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MLW Fusion for 11/10/22 (Jacob Fatu BATTLES Real 1)

On Thursday, November 10th, 2022, MLW aired Fusion on Pro Wrestling TV as we review MLW Fusion for 11/10/22. On this night we had 3 matches. Fans witnessed a Middleweight Title match as Myron Reed defended against Lince Dorado, La Estrella & Arez. There was also a match between KC Navarro as he went 1 on 1 with Mini Abismo Negro.

Scarlett Bordeaux is in action against Clara Carreras & the main event Jacob Fatu faces off with Real 1.

Kicking off this week’s Fusion with a recap of Battle Riot IV.

Samoan Swat Team arrives at the venue, but there’s a masked lucha goon blocking their entrance. They bully the goon then Microman comes from out of the frame and delivers a low blow, then all 4 of the enter the venue.

MLW Fusion for 11/10/22
Middleweight Title Fatal 4-Way Match

Myron Reed (c) vs. Lince Dorado vs. La Estrella vs. Arez

Everyone attacks at the bell Myron Reed sent Lince Dorado out of the ring, then looks to align with Arez and work La Estrella. Chops to Estrella then Estrella takes them both down with a springboard trust fall then a suicide dive onto both of them that sees Estrella land over the barricade into the fans. Back in the ring, Dorado & Estrella run the ropes then Estrella hits a head scissors but runs into a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker then a clothesline from Dorado.

Arez & Dorado square up now, Arez hits a heel kick then a back elbow, more strikes from Arez then a Liger Bomb for a 2 count as Reed breaks up the pin. Reed superkicks Dorado but Arez breaks up the pin. Lince dropkicks both Reed & Arez, then hits a Stunner to Reed.

Estrella is up top but misses a splash, then avoids a Swanton from Arez, who avoids a splash from Dorado, then Reed misses a springboard 450. Dorado locks in a Fujiwara armbar on Reed then Estrella adds an ankle lock then Arez has to break things up.

Arez & Dorado start trading chops, then they hit the ropes and Arez lands kicks before hitting a sunset flip into a kick then he ties up Lince in the Gorilla Clutch then he drops Estrella with a DDT when he tries to break that up but retains the Clutch on Dorado.

Dorado is about to tap when Reed hits a slingshot leg drop onto Arez to break things up. Reed with a kick to Lince then a Stunner to Arez. Arez & Dorado stop a double hurricanrana then hit a double bucklebomb to Reed.

Arez gets sent out of the ring by Estrella but Estrella is caught in a snap power slam by Dorado. Dorado connects with a suicide dive onto Arez, then one onto Reed. Estrella counters a crossbody into a pin for a 2 count then catches Dorado with a Frankensteiner for a near fall. Reed hits a double Flame onto both Dorado & Estrella to get the win.

Winner & Still Middleweight Champion: Myron Reed (STILL CHAMPION!!!)

After the match, Reed gets an interview; he calls himself the greatest of all time and proved it again tonight. He says anyone from anywhere can come get it. He’ll send them packing back to where they came from.

Willie Mack is coming to MLW

We get a video of Cesar Duran on the phone, he’s brokering some deals for MLW. Duran yells at his masked goon for being behind him all the time and creeping him out. His peace is interrupted by Richard Holliday & Alicia Atout. Duran is annoyed that Holliday is ruining his mood.

Holliday wants some gratitude at least for saving Duran from Alexander Hammerstone again. Holliday wants another title shot, and Duran appreciated the violence Holliday showed so he’ll get his title shot in 2 weeks in a Falls Count Anywhere match. The 3 of them then sing a little parody song of New York, New York, and Duran warns Holliday that if he fails again there wont be another chance.

Duran gives a chain to his goon and tells him to find Microman and end the little gremlin once and for all. The goon is a little hesitant, and Duran slaps some sense into him.

MLW Fusion for 11/10/22
KC Navarro vs. Mini Abismo Negro

KC Navarro lands a headscissors and then unloads with strikes. Mini Abismo Negro eats a dropkick, and Navarro celebrates before hitting a heat seeker suicide dive.

Back in the ring Abismo knocks Navarro off of the top rope and lands strikes then climbs up there with him to hit a top rope hurricanrana. Abismo lands some strikes in the corner then hits a suplex for a 2 count.

