Kamille’s First Match, Interview & NWA Super Powerrr Preview Review

After several weeks of hiatus owing to the current and devastating pandemic, the NWA returned and offered a small sample of new content. When the plug was pulled, the federation was actively promoting the Crockett Cup which ideally would have taken place over the weekend in Atlanta. While several weeks of shows were pre-taped, all the storylines and promos were scripted in fact to hype the Crockett Cup but things came to an abrupt halt. We present Kamille’s First Match, Interview, and NWA Super Powerrr Preview.

Kamille’s First Match & Interview | NWA Super Powerrr Preview

The decision was hence made to put that programming on ice until things became clearer. Notwithstanding the fact that we really have yet to move forward nor on to the firmer ground, plans were changed.

We believe that more and more promotions will be forging on with more contingency plans and less circling the runway. Disappearing totally can be detrimental to maintaining your fan base. Our attention spans are short and the need for diversion never-ending. As Daniel Bryan will readily tell you, fans are fickle.

The NWA has made the decision to return to fresh content, albeit for this week. The announcement made last week on Youtube by Wade Barrett has hopefully sparked anticipation and interest.

The most hyped segment of the show to be aired was the in-ring AND on mic debut of Kamille. Originally cast as Nick Aldis’ insurance policy, after a slight swerve she became an integral member of the Strictly Business faction. It exists primarily to serve and protect Aldis and his 10 lbs of gold. Kamille was in fact brought on the scene to neutralize Brandi Rhodes when Nick Aldis recaptured the championship from the one time “dashing” American Nightmare.

Bit of background on Kamille, she stands at five feet ten inches with a body builder’s sculpted shape.

The native of Durham, North Carolina is the wife of Thomas Latimer. She has appeared often on Powerrr and the running plotline is that no one has gotten her to speak.

That will change tonight. Before the hiatus, we were supposed to have been on the verge of discovering who the very charismatic and talented Thunder Rosa would defend her title against at the Crockett Cup. Very much expecting two birds with one stone scenario seeing Kamille wanting to get her shot. This would be Kamille’s first match.

The show turned out to be a sneak preview of the Super Powerrr program slated to air last month and now will be shown sometime in May. As promised, the spotlight was squarely on Kamille.

We began with a predictable retrospective of her involvement with Nick Aldis and Strictly Business. The feud between Aldis and Marty Scurll was dealt with as well, the highly anticipated rematch has been the cornerstone of NWA programming for quite a while.

Kamille’s First Match was among the focal points of the airing.

She took to the ring against Maddi Maxx in an encounter taped for broadcast before a live audience.  Not all even close to a competitive match up. Kamille put her opponent away in a little more than two minutes. While Maxx mounted very little offense, every move she did was countered swiftly. A failed sunset flip was followed by a leg lariat and a series of kicks that would make Ronnie Garvin grin from ear to ear.

Moments later, a foiled cross-body block leading into a steamroller which in turn led to a spear. It is game, set, match. Joe Galli then attempted to get a word with Kamille but all she offered was an intimidating glare. We then headed into a very well done vignette allowing us to understand the raison d’etre of her silence. Kamille narrates the feature that shows her excelling at softball, football, and even golf as she went through school and later on. She admitted being cocky and unapproachable but stated….” life made me this way, I didn’t strive to be great, I just was.”

She then added, …. ” people turn against you when you’re gifted .”

Kamille stated that she has no respect for authority and lets her actions speak for themselves. She then called out Melina, Thunder Rosa, and Allyson Kay.

The vignette ends on an ominous note with Kamille declaring” For those who are worrying about what Kamille will do in the future, worry about what I’ m doing now. I’m here to end all of you.”

A very good introduction to a force to be reckoned with in the Woman ‘s division. It would be refreshing and valuable for the NWA to be able to keep putting out new content on an ongoing basis. Failure to do so can jeopardize the fed’s growth potential, relevance, and very survival. Effective contingency plans are more important than ever. The only bad strategy is the one you leave in your back pocket.