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MLW Fusion for 12/01/22 (Hammerstone and Bandido COLLIDE)

On Thursday, December 1st, 2022 MLW aired another episode of Fusion as we review MLW Fusion for 12/01/22. We had 2 matches as we got a Fatal 4 Way Match to determine who will be the next challenger for Taya Valkyrie’s Featherweight Title. In the main event, Alexander Hammerstone defends the MLW World Title against Bandido.

Kicking off this week’s Fusion with a recap of EJ Nduka’s heel turn and challenge to Alex Hammerstone that happened last week, along with a little recap of Hammerstone vs. Richard Holliday.

MLW Fusion for 12/01/22
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MLW Fusion for 12/01/22
Featherweight Title #1 Contenders Fatal 4 Way Match

Lady Shani vs. Lady Flammer vs. Reina Dorado vs. La Hiedra

Lady Shani share some shoves before they all start circling. Lady Flammer with a sunset flip on Reina Dorado for 1. Dorado then hits a double-arm drag on La Hiedra & Shani. Hiedra & Flammer tie up, Sole Food from Flammer then Hiedra hits a Stunner. Double roll up from Dorado & Shani, then they send Hiedra & Flammer out of the ring. Stereo suicide dives from Shani & Dorado send us to a minor break.

We come back from the break to Shani & Hiedra in the ring; Shani sends Hiedra on the top rope but eats a dropkick from her. Stretch Muffler from Hiedra is broken up by Dorado. Kicks from Dorado than a wheelbarrow bulldog. Buzzsaw Kick from Dorado, but Flammer breaks up the pin. Sit out belly 2 belly piledriver from Flammer, but that pin is broken up by Shani.

[Photo: MLW]
Shani ties up Flammer in a submission, but Hiedra breaks it up. Shani & Hiedra start trading strikes, Flammer & Dorado in with dropkicks, and Hiedra lands a Michinoku Driver to Dorado. Shani, with a Pendulum swing to Flammer as Hiedra, gets one on Dorado. 4 kicks and all 4 women are down.

Everyone starts trading chops from their knees. Double Muta Locks from Flammer and Dorado but no submissions from Hiedra or Shani. Flammer & Dorado square up now, they trade roll-ups then Flammer lands an elbow which Dorado returns then we get a double clothesline spot, into a double crossbody.

Shani & Hiedra seem to team up on Dorado for a bit, but Dorado fights back and boots Shani only to be caught on the top rope by Hiedra. Shani comes over to set up a double superplex which connects then Flammer flies in with a splash to Dorado to get the victory.

Winner:  #1 Contender To The Featherweight Title: Lady Flammer

After the match, Flammer gets in the face of Taya Valkyrie before we get a pull-apart brawl.

We see Samoan Swat Team eating outside by a pool and sharing some banter. Lance Anoa’i asks Jacob Fatu when he’ll get his MLW World Title shot, and Fatu asks Anoa’i & Juicy Finau when they’ll get a World Tag Team Title shot. A little more banter, then they share some beers to cool off in the hot sun.

We see 1/2 of the World Tag Team Champions EJ Nduka arrive earlier today. Nduka says it’s been a year of waiting on Hammerstone ghosting him. Well, after he won the Tag Team Titles he thought that would earn him a shot.

He’s undefeated and eliminated a ton of people in the Battle Riot, but ultimately he had to run up on Hammerstone and bash him in the head. Nduka is who he says he is, and it’s his time. At the end of the day, the crowd will cheer for the Judge while Nduka has 2 titles in his hand, and the entire world will know that EJ Nduka is a titan.

We have a recap of Mance Warner & Mads Krugger and their budding issue & which leads to a video from Mance Warner, he’s on his phone by a dumpster which he calls for a metaphor for pro wrestling. He calls over some tech guy and reminds us that Mads Krugger is, in fact, Doc Gallows, who he claims is on the phone with him. He plans on proving to the whole world that Doc Gallows is Mads Krugger.

Shun Skywalker video again where he challenges Myron Reed for the MLW Middleweight title. This time Reed has a response. He accepts the challenge of Skywalker and promises to keep the belt. That match will take place next week.

In the back, we see Killer Kross covered in welt, someone has attacked him, and apparently, he won’t be in action tonight.

We see Alex Kane & Mr. Thomas arrive, and Kane denies that he was beaten by Davey Richards. People can call Davey Richards the National Openweight Champion or the Opera Cup, but where’s the Opera Cup, Davey? Well, Alex Kane pulls the Cup out of a bag, then yells Bomaye.

