Lucha Libre News: ¡Esto es Lucha! for 7/22/19

Welcome to ¡Esto es Lucha, the place to learn all about the different Promociones (promotions) of Lucha Libre! This is the place to feel and know about Lucha Libre News and the culture of Mexico, Puerto Rico and Chile. This weekend, you’ll read in this news post all about CMLL, CNL, and AAA weekly. Lets’s not waste any more time and fill yourself about Lucha Libre.



This CMLL weekly Lucha Libre coverage reviews four great matches including Jushin Liger’s retirement event.  The first one for CMLL’s Women Championship with Marcela and Amapola, Classic match and Classic rivalry by years. The match started with their abilities or (llaveo), a great way to know and weaken your opponent. Amapola had the first fall then Marcela tried to gain the fall with a quebradora, but Amapola applied a submission. The second fall, Amapola was dominated but Marcela had the victory with a double knee from the middle rope. This was interesting, two great luchadors with tried to conquest the gold. The third match involved the strategy to get the victory the fastest way possible by both sides. Since the fall began, Marcela tried to fight off Amapola had tried to defeat her rival.


The crowd was exciting, and the match was full of drama. Then by both to get the third palm, Amapola applied to Marcela a dive in the floor and then she applied a great suplex but the three palms never come. Marcela applied dive to Amapola from the apron to the floor. The dives are a good strategy to decrease the opponent. Totally dramatic, I could have called the match, one more time Amapola searched the belt with a spear but it didn’t be enough to Marcela. Marcela got up and with Michinoku Driver defeated Amapola. A great match, the first and the second fall were slow but the last fall had everything and Marcela still has her title.



Next match was four vs four. Sanson, Cuatrero, Forastero, and Volador Jr vs Soberano Jr, Templario, Euforia, and Gran Guerrero. Great domino by Laguneros and Soberano in the first fall, they dominated all their opponents, the fall was gained via submission by double camel clutch and gory special. The second match still was dominated by Laguneros and Soberano but the reaction comes when Forastero applied a tope to Gran Guerrero and Volador Jr applied a hurricanrana to Euforia from the top rope to the floor. Sanson and Cuatrero dominated to Templario with a quebradora and flying elbow and Soberano was defeated by Sanson with suplex in the knee.


The third and last fall began with NGD and Volador hitting and kicking their opponents. Then this match was amazing, a great rhythm and speed. Volador gave learned about head scissors and hurricanrana. Tremendous dives by Sanson, Cuatrero, Soberano, and Templario, they were amazing. Incredible spots, all showed their powerful moves to get the victory. Volador made a moonsault to Soberano on the floor. On the ring was NGD against Laguneros, NGD had the victory when putting the Laguneros in a corner and applied Catapulta and that was enough to Laguneros team. Great match and the last match was entertainment, the crowd supported to NGD and Volador Jr.



The Family war match, Muñoz vs Parks. This beginning since the ramp, in all the first fall the crowd was supporting to Parks and booed to Muñoz Family. I liked Hijo de L.A. Park vs Mistico, great feud. Park Jr make a tope to Bestia and then Hijo de L.A. Park applied moonsault to Mistico, and Bestia, but the best of the fall was L.A. Park applied a spear to Rush from the apron to the floor with the other ones, it was amazing and the crowd was exciting… and it’s only the first fall. The first fall was for the Parks. They come back to the ring before the twenty seconds.

The second match was to Muñoz Family when Rush applied a double kick in the corner to L.A. Park. The third match was controlled by Muñoz Family. The hits and kicks to Parks on the ring, the barrier, and among the crowd. Rush tear L.A. Park’s mask and Rush threw the chair to L.A. Park also he hit with the camera cable. Rush was insane, and he didn’t have compassion. The crowd was euphoric. The action was on all sides. Muñoz Family showed their Ingobernable side. But L.A. Park was inspired by the support of the crowd and the Parks make triple tope to Muñoz Family. Parks applied the same medicine as punishments.

The action is among the crowd and the commentators’ zone, L.A. Park punished with chairs to Rush. Hijo de L.A. Park applied a plancha to Mistico from the top of the entrance. Arena Mexico was crazy, the crowd yelled to support L.A. Park. We need to accept it, L.A. Park moves and connect to the crowd, Incredible match. The match comes back to the ring, L.A. Park and Rush ask for a mask vs hair match, they hit… those hits were incredible, these guys don’t want in the same ring. Mistico and Hijo de L.A. Park tear their masks and they had a great spot. Also, Bestia tear L.A. Park Jr. Wow, it was amazing when L.A. Park and Rush were in the ring, the crowd was yelling and make noise, this rivalry causes that Arena explodes. The match comes to the end when Muñoz gave a low blow and pushed the referee. Los Parks got the victory.


The main event, the Liger match, a four-way dance match between Caristico, Negro Casas, Ultimo Guerrero, and Jushin Thunder Liger facing each other in the style of Lucha Libre. In this case for the Liger retirement match, Liger has to decide who will be the first opponent and he selected to Negro Casas, a great beginning to the match, they make us remember their time in NJPW and Toreo de Cuatro Caminos. Guerrero and Negro attacked to Liger but Caristico helped him. Caristico applied tope and Liger applied a plancha to their opponents. Great exchanged of hits between Guerrero and Negro. Caristico against Liger, the Mexican controlled to Liger with his moves.