Navarro fights back with strikes then hits a satellite DDT for a 2 count then they start trading strikes and Abismo hits a Samoan Driver then climbs to the top rope but Navarro avoids his corkscrew moonsault. Navarro then hits his finisher to put away Negro.

Winner: KC Navarro

We get an update on the condition of MLW World champion Alexander Hammerstone after the attack from last week, Hammerstone has injuries to his ribs and wont be 100% for his title defense in a couple of weeks.

A recap of Mance Warner fighting with Mads Krugger from last week, then in the back Mance gets an interview. Asked about his two years out of MLW he talks about feuding with a bear in Canada, getting over big in Mexico but being stuck at the border because he looks like someone with scars all over his face.

But that’s the past, Mance is back in MLW and wants a fight with Mads Krugger because Krugger is a monster and he loves cutting up monsters. One more thing, he promises to take off Krugger’s head and then hit the pay window.

Another brief recap, this time of the end of the Battle Riot which dovetails into Real1 talking in the back. Real1 says they’ve got a situation, insults the body of Jacob Fatu then he insults the Anoa’i family and calls Fatu a dime store Rikishi. He calls Fatu an above ground pool, and goes on a bit of a rant that makes very little sense, then promises to change Fatu when they next meet.

In the back Savio Vega and Lince Dorado find an unconscious Budd Heavy with a weird card on his belly.

Also, in the back, Jacob Fatu is talking and eating with Microman. He thinks he agrees with an investment opportunity from Microman then heads out. Fatu comes back in time to see the masked goon walking up on Microman, and Fatu scares him off.

MLW Fusion for 11/10/22
Scarlett Bordeaux vs. Clara Carreras

Clara Carrera hits a cheap shot from Scarlett Bordeaux just before the bell then she starts in with corner offense. More strikes from Scarlett but Clara avoids one and then starts landing her own strikes.

Carrera connects with a cartwheel dropkick then she grabs a chin lock. Bordeaux fights back with a cross chop to the throat then a splash in the corner. Hip attack from Bordeaux in the corner then hits a float over DDT, then she hits Scarlett Letter to get the victory.

Winner: Scarlett Bordeaux

Featherweight Champion Taya Valkyrie gets an interview on the entrance stage, she plays with the crowd and then thinks Scarlett Bordeaux is a great addition to the women’s division. She’s willing to defend her Featherweight Title against anyone, and that seems to prompt an ambush from Brittany Blake. Blake beats down Taya for a bit before officials pull the two apart.

In the back the Bomaye Fight Club. National Openweight Champion Alex Kane used to look up to Davey Richards, but Richards quit on everyone, including himself. Kane calls the comeback of Richards all smoke and mirrors, and next week, he’s going to beat Davey Richards.

Video promo from Fatu calling out Real1 for being a sneaky little weasel, but there’s no escape for him tonight.

Real 1 jumps Fatu during his entrance and cracks him with a pipe. Real 1 gets a mic and says Fatu will get in the ring and fight him like a man if he’s not soft. Fatu shoves away officials and gets in the ring.

MLW Fusion for 11/10/22
[Photo: MLW]

MLW Fusion for 11/10/22
2022 Battle Riot Winner Jacob Fatu vs. Real 1

Match starts off with Real 1 goes after the leg of Jacob Fatu right away. Fatu shoves Real 1 away but Real 1 comes off the ropes with a chop block.

More leg work from Real 1 then he wrap the leg of Fatu around the ring post. Figure 4 around the ring post is attempted but not actually successful.

Real 1 climbs the ropes but flies into a dropkick. Real1 kicks Fatu in the nuts for the DQ win.

Winner By DQ: Jacob Fatu

After the match Real 1 kicks the ref in the nuts too then Fatu double legs him and we get a pull apart brawl. Fatu climbs the ropes and dives onto the pile of bodies on the floor to close out this week’s Fusion.

Next Week’s Fusion

National Openweight Title Match
Alex Kane (c) vs. Davey Richards

Killer Kross vs. Matt Cross

Please share with us what you thought of this week’s edition of Major League Wrestling and what you anticipate happening next week in the comment section below.


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