Lucha Libre News: ¡Esto de Lucha! 6/10/19 (Hair Match)

Welcome to ¡Esto es Lucha!, the place to learn all about the different promociones (promotions) of Lucha Libre! including more than one Hair match.



This past Friday, May 31, CMLL presented their huge event Juicio Final. The highlights were three matches: the two hair vs. hair matches and the career vs career match.

Retirement Match: Metálico vs Virus
This was perhaps the match of the night. We could see all the different techniques, dives, sweat and tears. That was incredible, neither one wanted to lose. That is understandable because, for these men, all that they love is the lucha libre. Just thinking that in one night, it will finish everything, I can’t image all their feelings and thoughts that passed through their minds.

The environment was amazing, it was their last match in Arena Mexico. They gave us a great match with intensity. Virus defeated Metálico, with the motorcycle stretch that he (Virus) invented. To close this match, Métalico was lying in the ring, amongst the rain of money and applause and tears on his face. It was an incredible moment when the crowd was excited and throwing money to them. In the middle of that, Métalico was crying and thanking his fans.

Hair Match
Photo / CMLL
Hair vs Hair Match: Kaho Kobayashi vs Amapola

Another match was between these ladies; in this match they were warriors. From the first fall to the third, these ladies gave everything. In this match, they showed us their ability. On one side, we saw the Japanese technique and her knowledge of Lucha Libre by Kaho. In front of her, she has a great contender that is Amapola. Amapola gave us, all her experience and rudoness. Amapola was strong and powerful.

Between a somersault tope by Amapola and a plancha by Kaho, these ladies totally delivered. The end came after they tried to pin each other. However, Amapola used her experience and applied Angel’s Wings to Kaho and 1,2, 3, it was written in the history books. In the middle of the ring, Kaho was serious and thoughtful. In the end, they showed respect, as they greeted each other and embraced.

Hair Match
Photo / CMLL
Hair vs Hair Match: Ultimo Guerrero vs Mascara Año 2000

The main event of CMLL was between these great luchadors. When they first stepped the ring, we can feel all their hate. They immediately started to hit each other in the face. The first fall was won by Mascara when he was helped by Disturbio. Disturbio distracted the referee and Mascara lied to the referee when he said that he was faulted by Ultimo. The second fall went to Ultimo when he pinned Mascara after a senton. The last fall was full of hate, hits on the face, fights on middles of the crowd and multiple interferences by Disturbio to help Mascara. The end came when NGD tried to distract the referee, and Ultimo avoided a fault and pinned Mascara. Ultimo Guerrero is still undefeated in hair vs. hair matches.


CMLL has announced two pieces of news. The first one is that every month, they will have a huge event like Juicio Final. That announcement is incredible as we hope to watch more rivalries, and this will help to motivate the crowd to go to Arena Mexico.
CMLL also announced that the Copa Dinastias (Destiny Cup) will start Friday, June 7th. This tournament is about tag teams where the teams are made up of family members.

Lucha de CMLL
Photo / CMLL

In the first phase, we have four families. The first one is Volador Jr and his nephew Flyer, the second team is the brothers Casas, Negro Casas and Felino. Euforia and his son Soberano Jr are the third team and the last team, representing Los Ingobernables, is Rush and his father, Bestia del Ring. This tournament will be amazing, they have amazing moves and coordination by the teams. We will be paying attention to which teams advance to the next phase and who the teams will be there for next Friday, June 14th.


MLW has announced that Dr. Wagner Jr and his son will be debuting for this promotion on July 6th in Chicago. For him, it will be a great experience, even though Dr. Wagner Jr has represented lucha libre in NJPW and Lucha Underground before. Now he will have the opportunity to show that even though he lost his mask 2 years ago, it hasn’t affected his career. Now with his son, they will expose their talent and all the skills that they have shown on AAA. Now this moment to rise internationally, above all and face new challenges. Who will be the first challenge?