

Salina is constantly talking about not disappointing “EL Jefe”  This Wednesday, the Interview Queen Alicia Atout promises to find out who “EL Jefe” is. She will go Underground to get the dirt on Azteca Underground. Don’t miss this week’s episode of MLW Fusion on Wednesday night at 7 pm Et on Youtube, Bein Sports, and Anytime you want on DAZN. Don’t forget MLW will present Never Say Never on March 31, 2021. 


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