Lucha Libre News: ¡Esto es Lucha! for 8/12/19

Welcome to ¡Esto es Lucha! The place to learn all about the different promociones (promotions) of lucha libre! And this is the place to feel and know about lucha libre news and culture in Mexico, Puerto Rico and Chile. This weekend, you’ll have in this post about CMLL, CNL, and IWA’s weekly programs. Let’s not waste any more time and fill yourself about lucha libre.



It’s time to talk about different events of CMLL from the previous week. Let’s check it out and enjoy. This past Monday at Arena Puebla, CMLL gave us a great main event. Volador Jr. gave Dragon Lee an opportunity for NWA World Historic Welterweight Championship. They are two great luchadors, representative of Mexico and CMLL. They have worked with NJPW and ROH, so we know that they give all in the ring. The match was Mexican style or a two out of three falls match. We saw a great beginning when both showed their technical abilities.

The first fall was won by Dragon Lee but in the second fall, Volador surprised Dragon Lee with a Spanish Fly. The third fall was full of speed, head scissors, hits and somersaults by both.  Volador almost got the victory with a great Canadian Destroyer but Dragon had the force to fight and Dragon applied a running Spanish fly to Volador. The crowd was divided, Dragon applied a double knee kick and powerbomb but Volador didn’t give up. The winner and still champion is Volador when he applied a back cracker and a DDT to retain his belt. Despite had some mistakes they gave us a great match.

Photo/ @Arena_Puebla

Last Friday at Arena Mexico, CMLL showed us the second phase of the tournament to Amazonas Universal Champion where the participants were Dalys, Lluvia, Silueta, La Comandante, Mystique, Stephanie Vaquer, La Jarochita, Skadi, Reyna Isis, and La Magnifica. Much like the previous week, we had two groups where these were divided into the next sequence. Block B: Stephanie Vaquer, Skadi, La Magnifica, Dalys, and Reyna Isis. Block A: Lluvia, Silueta, La Comandante, Mystique, and La Jarochita. At this match the best moments were Skadi applied a Spear to Silueta on the ramp, Magnifica applied a Tornillo from the top of the corner to the opponents and great Spanish fly of  Silueta to La Jarochita.

This match in some moments was slow and the crowd claims it. The finalists were Dalys and La Jarochita, this is the great moment for both and this opportunity doesn’t want to escape. La Jarochita flew to Dalys with a tope. Dalys got the victory then by part of both, they punished each other and the last moment Dalys applied Crucifix Power to defeat La Jarochita. Next week, we’ll have the final between Dalys and La Metalica.

¡Esto es Lucha!

The next match is about of rivalry who CMLL has worked in the past weeks. This rivalry is Ultimo Guerrero and Ciber The Main Man. Every Friday, we have watched about the different fights and most of them. They have gained with cheating. Now, Ultimo gives the opportunity for the CMLL Championship to Ciber, we’ll see how they plan their strategy to defeat each other in our ¡Esto es Lucha!.

The first fall is about technical skills by both. The goal of this type of style is to damage the opponent or physically decrease. The first fall was to Ciber when he applied a Spear. The second fall, Ultimo flew with a Plancha to Ciber since the ramp then Ultimo got the victory with a submission when he applied Octopus. The last fall started with Ultimo hit to Ciber then Ultimo flew above the barrier. But about that, this rivalry doesn’t connect with the crowd. The crowd doesn’t show any excitement.


¡Esto es Lucha!


Ciber tried two times to get the victory but Ultimo before the second count comes, he gets up. But Ultimo applied a Powerbomb from the top of the corner and pinned him but the referee counts only two, that’s because Ciber took his hand. Ultimo reclaimed to the referee, Ciber took advantage and hit a low blow to Ultimo, and he invented that Ultimo did the same. But, Ultimo fell over him and with this weird final, Ultimo gets the victory and retain the belt. This rivalry CMLL and the rivals must work to increase, and they connect with the people. After the match, Ultimo asked to confirm about hair vs hair match. But, Ciber wants another chance for the belt in our ¡Esto es Lucha coverage.


Photo/ @CNLChile

Episode 12 of CNL or Campeonato Nacional de Lucha Libre. This event on Youtube showed us great matches from Club Chocolate on our next piece of ¡Esto es Lucha!.

