Kenny Omega talks deal with IMPACT Wrestling

As promised last Wednesday by his new manager Don Callis, AEW World Champion Kenny Omega sat down for an interview with Josh Matthews of IMPACT Wrestling. In the main event segment, Callis and Omega sat down to explain their actions as of late. First, however, they graced IMPACT Wrestling with the ceremonial changing of the nameplate on the AEW World Championship belt. 


Josh Matthews first asked Callis, who is also Executive Vice President of IMPACT Wrestling, how long the agreement has been in the works. According to Callis, the plan got rolling 27 years ago, when he first met Kenny. Omega’s uncle wrestled as “The Golden Sheik” in Winnipeg and later managed a young Don Callis. Kenny’s uncle introduced the two, and on that day Callis took the 10-year-old Kenny Omega under his wing. Callis explained he made it his mission to be in Kenny’s corner for the rest of his career. 

Matthews followed up by asking Kenny Omega why he bashed Jon Moxley’s skull with a microphone at AEW: Winter is Coming. Omega explained that Don Callis is like a father figure to him. When he saw Moxley lay hands on Callis, it was as if someone had struck his father. He struck Moxley with a microphone to avenge his fallen mentor. 

Kenny then explained his presence in IMPACT Wrestling. He told a story about his comic book collection growing up. While his collection was extensive, he could never afford the very rarest, so he gave up the hobby. He decided he would collect wrestling belts instead. He already holds the AEW World Championship and the AAA Mega Championship. Now he wants the IMPACT World Championship. Kenny Omega then quickly departed the interview before teasing a big announcement for tonight’s AEW Dynamite. 


The new AEW World Champion is having a busy week it seems. On top of his appearances on IMPACT Wrestling and AEW Dynamite, he will be traveling to Mexico to appear for AAA

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