Kenny Omega and Bryan Danielson and Tyler Black | The Night They Were Bound By Hate

On November 8th, 2008, Ring of Honor presented the event Bound By Hate. One of the matches involved three men that have now become household names. It featured Kenny Omega and Bryan Danielson and Tyler Black (Seth Rollins) in a triple-threat match. Danielson and Omega were presented as the faces of the match, demonstrating the code of honor.

While Black would also follow suit, he would act apprehensive. He was fine shaking Omega’s hand but refused to shake the America Dragon’s. As the match was set to begin, Black was initially trying to convince Omega to work together with him to beat down on Danielson.

Kenny Omega and Bryan Danielson and Tyler Black – 
(Ring of Honor Bound By Hate 2008)
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

The match was unique in that it was held in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. While Omega is, in fact, originally from Winnipeg, Manitoba, commentary referred to him as a ‘local boy.’ Danielson can be heard offering that Omega takes his wrist.

It was amusing to see him ‘giving him one.’ Black stood back in the corner as Omega took his wrist. After taking the hold momentarily, Danielson was able to reverse it and get an armbar on Omega on his own.

This quickly allowed Black to charge in with the attack on Danielson. Black and Danielson begin to exchange blows and grapple on the mat while Omega recovers in the corner.

Throwback : Kenny Omega vs Bryan Danielson vs Tyler Black - YouTube
Photo / YouTube / Ring of Honor

Omega then charges in and stomps on Danielson. After momentarily taking a beating by Omega, Danielson recovers and takes both Kenny and Tyler Black out with running knees.

Then, with both Omega and Black on their stomachs, Danielson locks in an incredible double Cattle Mutilation submission. Eventually, Black manages to get himself over to the ropes causing the break. Fans stood and chanted HOLY SH*T at what the American Dragon just did.

Kenny Omega and Bryan Danielson and Tyler Black –
The American Dragon Is In Control

Danielson soaks in the adulation of the crowd. Black then berates Omega for not working together. We then see Black and Omega finally working together, but that is short-lived. Omega then hits a spin heel kick. Danielson breaks up Omega’s advantage on Black.

Omega then is caught in a surfboard-like lock that is turned into a double stomp. Danielson then has the leg clenched until Black breaks it up. The American Dragon then hits a drop toehold on Tyler Black, forcing him to go headfirst into the corner turnbuckle.

With both Black and Omega down at opposing turnbuckles, Danielson walks over to Omega and makes him his focus. He delivers a hard kick to the chest of Omega. Black charges at him, but then Black also gets involved. Omega hits a tope suicide over-the-top rope onto both Danielson and Black.

Again, the fans are furiously involved in the action. With Dragon recuperating, Omega maintains control of his attack on Black. However, Black stops Omega and goes for the pinfall. But it’s stopped by Danielson. Bryan Danielson kicks Black so hard he rolls out to the floor. Danielson then locks in an armbar then wrenches down on the shoulder of the opposite arm.

Kenny Omega and Bryan Danielson and Tyler Black –
Danielson Is Tearing Omega Apart

The American Dragon is systematically tearing apart Omega. This gave Black the opportunity to recover as he drops a knee drop off the ropes. Black then works over Omega in the corner. Omega comes back with a chop. However, it isn’t enough as Black regains control.

It’s clear early on that Omega is the one absorbing the majority of the punishment of this match. However, Omega blocks Black’s strikes and hits a couple of hammers to the chest of Black.

Omega is then hit from behind with a missile dropkick by Bryan Danielson. Danielson attempts a cross-armbar, but that leads to a counter by Omega. Omega then tries a roll through until Black hits a moonsault on both men.

Kenny Omega and Bryan Danielson and Tyler Black
Fast and Furious Action!

After that, the action is fast and furious. He hits a buckle bomb and attempts a pinfall attempt on Danielson. But American Dragon kicks out.

Black then tries God’s Last Gift, but Danielson stops it. He is then hit with a superkick, but Danielson kicks out. Next, he sets up Danielson with the Phoenix Splash, but Omega charges the corner and hits a superplex on Black.

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Next, Danielson attempts a cattle mutilation, but Omega blocks it initially. However, this was temporary, as Danielson hits Omega with a fury of elbows and busts him open, leading to Cattle Mutilation.

Finally, it led to a tap-out by Kenny Omega.

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Winner via submission: Bryan Danielson

To Kenny Omega’s credit, fans were applauding his effort. Bryan Danielson remained in the ring as fans were chanting; that was awesome.

Bryan then says, ‘C’mon, he did a good job’ as he addresses the Toronto Ring of Honor fans. Danielson then shakes the hand of Kenny Omega.

It was evident who among them was the most recognized, established, and seasoned of the competitors in this match. Bryan Danielson was a former Ring of Honor World Champion, Tyler Black was a former two-time ROH Tag Team Champion, and Kenny Omega was a ‘local boy.’

To think of where each of these men has come from to where they are all would eventually become world champions.

From this match, it was also apparent that a young Kenny Omega would show signs of greatness from a Ring of Honor show in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, thirty years ago today.

That Tyler Black’s undeniable athleticism would capture the attention of other promotions, and the American Dragon, Bryan Danielson, would continue to shock and amaze audiences with his technical wrestling prowess around the world.

Thus, it was on this day when Kenny Omega vs Bryan Danielson vs. Tyler Black took place. To watch this match in its entirety, please click the embedded video below.