The first match is between Herco Wisky against Axel Ochoa. This match was Argentina vs Venezuela. Axel showed his power and strength to Herco from the beginning of the match but Herco applied his abilities with head scissors to control Axel. Axel got the match when applied powerbombs and knee kick then applied his finisher but Drako interfered on the match and distracted the referee. This situation was taken advantage by Herco who spit Axel’s face with whiskey and applied his move, Fondo Blanco, he victory. One more time Herco Records interfered in the match.

The next match is single match with Demian Kross and Frank Nova. In the beginning, the match was speed and with good sequence by both. In this time nobody had the control of the match. Demian Kross showed his strength with he put Nova in the middle of the corner then he connected a double kick, great move. Frank Nova showed that he wants to have a place in CNL. Demian applied a great Piledriver to get the victory. It was my first time to see these men. The match was great.

The next match was between Francis who is Metropolitano Champion against Bundy. This match was controlled since the beginning by Bundy. Francis in this match was suffered a lot and that was because Bundy is stronger than Francis and Bundy in all the match, he wanted to show that experience and his weight are so important in the ring. The victory was to Francis when he took advantage and threw Bundy with a chair and he pinned him. Francis was smart and he took the opportunity.

The next part of the event. We had a confrontation face to face between Ariel Levy and Engranaje Jack. Both had time to take the microphone and say about each other. Levy said that he recognizes that he needs to thank Engranaje because of Engranaje carried with his dreams to have the belt, but he doesn’t real champ. Engranaje said that For him Ariel was an inspiration as a luchador. But he preferred to be on the reality TV and a real champ will be in the ring. So, these men have too much that show on Batalla Real, that match will be for the pride and honor.

The main event of the night was Battle Royal with ten luchadors. Where the first eliminated will be the first participated of Batalla Real and the winner will be the thirtieth to enter the ring. The participants were Rocket, Al Cold, Frank Nova, Axel Ochoa, Addam Jones, Pedro Pablo, Alessandro, Herco Wisky, Drako, and Bundy. The first to enter on Batalla Real will be Herco Wisky, that was funny, all the opponents carried him and threw to the floor. Frank Nova was eliminated by Drako. Rocket eliminated Alessandro. Rocket and Pedro Pablo at the same time were eliminated. Al Cold surprised all the crowd when he used his all force and eliminated Bundy and Al Cold eliminated Addam Jones. Drako took advantage and hit a low blow to Al Cold and Al Cold was eliminated. Only in the ring were Axel Ochoa and Drako. Drako was celebrating and Axel threw him. Axel will be the thirtieth toter on Batalla Real. Great Opportunity to Axel Venezuelan Ochoa.


IWA Impacto Total of 3th, August via Youtube is next up on our ¡Esto es Lucha!. Since the beautiful Island of Puerto Rico, IWA has had all the action and all the power of Impacto Total. Let’s start.

The event started with Savio Vega comes to the ring. At the middle of the ring is Electro who is the champ of IWA. Savio said that he has an opponent to Electro… It’s Hell Blaze. The match started with Hell Blaze controlled to Electro but Electro flew with a tope to Blaze. And Electro surprised all when he pinned to Blaze and got the victory. 

The match was quickly and Savio is angry. Savio’s guys attacked to Electro in the middle of the ring. Savio hates Electro and his stable Puro Macho. Electro was bleeding that was because Savio hit him with a bat. But, Puros Machos arrived at the ring, but they couldn’t with the Savio´s guys and All Puro Macho was hit them with the bat and were bleeding. But the help comes with Manny Ferno and his bat. Manny cleaned the ring. But Manny was controlled by Savio and he was hit. La Compañia punished  Puro Macho but Lightning and Thunder hit La Compañia and they cleaned the ring. Manny took the microphone and said the truth about who is behind of the administration of La Compañia is Shane The Glamour Boy.

The next match is between Shaka El Troquero, and Sweet Nancy against Druken Express (Pupe Jackson, and Excellent Mantel). Nancy and Shaka were the first to attack but Druken Express responded with hits on the floor. Nancy and Shaka made their strategy to punish Pupe. The crowd supported Druken Express in all the match. Druken Express pinned to Shaka, and they got the victory.

The last of episode show to Chicky Starr delivered a document to Savio Vega and Fernando Tonos. Chicky explained to them that he will represent someone who has twenty-five percent of IWA. Who is the man? What will happen with IWA?

Thanks for reading us and check us out next week as we continue to share all about wrestling in Mexico, Chile and Puerto Rico here on ¡Esto es Lucha! Lucha Libre news!