Lucha Libre News: ¡Esto es Lucha! for 28/01/20

Welcome to ¡Esto es Lucha!The place to learn all about the different Promociones (promotions) of Lucha Libre! This is the place to feel and know about Lucha Libre News and Culture in Mexico, Puerto Rico and Chile. 

This week, you’ll have in this post – CMLL, IWRG, AAA, The Crash, and L.A. Park. We will also know about some events and luchadors from these promotions. We’ll talk about the main events of week and news about these promotions, so, let’s go to the latino world wrestling.


This week on CMLL, we talk about Friday event Viernes Espectacular. Some of their talents come back to the Cathedral of Lucha Libre after a great tour in Japan. That night was important because of Mr. Niebla’s tribute, and Arena Mexico recognized his great talent and charisma. So, we have some results about the matches more relevant to the night, so let’s do it.

Semi-final Match
Mistico vs Gran Guerrero

This match was created by the great rivalry between these men. In the last few weeks, it was obvious that the ring doesn’t have space for them. Gran Guerrero was attacking Mistico after the bell rang punishing him at ringside and above the barrel. But Mistico surprised Guerrero when he applied La Mistico to get the first fall.

The second fall was going to Guerrero again but Mistico hit a Shooting Star Press from the top of the ropes to ringside. An incredible dive to give action and emotion to the crowd. Guerrero was trying everything to get the victory in this fall. He applied a chokeslam and some power moves but Mistico reversed everything. Guerrero applied a back suplex but he couldn’t defeat him. The crowd was excited with the spots and this fall could have gone either way.

Mistico hit an awesome somersault from the ramp to the ringside. Guerrero tore Mistico’s mask and Mistico did the same. Mistico tried to hit La Mistica but Guerrero avoid it and took off Mistico’s mask again. One more time Mistico got the victory. This rivalry will carry on this year, I’m sure.

Main Event
Caristico, Barbaro Cavernario & Valiente vs Diamante Azul, Ultimo Guerrero & Felino

This match was interesting since CMLL announced it with Rudos and Tecnicos. But the most outstanding thing is the confrontation between the members of Peste Negra Felino and Cavernario. Felino’s team took the first step and grabbed the advantage by grabbing the first fall. The story of the second fall was about the rivalry between Cavernario and Felino. The second fall was to Cavernario team, Valiente defeated Diamante and Caristico made the same to Guerrero when applied La Mistica.

The last fall was intense. Cavernario beat Felino with cables and threw him to the barrel. The most exciting thing was Cavernario did the same moves that Mr. Niebla did. The crowd applauded him which was a great pop. Valiente hit a great Tope Suicida to Guererro as Caristico applied Plancha to Diamante. The fall will be defined by Cavernario and Felino. Cavernario went rogue and took off Felino’s mask so the ref disqualified his team. Next week, there will be a rematch in the main event at Arena Mexico. We will see who is better between Cavernario and Felino.



Last Sunday 19th, IWRG had two great main matches. The first one was for the IWRG Rey del Ring Championship. The other was a Trios match where STRONG HEARTS would have their debut at Arena Naucalpan.

IWRG Rey del Ring Championship
Demonio Infernal vs Fuerza Guerrera NG

The match started much like Lucha Libre classics. Luchadors interchanged their technical abilities or llaveo. The champ showed his dark rudo side when he kicked the challenger among the crowd and around ringside. The match wasn’t easy for Fuerza Guerrera but he had a reaction with a Tope Suicida which balanced the match.

Both tried to get the victory with great spots but both had the energy to continue fighting. Demonio hit a somersault to Fuerza. The crowd was supporting Fuerza who attempted to get the champ with La Reinera. But the ref was distracted and Demonio took advantage of and hit El Martinete. Demonio keeps the belt in his waist.

Main Event Trios
STRONG HEARTS (CIMA, El Lindaman, and T-Hawk) vs Super Nova, Emperador Azteca, and Toxin

This match was all about the level of different schooling in Mexico or Japan. Six-man gave us their talent with technical style. But, STRONG HEARTS threw their rivals to the ringside to give them some of their power, CIMA showed his rudo side when tore Super Nova’s mask to show Arena Naucalpan is STRONG HEARTS’ territory. The Mexicans had their moment when T-Hawk and El Lindaman made a mistake and were then punished in every part of the ring and the first rows.

