Lucha Libre News: ¡Esto es Lucha! for 04/02/20

Welcome to ¡Esto es Lucha! The place to learn all about the different Promociones (promotions) of Lucha Libre! And this is the place to feel and know about Lucha Libre News and Culture in Mexico, Puerto Rico and Chile. 

This weekend, we will CMLL, IWRG, The Crash, Zona 23, Pagano, and Mr. Ag¡uila. We will know about some events and luchadors about these promotions. In ¡Esto es Lucha!, we’ll talk about the main events of the week and news about these promotions. Let’s go to the Latino world of wrestling.


We start this edition of ¡Esto es Lucha! with CMLL. This week, we talk about Friday event Viernes Espectacular. We’ll know about the rivalry and the destruction of Pesta Negra. Last Friday, Barbaro Cavernario and Felino fought between them with all their energy. Thus, CMLL booked a rematch of this Trios. So, we have some results about the matches, so let’s do it.

Match Relampago: Single match: Soberano Jr vs Templario

This match was incredible. Two of the great talents in CMLL, the match with good speed, Templario showed that he could be considered like a flyer. Soberano, as we know, has his creative offense with great dives. Templario has strength and he showed it when Soberano tried to apply a somersault but Templario caught and beat him with the barrel. Templario sought the victory with different punishments with front cracker and suplex splash. In all of them, Soberano avoided the third count. Soberano had his reaction with Guillotine, Crucifix, and Shoulder Driver, and that was enough to defeated Templario.

The main event was the rematch between Caristico, Barbaro Cavernario, and Valiente against Diamante Azul, Ultimo Guerrero, and Felino.

The match started before the bell rang when Cavernario attacked Felino. His partners did the same with Diamante and Guerrero. The first fall was controlled by Cavernario’s team; their tactic was that three focused on one. Caristico applied La Mistica to Guerrero and they got the first fall. The next fall began with the same control; Cavernario’s team was punishing until Felino applied Quebradora on Cavernario.

Diamante applied a somersault from the ramp to the ringside to Valiente and Caristico applied Tope Suicida to Guerrero. Arena Mexico was yelling when Cavernario and Felino were in the ring. The crowd was divided as Felino tried to hit with a lariat to Cavernario. He avoided it and Felino almost hit the ref. Cavernario took advantage and pretended a foul. The second fall went to Cavernario’s team. Felino took the microphone and demanded a Mano a Mano match or Single Match. This great match will be this Friday.



Last Sunday 26th, IWRG had a great event where the main event was Gran Triangular de Parejas Mexico vs Japan. This match pit STRONGHEARTS (CIMA and T-Hawk) vs Puma King and Septimo Dragon vs Los Golpeadores (Hijo de Canis Lupus and Dragon Bane). Also, the semi-final match was the Trios match between Fuerza Guerrera NG, Super Nova, and Relampago against Emperador Azteca, Black Terry, and El Lindaman. Let’s check the results and the most relevant in the night.

Semi-final match Trios match: Fuerza Guerrera NG, Super Nova, and Relampago vs Emperador Azteca, Black Terry, and El Lindaman

The bell has rung Fuerza Guerrera and Black Terry wanted to fight. Guerrera had rivalries at Arena Naucalpan; last week, he faced to Demonio Infernal. Now, he sought to beat the master of Lucha Libre, Black Terry. The match started with a great demonstration of talent by everyone. Black Terry’s team took their rivals and the fight carried the match ringside.

This team was coupled with different punishments. The most exciting was the different dives of Emperador, Guerrera, Nova, and Relampago, topes being executed. Guerrera and Emperador fought in the ring. Guerrera applied Canadian Destroyer and Emperador gave him a Powerbomb. Emperador defeated to Guerrera with a foul. He took advantage when the ref was distracted. After the match, Fuerza Guerrera had another rival in his list.


Main event: STRONGHEARTS (CIMA and T-Hawk) vs Puma King and Septimo Dragon vs Los Golpeadores (Hijo de Canis Lupus and Dragon Bane)

The great main event, at Arena Naucalpan, featured three tag teams. CIMA, Puma and Dragon Bane started the match to represent every team, but Puma and CIMA asked Dragon to leave them alone. They displayed their arsenal of moves, including llaveo and contra llaveo. After, they shook hands. Now, Canis Lupus and T-Hawk had the opportunity and they showed great moves and speed. Canis Lupus spit in CIMA’s face. In response, an angry CIMA threw a chair.

