Karrion Kross regains NXT Championship | #AndNEW

In night two’s NXT Championship match, Karrion Kross regains the NXT Championship from Finn Balor. Their battle was incredible. It was a case of the current champion against the man that never lost the title in the first place. Much like the NXT Cruiserweight title match earlier, all doubt would be removed from this match. This hard-hitting affair earlier on was a story of Balor having the advantage. The narrative early on was  Balor would work on the abdominals and shoulder of Kross. He would work on it relentlessly, with the focus being to beat down the former champion. What was remarkable about the match early on was how dominant Balor appeared.


Both men would clearly jockey for position throughout the match. At times both men were smug in their battle. Balor would kick Kross in the thigh only to have Karrion openly chuckle at the Prince’s attempts. This was followed by a battered and beaten Kross coming face to face with an equally smug champion. Balor would beat down Kross with a focus on trying to weather the storm that was the former champion.

As Balor would hit Kross time and time again, the former champion would refuse to relent. That should have been a sign that regardless of what Balor would do, Kross would continue to push forward. After repeated missile dropkicks, it was time to set up for the coup de gras. Upon hitting his finishing move, Balor would attempt to pin Kross. However, Karrion Kross would kick out and transition it into a submission attempt. From here, Kross would begin his assault time and time again. He would relentlessly hit Balor with Saito suplex’s and forearms strikes to the back of the head.

Karrion Kross regains NXT Championship.

When it appeared as though Kross was on the verge of tapping out, he would maneuver himself out of this hold. From there, Kross would continuously beat down on the neck and shoulders of Finn Balor. At one point, Balor appeared nearly lifeless. Despite his best efforts, all signs were pointing to the end being near for Finn Balor. As Balor would stagger to his feet, he would receive won final forearm strike to the back of his head, knocking him out. It was automatic at this point as Karrion Kross would cover Finn Balor to regain the NXT Championship.


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