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MLW Fusion for 12/15/22 (National Openweight Title COLLISION)

On Thursday, December 15th MLW aired another episode of Fusion on Pro Wrestling TV we review MLW Fusion for 12/15/22. We had 2 matches with the main event, Davey Richards, defending the National Openweight Title against SB Kento from Dragon Gate.

Kicking off this week’s Fusion with a recap of last week’s brawl between Alexander Hammerstone & EJ Nduka.

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MLW Fusion for 12/15/22
Cosmos vs. Star Roger

Cosmos & Star Roger circle to start this match off, then trade arm wringers and escapes before Roger grabs a side headlock and hits a shoulder block. Some rope running and a few escapes then a double dropkick and a standoff. Cosmos with a bit of a cheap shot, then he hits the ropes, but Roger tries an Oklahoma roll, then Cosmos counters into a crucifix pin for a 2 count.

Suplex from Cosmos gets another two count. Cosmos up to the top rope for a diving sunset roll through, then he lands a knee strike. Roger winds up out of the ring then Cosmos hits a suicide dive. Cosmos sends Roger back into the ring, then plays with the fans long enough to let Roger hit his own suicide dive.

Some ringside brawling from Roger, and they head back into the ring as we get a break. After the break, Cosmos flips out of a back suplex, then they trade trips until Cosmos hits a slingshot dropkick to a downed Roger for a 2 count. A wheel kick from Roger lands, and he takes over.

Corner chops from Roger but Cosmos avoids a running chop and lays in chops of his own to Roger. Roger lands a kick and then kicks Cosmos into the 2nd rope so he can follow up with a dropkick and a German suplex for a 2 count. Cosmos fights back with a boot and a modified hurricanrana. Corner punches from Cosmos, then Roger shoves him down but just waits around for Cosmos to jump up onto the ropes with him.

Roger then hits Cosmos with a release second rope gordbuster, but when he goes for a double springboard moonsault to follow up, Cosmos rolls away, and Roger eats canvas, so both men are down. Cosmos fires up with a series of clotheslines and kicks, then hits a satellite DDT but only gets a near fall.

A flurry of strikes from Roger, then a rolling neckbreaker for a 2 count. They start trading strikes on their knees and fight up they trade elbows. Superkick from Roger, but he runs into a Spanish Fly for a 2 count then a Code Red from Cosmos gets a 2 count, but he lands a pump kick after that. Cosmos goes up top, but Roger meets him there and hits a top-rope Spanish Fly to get the win.

Winner: Star Roger

We get a medical update on Hammerstone after the fall last week & Hammerstone needed 52 stitches to close the cut under his lip.

We get a video of EJ Nduka in a parking lot; he wonders how Hammerstone tackled him but wound up knocking himself out. Hammerstone’s now got a big hole in his face because he doesn’t know how to tackle. Let the Judge do the spears, and the gavel has taken out the hammer & he promises to become MLW World Champion.

Backstage Samoan Swat Team are talking & they need the MLW World Tag Team Titles and Lance Anoa’i tells Juicy Finau to lock it up. Jacob Fatu walks in and encourages them in their quest for gold. Anoa’i responds by reminding Fatu that he’s the longest-reigning MLW World Champion. Fatu says they’ve got each other, and it’s time to make some moves.

Mads Krugger video now, he says Battle Riot was his chance to finish what he started with Hammerstone, but Mance Warner cost him that. Mance should have stayed away, and now the Black Hand is hunting him.

Mance Warner video, he’s in the woods hunting the biggest, nastiest thing he can find, Doc Gallows also known as Krugger. Warner finds Microman with a butterfly net. Microman decides to come along with Mance on his hunt.

We get a promo from Lady Flammer. She calls herself the best and most beautiful and warns Valkyrie that her Featherweight Title is coming back with Flammer.

We get a video from Alex Kane talking about the Opera Cup. Now it’s the Bomaye Cup of the Gods. Kane says he runs things; there won’t be a tournament. Instead, we’ll get the Bomyaye Cup tournament, and everyone else will get a participation trophy. Then he yells bomaye.

MLW Fusion for 12/15/22
[Photo: MLW]

MLW Fusion for 12/15/22
National Openweight Title Match

Davey Richards (c) vs. SB Kento

Davey Richards & SB Kento circle around to kick this match off, then Kento tries a single leg, switches to a front headlock, and Richards counters into one of his own, then gets a hammerlock, and Kento heads into the ropes for a break. Cheap shot from Kento on the break, and he takes over with strikes in the corner.

They hit the ropes, and Richards lands a dropkick leading to Kento taking a powder, then jumping Richards and choking him with his shirt. They head out of the ring, and Kento lays in strikes as they engage in some ringside brawling. They head to the apron, and Richards blocks a suplex, then Kento switches to hit an apron DDT that sends us to a break.

After the break, Kento landing stomps in the corner and then hit a sliding dropkick. Kento ties up Richards in the ropes and tears at his face before giving an evil laugh. Kento calls on Richards for a striking exchange, and Richards obliges, but Kento then rakes the eyes. Richards tries to fight off a powerbomb and eventually does so with a back body drop, then he counters a roll-up attempt from Kento with a double stomp.

They start trading strikes again, then Richards starts laying in kicks to gain momentum, then hits the dragon screw through the ropes. Richards goes up top but misses a double stomp, then ties up the Trailer Hitch. Kento crawls to the ropes and is able to get there after a bit.

Richards tries a brainbuster, but Kento slips free, and they trade counters before Kento lands a knee strike and a superkick to set up a rebound bridging German suplex for a 2 count. Kento heads up top, but Richards climbs up with him.

They fight on the top rope. Eventually, Richards hits a superplex, then covers for a count of two and turns the kick out into an Ankle Lock, but Kento slips free, then eats a punt kick, but he no sells and fires up.

Strikes from Kento, but he runs into a roundhouse kick and a German suplex. Richards with a clothesline, then a brainbuster but again only two; this time, Richards gets the Ankle Lock again on the kick out. Richards sits with the hold and cranks it down & Kento has no choice but to tap out.

Winner By Submission: AND STILL National Openweight Champion: Davey Richards

After the match, Richards poses with the National Openweight Title and then tries to get the crowd to chant for Kento; then they kneel and share a bow, then a handshake.

We get a post-match interview for Richards. He says he became better because of his time in Japan wrestling guys like Kento, and he can’t wait to see more of what Dragon Gate can send to MLW. Richards says he and Alex Kane are meant to do this forever, calling Kane a disgrace before warning he’s coming for his Opera Cup, the blood of Kane, and his love to devour Kane’s soul.

Mance Warner & Microman are hunting butterflies together to close out this week’s Fusion.

Next Week’s Fusion

Featherweight Title Match
Taya Valkyrie (c) vs. Lady Flammer

Tables Match
Mads Krugger vs. Mance Warner

Please share with us what you thought of this week’s edition of Major League Wrestling and what you anticipate happening next week in the comment section below.


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