MLW Announces A Partnership With IWA-Puerto Rico

Earlier today, MLW announces a partnership with IWA Puerto Rico. The companies have had a talent trading agreement since 2019, but now their partnership is official.

MLW CEO Court Bauer was quoted saying –

“We will share resources to help each other on the fight and business sides of our two leagues. Our goal is to promote the sport and help athletes and fans live their dreams with big fights in both organizations and collectively grow the global awareness of MLW and IWA-PR.”

The agreement comes as MLW’s Richard Holliday enjoys a controversial reign as the IWA Caribbean Heavyweight Champion. As part of the agreement, MLW will feature more IWA-PR talent, in addition to holding more shows in Puerto Rico.

IWA-PR President Juan M. Rivera had this to say –

“This partnership includes the celebration of inter-promotional events, direct support to both companies’ events, and collaboration in other types of promotions. This decision will be beneficial for everyone involved”

MLW Announces Partnership with IWA-Puerto Rico

The partnership between the two organizations continues Major League Wrestling’s strategic alliances with international federations. MLW is looking to aim to create a unified global system to help introduce the sport to new markets. Exchange and pool talent, collaborate on content and develop opportunities for fans, athletes, and the sport. It is MLW’s mission that these efforts present dream matches and easily accessible, high-quality content while collectively growing partners’ international footprint.

About IWA-Puerto Rico

Legendary Puerto Rican wrestling promotor Victor Quinones founded IWA-Puerto Rico in 1999, along with Savio Vega and Miguel Perez, Jr. 11 years later, the company would declare bankruptcy, and close in 2012. Six years later, in 2018, Savio Vega announced the return of IWA-PR. The company has since forged partnerships with other Latin American promotions, founding the Unión Panamericana de Lucha Libre. The IWA-Puerto Rico roster includes stars like Savio Vega, Manny Ferno, and Los Fujitivos.

Read the official press release here