Lucha Libre News: ¡Esto es Lucha! 7/1/19

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The past Wednesday, CMLL shared that they have the opponents for Jushin Liger’s last match in Mexico and it’s provoked emotions. They are Caristico, Negro Casas and Ultimo Guerrero. These guys are the most representative of CMLL’s luchadors and of Mexican Lucha Libre. And this is the best way to thank a legend. However, CMLL has surprised us, not only with the opponents, but that they’ll change their style for this match. CMLL is known as serious and stable, because almost all of their matches are three falls and trios matches. They do have a one fall match, called the Relampago, and it is a singles match. However, for Jushin’s match, it will be a four-way dance. The match type has been modified, only two opponents will be in the ring at a time, and the others will be waiting for a tag.

Knowing that Jushin Liger will have his final match in Mexico for CMLL was exciting and now, we will see four legends in this great match and it will be awesome. The show will be on July 19th and don’t forget that Pro Wrestling Post will have all the details!

So, what happened this past Friday during Viernes Espectacular? Here we will talk about the most outstanding moments.

One of the matches that the crowd was excited for was between Esfinge, Triton, and Titan against the stable of NGD with Cuatrero, Sanson, and Forastero. The fans were divided, half for the rudos and half for the technicos. It was full of great spots and dives. This rivalry was growing minute by minute and the dimensions about this rivalry grew until the masks were torn. NGD asked for an opportunity to challenge Esfinge, Triton and Titan for the Mexican National Trios Championships. We hope that we can see this match again, but now for the Trios Championships.


Another great match was between Guerreros Laguneros (Gran Guerrero, Euforia, and Ultimo Guerrero) and El Clan (Ciber, The Crish and Sharly Rockstar). We need to remember that this rivalry has grown in the last year and these warriors clashed at the 63rd Anniversary show at Arena Mexico . The previous week on Super Viernes, they again went face to face and El Clan got the victory. Now Los Guerreros came to show them that the last week was just luck and now they won’t have a chance against Los Guerreros.

Los Guerreros started to control the fall, but El Clan responded by hitting them with kendo sticks. The referee decided to disqualify them and he gave the fall to Los Guerreros. The second fall was exciting and El Clan shined with dives. The victory, however, was to Los Guerreros, the history was written. Ultimo never forgot and he wanted revenge from last week so when the referee was distracted, Ultimo used a low blow. The challenge is now on the line and Ultimo Guerrero wants a match with Ciber. This rivalry is hot and they want to finish it.

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Image / Libre PWM

Following with more Mexican news, Konnan shared that his wrestling project will start on July 21st in Monterrey at Arena Coliseo. This project is called Pro Wrestling Mexico or PWM. They will give us another opportunity to enjoy what all we love, lucha libre. This promotion has a great event and they have a mix talents from AAA and the indie circuit. In the main event will be a Fans Bring the Weapons match, Taurus vs LA Park vs Pagano.

Also, they have announced with the appearances of Johnny Mundo, Daga, Teddy Hart, Puma King, Taya, Ayako Hamada, and Chik Tormenta. There are also rookies who could be the next stars of this company like Ultimo Maldito, Baby Xtreme, Arez, Latigo and Dragon Bane. The card is awesome and we know the skills of these luchadors and believe me, this will be insane. We hope for all the success for them, and stay tuned to the Pro Wrestling Post as we will continue to follow them.

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Image / Libre PWM


Image / / @MLW

MLW announced another match for their show, Kings of Colosseum, between Mance Warner and Bestia 666. That was incredible news as MLW has been working to replace some holes that other Mexican luchadors have left in this promotion. In June, the Mexican card in MLW has been renovated with the arrivals Flamita, The Wagner Family and now Bestia 666. Bestia 666 has grown in this business, he was a participant in events over WrestleMania Weekend. With Mecha Wolf, they were crowned Tag Team Champions of The Crash. He also will be appearing for Fight Club: PRO in the UK.  Bestia is the son of a great extreme legend, Damian 666.Bestia is a great luchador who has great skills and a great character. So, we’ll enjoy him and his work in MLW.


Thank you for reading and we will see you next week for more lucha libre!