Kross was apparently attacked by the same guy who’s been leaving business cards, and Kross is on his way to the hospital.

MLW Fusion for 12/01/22
MLW World Title Match

Alexander Hammerstone (c) vs. Bandido

The match starts off with Alexander Hammerstone offers a handshake which Bandido accepts before they tie up, Hammerstone pushes things into a corner then gives a clean break. Bandido ties up again and they start trading waist locks with Bandido getting a bit of the edge before Hammerstone grabs a side headlock in transition then hits a shoulder block to drop Bandido. They hit the ropes and Hammerstone hits a hip toss.

Bandido with a takedown then hits the ropes for some acrobatics before hitting a hurricanrana then tries a dive to Hammerstone but Hammerstone intercepts him with an elbow. Hammerstone drags Bandido out of the ring and lands some more strikes. Some ringside brawling from Hammerstone as he drops Bandido across the barricade.

Back in the ring now and Hammerstone hits a backbreaker. Bandido fights out of a corner with strikes, then a corkscrew crossbody for a 2 count.

They wind up out of the ring again, and Bandido launches Hammerstone into the barricade. Back in the ring again, and Bandido works the arm a bit, then heads up top only to roll through a toss attempt, then Bandido avoids a pump kick only to be caught in a belly 2 belly suplex. Another belly 2 belly from Hammerstone, then a military press into a Catatonic.

They take some time on the follow-up, but Bandido catches Hammerstone with a military press into a sit-out slam for a 2 count. Bandido heads up top and flies, but Hammerstone catches him for a powerbomb, Bandido avoids it, but Hammerstone cracks him with a back elbow. Spinning fireman’s carry facebuster from Hammerstone, but that only gets a near fall, and we get a commercial break.

After the break, Hammerstone is still in control before Bandido avoids a suplex and hits a flapjack, then grabs a Boston Crab. Bandido then transitions into a reverse pendulum, but Hammerstone rolls through into a pin for a 2 count. Elbow from Hammerstone, but then he runs into a pop-up Cutter for a near fall.

Both men slowly move to their knees and start trading punches as they stand. Hammerstone gets the edge in the power striking, then hits a pump kick, but Bandido counters a German suplex into a Victory Roll for 2.

Go 2 Sleep from Hammerstone, then a Burning Hammer but only a near fall. Hammerstone calls for the end, but Bandido escapes a Nightmare Pendulum with knee strikes and then tries a suplex and they fight over the spot before Bandido hits the suplex, then swings the hips for the 3 Amigos, which he hits. Bandido is up top now and hits a Frog Splash, but only a near fall.

Now Bandido wants the 21 Plex, he hits it, but Hammerstone rolls out of the ring after the impact. Bandido follows Hammerstone out of the ring and gets Hammerstone back in the ring, but he’s caught in a Small Package for 2 on the way back in. La Magistral Cradle from Hammerstone, then a schoolboy, and he powers Bandido up for a one-armed powerbomb. Nightmare Pendulum connects to put Bandido away.

Winner: AND STILL MLW World Champion, Alexander Hammerstone

After the match, Hammerstone helps Bandido up and raises his arm. Bandido gets a mic and thanks Hammerstone for coming here and having this great match and gets the crowd to sing a little Spanish for him. For everything he just did, Bandido doesn’t sound out of breath at all. Hammerstone seems moved by the gesture and waves the Mexican flag that Bandido came out carrying.

Hammerstone gets a post-match interview. He puts over Bandido very hard and thanks the fans for all of their energy. EJ Nduka tries to attack Hammerstone with a chair, but Hammerstone boots it back at him, and we’ve got a pull-apart brawl between Hammerstone & Nduka.

In the back, Mr. Thomas, Gangrel, Alex Kane, and many more have been laid out with a calling card on his body, and Cesar Duran, along with a couple of his goons, wanders through a field of carnage with a ton of cards. Duran says they’ve got to go and runs away with his goons in tow to close out Fusion.

Next Week’s Fusion

Middleweight Title Match
Myron Reed (c) vs. Shun Skywalker

Tag Team Match
Samoan Swat Team vs. TBD

World Tag Team Champion EJ Nduka vs. TBD

Please share with us what you thought of this week’s edition of Major League Wrestling and what you anticipate happening next week in the comment section below.


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