The match had good sequences by both sides to get the victory. Super Nova and Emperador hit Suicide Dives to Lindaman and T-Hawk. Toxin tried different ways to win but CIMA surprised him with Double Knee from the top the corner and STRONG HEARTS got the victory. Good match from Arena Naucalpan, and next week there will be a return match.


AAA has begun its 2020 tour called Nacemos para luchar. As the show started we were made to remember La Parka. The entire card was in the ring for this tribute. He was one of the most important luchadores in the company.

This year is an important year for AAA as an announcement was made that Rush, Bestia del Ring, and Lucha Bros are exclusive AAA in Mexico. They’ll be a part of the main card going forward. 

Their first event was full of news. Big Mami and Niño Hamburguesa will be Tag Team one more time. Remember, last year they had their differences and was the reason they lost the AAA Mixed Tag Team. But the past is the past and now they’ll look to get the gold. But they were attacked by STRONG HEARTS! Yup, they wanted to show their great talent to the AAA crowd.


Last Saturday The Crash had its first event in Tijuana. The promotion started the year with this spectacular event where we could see indies elements and OWE. Now, we’ll check out the most relevant of the night.

Flamita and Oraculo vs STRONG HEARTS (El Lindaman and T-Hawk)

STRONG HEARTS have been on tour in Mexico, they started in Tijuana. At the beginning of this match, Oraculo showed his rudo side against his partner Flamita. But Oraculo didn’t care and Flamita began with his speed. STRONG HEARTS had their contra attack and they punished them around the ring and the entrance. There were some parts of the crowd that were supporting the Japanese luchadors. Then STRONG HEARTS changed their game plan to beat Flamita but Oraculo saved him. Flamita and Oraculo beat El Lindaman, Flamita with a Tope Suicida to T-Hawk and Oraculo finished the match with 450 splash to El Lindaman

Dragon Lee vs Mesias vs CIMA vs Angelico

Great match here with different talents from around the world. The match had some great moves and spots for each of the luchadors who wanted to gain the victory. A 50/50 match that anyone could have won, changed suddenly when Mesias made a signal to some luchadors who went to the ring to help him. With this confusion, Dragon Lee hit some Tope con giro to everyone. The match was won by Mesias by pinning Angelico by Plancha. Then Mesias took the microphone and presented his disciples of Mesias.

Damian 666, Bestia 666 & Mecha Wolf vs Negro Navarro, Trauma I & Trauma II

Intense from the start with all luchadors in the ring. Then the war started at ringside. It was great to watch the feud between two masters. Damian 666 who is a master of extreme matches and on the other side Negro Navarro, master of Classic Lucha Libre. Rebelion Amarilla and Damian were controlling the match, wanting to send the message to Negro and Traumas that Tijuana is their house. The match had good moments but the victory went to Damian and Rebelion. They got the victory when Damian struck the ref on the back and the ref thought that Negro was who did it. The ref got the victory to Tijuana’s guys via disqualification.

The next event of The Crash will be 22nd February. Some of the luchadors announced are Bandido, Rebelion Amarilla, Traumas, Brazo de Oro Jr, Hijo de Octagon, Hijo de Mascara Sagrada and Jonathan Gresham. We’ll have the card complete soon.  


L.A. Park has had a great career from his first steps in this great business. In the last few years in Mexico, L.A. Park has been the most important mask and legend. He has begun to be part of the luchadors that want to conquer other indy companies. He is on one of the most important cards in MLW and now L.A. Park will have a great challenge as he’ll conquer new company RevPro. Park will be in the event High Stakes, next Friday, February 14th in London, UK. He will square off against Sha Samuels. The match is NO Disqualification, so, we hope and we’ll have a tremendous match with these men. We wish L.A. Park every success in London and for the rest of his career.

Thanks for reading us and check us out next week as we continue to share all about wrestling in Mexico, Chile and Puerto Rico here on ¡Esto es Lucha! Lucha Libre news!