Guerrero against Caristo, Guerrero tried with his powerful moves like Guerrero Special to get the victory, but he couldn’t. Caristico applied a plancha to Guerrero. In the middle of the ring Liger against Negro, hits and kicks and Liger applied Liger bomb and Liger got the victory. He celebrated with the crowd and with his opponents, thanks legend and all we respect to the idol.


Lucha Libre
Photo / CMLL


This week AAA was from Aguascalientes, Mexico. The event started with Blue Demon Jr in the middle of the ring where he took the microphone and said that he has defeated Wagner’s sons. And now, this rivalry has passed to be personal. At Triplemania, he will defeat him. Then Los Mercenarios with Rey Escorpion, Texano Jr, La Hiedra, and Black Taurus were in the ring and their goal is to have all the belts. Rey Escorpion said he wants Psycho Crown’s mask. Also, the challenge to Lucha Bros for AAA Tag Team Championships and he said that Los Mercenarios are the best team who should have in their waits the Trios Championships. Texano Jr challenge to Fenix for Mega Championship and the last La Hiedra wants Reina de Reinas Championship. Los Mercenarios want everything and nothing can stop them.

The match when the crowd was exciting and they have supported tecnicos side was in Mixed match. Where Big Mami, Dinastia, Arkangel Divino, and Eclipse Jr against La Parka Negra, Ultimo Maldito, Lady Maravilla, and Latigo. Great match the eighth luchadors showed all their abilities, the match was incredible with spots, dives, and speed. At the end when Big Mami has covered with Ultimo Maldito, Lady Maravilla hit Big Mami with a chair and Lady got the victory for her team. After the match Niño Hamburguesa reclaimed Lady for the way to gain and why she hit to Big Mami.

Another great match was full savage and power moves are Mixed match between La Hiedra, and Villano Jr against Golden Magic, and Lady Shani. Four guys in various times threw them each other to the crowd. The most insane Villano two times hit to Golden Magic in the ramp. And Golden hit Villano to the ramp. Also Golden applied tornillo, incredible move. Villano showed us his side savage in all the match and he took Golden an applied powerbomb on the apron. Lady pinned Villano and got the victory for her team. The second great match.


Lucha Libre
Photo / CNL

Episode 9 of CNL or Campeonato Nacional de Lucha Libre. This event by Youtube, they showed us four great singles matches of Lucha Libre. The show started with Ariel Levy with the microphone, the last episode he attacked to the champ Engranaje Jack, now, he said when he left the company and never lost the championship or anybody defeated him. So he is a real champ and he wants his belt of come back.

Lucha Libre

Photo/ @CNLChile

The first match was between Herco Wisky and Milo. Last week, Herco Wisky, S2S, and Drako interrupted the match of Francis vs Shoko to attack them. Now, it’s time for Herco to show to the crowd his skills alone. This match was a fight between two countries Argentina vs Chile. Herco had Argentina’s flag, and Milo wore a t-shirt Chile soccer’s team. The match was good where the crowd supported to Milo. The final was when Herco distracted to the referee and he connected a low blow to Milo and then applied his move. Herco had the victory, and he insulted a Chile’s crowd when he spits on Chile’s t-shirt.

The next match is the rematch with Women Champion Engel against Nikki. But the match couldn’t do it. Because Nikki was attacked by Alexandra in the entrance. Alexandra was insane, and she did everything with Nikki. In the end, Alexandra stared to Engel. Since last week they have had a fight. This rivalry is growing when they have the opportunity… that will be tremendous and the next week, they will have to show us who is better.

Then, Francis, who is Metropolitano CNL Champion, he exposes his belt against Addam Jones. The match was starting with both to clamp. Addam connected to Francis various lariat but the champ endured everything. Both sides have tried to gain the match but in various chance always the referee counted two. Great match and the crowd applauded both. Francis got the victory with his Golpe de Suerte or similar Go to sleep and then he applied elbow and got the third palm. Great match by both, anyone could get the victory. One more time Drako, Herco Wisky, and S2S attacked Francis and Addam. This the second time, they want the belt of Francis and Francis need to get vengeance.

The main event is Ariel Levy against Rocket. Since the match started, Ariel showed his interest to show that he is the real champ and that belt needs to be in his waist. Ariel attacked, hit, and controlled to Rocket and this is difficult to make, Rocket is a strong luchador. Rocket tried to react with DDT but Ariel made the same formula and the Ariel flew with a tope to Rocket to the floor. Ariel was insane, he connected various hits to Rocket in the crowd’s chairs. Ariel applied to Rocket a flying elbow from the apron to the floor. Now, the match is among the crowd. They interchanged hits and the crowd is exciting. Rocket applied suplex from the top rope, but Ariel pinned him and almost three. Ariel connected a kick to the referee intensely and he gave a low blow to Rocket and then applied kick and front cracker. Ariel got the victory, and he will search to get back the CNL Championship.

Thanks for reading us and check us out next week as we continue to share all about wrestling in Mexico, Chile and Puerto Rico here on ¡Esto es Lucha! Lucha Libre news!