Luke Savage Wins ASP Mid-American Championship | #AndNEW

On May 23, 2021, All-Star Pro would present King of the Stream. At this event, the ASP faithful would witness the crowning of a new champion within the promotion. After a Spartan entrance, an interference, and a pinfall – ‘Spartan Warrior’ Luke Savage wins the ASP Mid-American Championship. How did this young upstart manage to defeat the grizzled Garcia? Let’s get into it!

Two months ago, Garcia (member of the stable Legendary) would win the ASP Mid-American Championship in a fatal four-way match also involving Drake Gallows, Warren Powers, and Revan. Ever since then, Garcia has been on a tear within All-Star Pro. With only four years of wrestling experience under his belt, Garcia has been racking up a multitude of wins since his championship victory. However, the time would eventually come for Garcia to defend his gold – and that time would be now. With Luke Savage serving as an up-and-coming performer in ASP, he was granted this match by ASP CEO Red. How did Luke Savage defeat the unbeatable?

ASP Mid-American Championship Match:
Luke Savage vs. Garcia (c)

It’s time for the entrances! Luke Savage makes his way out to ringside. Savage, sporting a Spartan warrior helmet, is accepting the open challenge of ASP Mid-American Champion Garcia. Hailing from Sparta, this warrior is ready for championship action. Alternatively, flanked by C.M Burnham, Garcia makes his way to ringside to defend his gold. Garcia has a very serious expression on his face. He knows that he is a marked man, and it’s time for him to prove why he deserves to hold the ASP Mid-American Championship.

The bell rings, and Garcia immediately spears Savage into the corner. However, after the referee breaks the brawl, Savage retaliates with a spear of his own. Garcia lands a huge spinebuster on Savage, but only musters a two-count. Savage takes a fall to the outside, only to have Burnham attempt to strike him with his cane. As the referee attempts to separate the two, Dmitri Alexandrov hits the ring to land a finishing blow on Garcia. Savage immediately dives back into the ring and pins Garcia – one, two, three. It’s as quick as that! Despite the interference, Luke Savage is your new ASP Mid-American Champion.

Luke Savage Wins ASP Mid-American Championship
Where Do We Go From Here?

After C.M Burnham managed to serve Dmitri Alexandrov a loss earlier in the night, Alexandrov decided to pay it forward for the manager. Seemingly, things are even between the two. However, I wouldn’t be surprised if Burnham pursued revenge for Alexandrov’s involvement in the match. With Luke Savage being a Spartan warrior, and Garcia being the hungry challenger, I’m sure we will be getting a championship rematch. However, it remains to be seen if ASP CEO Red will give that match the green light. You know the drill, though. If the fans want to see it, Red will make it official. Luke Savage’s future with the ASP Mid-American Championship is uncertain right now, but there is no doubting one thing. Like it or not, Luke Savage is your new ASP Mid-American Champion!


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