Japanese Deathmatch Promotion FREEDOMS Is Coming To IWTV

Independent Wrestling TV (IWTV) has announced that Japanese deathmatch wrestling promotion Pro-Wrestling FREEDOMS will be coming.

Japanese independent wrestling powerhouse FREEDOMS is coming to IWTV.

The promotion, which is known for its hard-hitting style and brutal deathmatches, will be releasing 15+ events from its 2019 catalog starting Monday, June 1.

The library features Japanese death match legends Jun Kasai and Masashi Takeda, plus Takashi Sasaki, Toru Sugiura, Ciclope, Miedo Extremo, and more.

You can watch FREEDOMS on June 1 with your IWTV subscription.

Emerging in 2009, FREEDOMS has recently developed relationships with other independent wrestling promotions in the United States. In particular FREEDOMS relationship with Game Changer Wrestling has also built the company’s exposure in North America. Based out of Tokyo, Japan’s Pro-Wrestling FREEDOMS is making it’s content available to a whole new audience.

Japanese Deathmatch Promotion FREEDOMS Is Coming To IWTV

As noted in their tweet the promotion will make more than 15 events available to watch from the 2019 calendar year. The promotion most recent event was in March at the This is Our Era 2020 event. That event saw both a Barbed Wire and a Fluorescent Light Tubes Death Match take place.  However, there are a number of choices that fans will not go wrong with.

The Bloody X’Mas event would be among Pro Wrestling FREEDOMS, most popular. This match included the highly recommended King of FREEDOM World Title Fluorescent Light tubes/Glass Board Board and Alph Death Match. The match itself went nearly 25 minutes between Violento Jack and Toru Suigiura. Viewed by one viewer as ‘Great main event, emotional and fun semi-main and a good pacing overall‘.

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