Jordynne Grace Discusses Knockouts Championship

Jordynne Grace defeated Taya Valkyrie for the IMPACT Wrestling Knockouts Championship. Her win was on Tuesday, February 11th, quite emotional. The veteran of nine years has competed throughout the world. Grace’s championship win is her eighth win and first Knockout’s Championship. Armed with an array of moves that showcase her strength, speed, and technical prowess, Grace’s time has come. By her own accord, it has finally happened. Despite having to battle Valkyrie countless times her win yesterday signified a culmination of sacrifice and recognition for her efforts.

Grace’s matchup with Valkyrie was the fourteenth time they have faced one another in either single, in a triple threat or as part of a tag-team effort. After countless attempts to capture the title, Jordynne Grace was able to secure a win in Fronton Mexico in Mexico City, Distrito Federal, Mexiko.

Share why defeating Taya Valkyrie, the longest-reigning Knockout’s Champion is such a meaningful win for you?

Grace: I think you may have answered your own question. It was because it was special for me and big for me to win the title from Taya because she was the longest-running Knockock Champion.

Where do you see the Knockout’s title going now internationally with defending? You’ve mentioned Pro-Wrestling EVE.

Grace: I won the belt in Mexico and we film a lot of television in Canada. So those are two countries I can see myself defending the title in. Hopefully, fingers crossed sometime down the line we will be going over to the UK.

Now that Jordynne Grace has won the title, who can you foresee as being the next biggest threat for the title and why?

Grace: For the Knockouts title? I think Tenille Dashwood would be the biggest threat to the title. I think because she is well known. She has been competing for some time. Tenille hasn’t won the Knockouts title before. I think she will want to fight for it more than anyone else. Hopefully, she will be able to recover shortly and returning soon. She will want to fight for it more than anyone else.

Her journey to the top of IMPACT Wrestling’s Knockouts division is complete. With opportunities to call a number of places home, Grace settled on IMPACT Wrestling. The decision couldn’t have been any better. She has grown as a professional, as a competitor and as a person in this process. Congratulations to Jordynne Grace on capturing the IMPACT Wrestling Knockouts Championship.