Mike Tyson In Talks For MLW Match?

In a video posted to his Instagram earlier today, Mike Tyson appeared to be in training for ring action again. In the video, the 53-year old hits the pads with an intensity not seen since his departure from the ring. “I’m Back,” he announced emphatically at the end of the video. Tyson is in headlines again after admitting he has an interest in returning to the ring. A third match with Evander Holyfield is in the works, but that won’t be all for Tyson.

Major League Wrestling owner and CEO Court Bauer has been in talks with Mike Tyson about a wrestling match. Bauer tweeted on May 5th:

“My all-time favorite @MikeTyson is considering an exhibition fight? I’m 100% down to see this BUT what I really would like to see is Tyson finally get in the wrestling ring. @MLW would love to promote that match and in the process help some charities. How about it, Iron Mike?”

According to a report from PWInsider, this match may be more than just a pipe dream. Mike Tyson is a pro wrestling fan, and he’s also managed by ICM Partners. The talent agency ICM Partners also represents MLW. This served as a bridge between the two in the one discussion we know has happened so far about a potential match.

Mike Tyson In Talks For MLW Match?

As for who we can expect to see in a wrestling match against Iron Mike, it’s anybody’s guess. However, former MLW World Heavyweight Champion Low Ki is campaigning to be Tyson’s first opponent in a wrestling ring. “Not only am I from Brooklyn,” the MLW superstar said in a video reply to Bauer. “I am the most dominant figure in Major League Wrestling history. So if you want the battle of all battles, I throw my hat into the ring.”

Mike Tyson
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Mike Tyson became a pro wrestling fan in his childhood, having been enamored by the likes of Bruno Sammartino and Pedro Morales. He played a major role in the match between Stone Cold Steve Austin and Shawn Michaels for the WWF Championship at Wrestlemania 15. While he retired from active competition in 2006, the last time we saw him in a wrestling ring was in 2010, as guest host of Monday Night Raw.

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