Mexican Promotion VANGUARDIA Joins IWTV!

In a press release sent out on Thursday afternoon, Independent Wrestling TV (IWTV) has announced the addition of Mexican promotion Vanguardia joins its growing list of promotions. To read the press release in its entirety please see below or click here to visit the site.

Lucha libre promotion Vanguardia has come to terms on a distribution agreement with IWTV.

One of Mexico’s most exciting independent promotions, Vanguardia features many of lucha libre’s most dynamic and violent wrestlers including Ciclope, Miedo Extremo and Draztick Boy.

Vanguardia premieres on IWTV on Thursday, July 9 at 8pm EDT with their October 3, 2019 show headlined by Los Mazisos (Ciclope and MIedo Extremo) vs Aeroboy and Violento Jack vs Crazy King and Lunatik Fly, with Japanese wrestling legend CIMA also in action.

Vanguardia joins Zona 23, Guanatos Hardcore Crew and Riot Lucha Libre as Mexican IWTV partner promotions.

Watch the Vanguardia premiere with your IWTV subscription!

The announcement of the show’s first availability on the streaming services comes next week. Those involved in the debut episode are some of the most noted talents today. As they are from both Mexico and Japan. With such names as CIMA, Aeroboy, and Violento Jack fans can anticipate action that is fast and furious throughout. As mentioned above Vanguardia is now fourth Mexican based promotion to air content on the service. They join Guanatos Hardcore Crew, Riot Lucha Libre and Zona 23 as partners.

Mexican Promotion VANGUARDIA Joins IWTV


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