Joey Cassata (Joeylicious) discusses wrestling career, music & more

I have done radio, TV, and film for over 30 years and few folks I’ve encountered have as eclectic a resume as Joey Cassata. This is just a brief overview of this multi-talented individual who has a lifelong passion for professional wrestling.


Joey Cassata is a drummer/actor/writer/producer. After touring the country with his original band, ZO2, with such acts as Kiss, Alice Cooper, Scorpions, Dream Theater, Stone Temple Pilots & Twisted Sister, Joey starred, Co-Wrote & Co-produced the hit IFC comedy series Z Rock. The premise: “Rock Band by Night, Kids Band by Day.” The cast and guest stars included Joan Rivers, Dave Navarro (Janes Addiction), Daryl Hall, Chris Jericho (WWE), Dee Snyder (Twisted Sister), Carmine Appice (Vanilla fudge), Marty Ramone (The Ramones), and many more. Z Rock went on to be the number one rated show in IFC history.

Joey was also a member of the world-renowned Trans-Siberian Orchestra for over ten years. Since, Joey has set his eyes on The Great White Way, where he has performed over 500 shows of the New York Times critically acclaimed Broadway hit musical, Natasha Pierre & The Great Comet of 1812 starring Josh Groban. Joey has most recently started his own production company, Satta Entertainment, and has begun writing, producing, and developing all-new series including, Wrestling With Joeylicious starring Hulk Hogan, Mick Foley, and comedian Rachel Feinstein( Last Comic Standing) along with an animated comedy series called Victor, starring the amazing voice talents of Gilbert Gottfried as a Hasidic Jewish Midget. 

He describes his Wrestling with Joeylicious series and book as follows:

Featuring the legends of wrestling:  HULK HOGAN, “STONE COLD” STEVE AUSTIN, CHRIS JERICHO, MICK FOLEY, and many more.

 “Joeylicious is exactly what the wrestling world needs right now. It’s funny, creative, and features some of the best names in history!” – MICK FOLEY, WWE HALL OF FAME.
“Like me, Joey Cassata loves music, wrestling, and comedy. Plus, he’s a great guy with an ‘always be hustling attitude.’ Now, if he would only do something about that nose… Anyhoo, READ THIS BOOK!” – CHRIS JERICHO

With the help of the greatest wrestlers of all time, a lifelong wrestling fanatic struggles with “real life” while trying to make his dream come true. Follow the trials and tribulations of Joey Cassata (AKA: Joeylicious) as he attempts to lead a normal life while desperately clinging to the dream of becoming the greatest professional wrestler of all time. Throughout his perilous journey, clawing his way up from the lowest rung of the wrestling ladder, Joey receives loving yet painful guidance from the Legends of Wrestling, who, by the way, only he can see. They appear to him awkwardly at the most inopportune moments, leaving it nearly impossible for Joey to explain his imaginary encounters away to his family and friends.  

Available on softcover & Kindle via AMAZON here

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Joey is a national endorser of Ludwig Drums, Paiste Cymbals, Vic Firth Sticks & Evans Drum Heads. For more info on all of Joey’s projects, please go to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

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