Dragon and Septimo followed. They displayed great speed until Canis intervened to help his brother. Los Golpeadores began to beat every opponent and the first ones to feel their power were T-Hawk and CIMA. Great moves, kicks, and beats followed. Dragon and Canis kept controlling the ring, but Puma King entered the ring and connected a Superkick to Dragon Bane and Hurricanrana to Canis Lupus. T-Hawk took advantage, hitting a Tope Suicida on Canis Lupus. Puma King flew against Dragon Bane.

STRONGHEARTS dominated the ring and their first victims were Dragon Bane and Canis Lupus. Septimo Dragon applied a great Tornillo to Los Golpeadores, but STRONGHEARTS focused on Puma King. They eliminated to Puma and Septimo. Something curious occurred when Relampago entered the ring and attacked to STRONGHEARTS but the match didn’t finish. Los Golpeadores and STRONGHEARTS may define the winners.

All started to exchange hard strikes; STRONGHEARTS’ chests became red in this incredible moment. Canis and T-Hawk had a good sequence with slaps and kicks, Relampago came back to the ring but CIMA stopped him. CIMA then defeated Dragon Bane with help of the ropes. Once again, STRONGHEARTS got the victory. After the match, CIMA said that the yellows (Bane and Canis) aren’t professional and are disrespectful. T-Hawk said estoy muy enojado or, “I’m so angry.”

The next week will have an incredible event.

IMPERIO, STRONGHEARTS, and Shun Skywalker will be at Arena Naucalpan. Here, they’ll try to conquer Mexican territory. The Semi-final Match will see Hijo de Canis Lupus, Dragon Bane, and Demonio Infernal vs Relampago, Fuerza Guerrera NG, and Emperador Azteca. In the main event, STRONGHEARTS (CIMA, T-Hawk, and El Lindaman) will face El Imperio (Mamba, Chicano, and Tiago). After what happened between CIMA and T-Hawk with Bane and Canis, the main event was changed.



The Crash has announced their next event at 22nd February at Auditorio Fausto Gutierrez. We will check the most relevant highlights.

That event will see the second and third generations of the great families of Lucha Libre. They are Hijo de Octagon, Hijo de Mascara Sagrada, and Brazo de Oro Jr. Octagon and Mascara were a great team in AAA and CMLL in the 90s, The Crash and his sons will try to remember that decade and Brazo de Oro was a great luchador in UWA and CMLL. So, the juniors have a great responsibility in their names. In front will be Zarco, Starboy, and Arandu. This trio is so famous in Tijuana, so this match will be awesome.

Mesias and Oraculo will team as well.

The last event Mesias showed the crowd that he will have a stable in The Crash with Puerto Ricans. This will be the debut of this team but it will be complicated. Hybrid Team, Angelico and Jack Evans, will seek to defeat Mesias and Oraculo.

Also, Bandido, the champ of The Crash, will team with Dragon Lee against Jay Lethal and Jonathan Gresham. The ROH Tag Team Champions will face this great team. Bandido and Dragon Lee have been rivals in different parts of Mexico and the USA. In this event, they will unite to defeat the champs.

The main event is for The Crash Tag Team Championships in a Cage Match. Rebelion Amarilla holds the champions in their waist. Last week, they had a great rivalries Los Traumas. Rebelion will give Traumas this opportunity for the gold. This match will be amazing. The last event all of them showed their courage and their savage side. Now, if you mix all of this and put in Cage Match, they will seek to get the victory with everything found in the ring. We’ll have the results in PWP.


Pagano will have a great match the next March in New York. ICW has announced Lucha Extrema between Pagano against Nick F** Gage. This match will be a tremendous and a great opportunity for Pagano to show his great talent in the extreme area. Also, Mr. Aguila, or Essa Rios, will be part of this event when he’ll face Tony Deppen. 



Zona 23, one of the most violent promotions in Mexico, will have a great event the next March at The Junkyard. Here, Zona 23 stars will face GCW stars. Those who will be part of this event will be announced soon.


Thanks for reading ¡Esto es Lucha! Check us out next week as we continue to share all about wrestling in Mexico, Chile and Puerto Rico here on ¡Esto es Lucha! Lucha Libre news!