MLW Fusion Alpha for 9/29/21 (Episode #2 – The Violence Returns)

Last week Major League Wrestling returned under new management. As we prepare for MLW Fusion Alpha for 9/29/21, Cesar Duran has taken control. Unfortunately, no one is safe from violence. Azteca Underground has clearly seized control of fusion. The opening match was a Bunkhouse Brawl between The Von Erichs vs. Team Filthy. The closing match was violence personified as the returning Davey Richards competed in a brutal brawl with TJP. Filthy Tom Lawlor decided to interrupt Duran in his office. As you find out later, Lawlor got more than he bargained from the matchmaker. 


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MLW Fusion Alpha for 9/29/21
 The Debut of Alex Kane The Suplex Assassin 

The number 2 pick of the MLW Draft makes his debut this week on Fusion Alpha. Alex Kane will debut this Wednesday. In a time when Cesar Duran is the matchmaker, you can bet that the Suplex Assassin will impress. Trained by AR Fox at WW4A in Atlanta, GA, Kane quickly cultivated a following. His finisher, the Mark of Kane, has left even his biggest opponents looking up at the lights. The indies are one thing, but Major League Wrestling is a different animal. So will Alex Kane leave his mark this Wednesday on Fusion?

Arez vs. Aremis 

As Cesar Duran said, “Let’s Lucha.” He has vowed to bring the best luchadors the world has to offer to MLW. Both Aramis and Arez are known worldwide. Both were drafted by Azteca Underground a few months ago. They promise to bring a level of violence like Major League Wrestling has never seen. Forget second generation, not even third-generation; Aremis is a once-in-a-generation star. Konan has labeled Aramis as the next great breakout lucha star. He made his pro debut at the age of 11. Aramis always wanted to bring honor to his family and his people.

This definitely makes one question what Cesar Duran wants with Aramis. Does Cesar Duran want to replace Aramis’ ideals with his own corrupt values?  Arez, on the other hand, is known as the master of strange style. That is right up Duran’s alley. Arez is a warrior that takes pleasure in causing pain to his opponents before he defeats them. Arez has already stated that he has come to MLW to collect gold in the name of violence. Don’t miss this sure-fire Lucha Classic this Wednesday on Fusion Alpha.

Openweight title match to headline next week's MLW Fusion: Alpha
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MLW Fusion Alpha for 9/29/21
Openweight Championship Match

Alexander Hammerstone vs. Filthy Tom Lawlor 

As I mentioned at the beginning of this article last week, Tom Lawler burst into Cesar Duran’s office on the season premiere of MLW Fusion Alpha. He was complaining how he never received the proper title shot after his Opera Cup win last year. He said he blames MLW for the implosion of last year’s Filthy Island special. Cesar actually said that he was happy to see Tom. He also said that he has no problem giving the only triple crown winner in MLW history a title Shot. Thinking he was going to get a shot at Jacob Fatus MLW Heavyweight Championship, the Filthy One had a smile on his face like a Cheshire cat.

Lawlor will get his title opportunity, however not against Fatu but against the number one contender Openweight Champion Alexander Hammerstone. Recently Hammerstone has dubbed himself the “Contra Hunter.” Most likely, next week will not end well for him. He is a marked man. Joseph Samuel hijacked the Fusion broadcast several times, warning that Hammerstone will not leave with two titles at Fightland; he will leave in a body bag. So not only does Hammerstone have to contend with Lawlor in the ring, but he needs to watch his back in case Contra decides to attack him before the Fightland match. Check out MLW Fusion Alpha this Wednesday.


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