Jock Samson – The Heroic Hillbilly Superstar

What do you get when you have a die-hard Ohio State Buckeye fan mixed with a Donald J Trump supporter? You get the GOAT, Jock Samson!

Jock Samson, a proud father and resident of Ohio, is a seasoned veteran. He has years of experience and still proves he’s one of the best on the independent wrestling scene. Since his debut in 2008, Jock has had more than 1000 matches.

Jock has been around long enough to be called an Ohio indy wrestling legend. With his Hillbilly gimmick, Jock Samson travels across the states as well as Canada. Showing that he’s exactly what he says he is: the greatest of all time!

His 10-plus-year career consists of championships all across the United States. His first was the RCW North American Championship in 2010, beating JD Santos.

Jock won the WAR championship from Juice Jennings and is still known as the greatest War Wrestling champion. Currently, Jock holds the Remix Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Championship capturing the title from Christopher Daniels via pinfall on April 20, 2019.

Jock Samson
[Photo: YouTube]

Jock Samson – Hillbilly Superstar

He’s also one-half of the IWA East Coast Champions with his tag team partner Magnum CK. Or as they’re better known as, the Mega Plowers. They have held the titles since March of 2017, when they beat Irish Airborne (Dave Crist and Jake Crist).

Jock is also a two-time ITC tag team champion and currently holds the belt with his tag partner Chris LeRusso (The Regulators), beating the Mane Event in July of 2019!

One thing Jock is well known for is that he’s a dynamite talker on the microphone. He can get a crowd hot, especially if the town hates Donald J Trump. “The J stands for Jesus” as Samson would say. He can make you cheer or laugh, regardless of where you put him in this crazy world of professional wrestling. If you give Jock a microphone and let him do what he does best, you are going to get a reaction.

Even with his Facebook videos, Jock can draw you in. Cutting great promos to hype up his matches and obliterate his opponent’s soul with his words. A magician of words and insults, Jock is the perfect bad guy in any town he goes too.

A well-known force within the state of OHIO, Jock Samson is one person you truly don’t want to make angry. He’ll rip apart the town he’s in before putting on a great wrestling match for every fan in the building.

Regardless of his staying true to Ohio and being a successful force in the United States, when he crosses into Canada, he only has one true home, one true place he can say he helped built from the ground up, and that’s Greektown Wrestling.

A Greektown original, the King of the One Night Stand, Jock Samson, brings the heat of a desert every time he arrives on the Danforth. He has no problem letting the fans know his political views, such as why the States are better than Canada.

He makes it rain with boos every time he is in Greektown. In Greektown, he is the most booed wrestler within the promotion but has slowly become a performer the fans love to hate. So much so that Jock won Greektown Wrestling Most Popular in 2018.

Jock has become the wrestler who faces all the special guests that promoters from Greektown bring in for their events. Samson has had the privilege of facing off against WWE Hall of Famer Hacksaw Jim Dungeon, Colt Cabana, and Stone Rockwell in a Secret Santa match!

He has had a classic singles bout with ECW legend Shane Douglas. And in what some Greektown fans call one of the best matches ever when he went up against Lil Guido in a Sicilian street fight.

As entertaining as the Greektown original is, Jock is still remembered for only one true thing when he comes over the Canadian borders. He’s never won a match on Canadian soil.

Jock has a lot of great things going for him on the independent wrestling scene. Recently, he appeared on Greektown Wrestling Hotwired against Quebec legend Sexxy Eddy. It was a special moment for the Greektown original as the promotion did their first TV taping.

Keep an eye out for the arrival of this loud-mouth hillbilly a town near you!