Independent Wrestling Weekly For 08/24/20

The independent wrestling weekly news review for 08/24/20 is back for another week. During the last week, WrestlePro held an event that ended with new WrestlePro Tag Team Champions. GCW also held not one event but two events last week, the promotion hosted both the Tournament of Survival 5 and Jimmy Lloyd’s Jersey Shore. There were also match announcements and new events for Paradigm Pro Wrestling, TNT Extreme Wrestling, and Zelo Pro Wrestling. 

Independent Wrestling Weekly For 08/24/20

Independent Wrestling Weekly with Georgia Madden
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Game Changer Wrestling held two events during the past week, Tournament of Survival 5 and Jimmy Lloyd’s Jersey Shore. The second event of the week, Jimmy Lloyd’s Jersey Shore, took place on Saturday 23rd of August at The Garden Pier on The Atlantic City Boardwalk in New Jersey. The pack solid event included; Blake Christian vs Andrew Everett, Lee Moriarty vs Chris Dickinson, Joey Janela vs Alex Zayne, AJ Gray vs Lucky 13, KTB vs Jordan Oliver, AR Fox vs Cole Radrick, Myron Reed vs Shane Mercer and Jimmy Lloyd vs Elayna Black. For anyone who missed Jimmy Lloyd’s Jersey Shore, you watch the event on FITE TV.

GCW held the Tournament of Survival 5 event on Saturday the 22nd of August at The Sandlot in Atlantic City. The Tournament of Survival 5 event was another fully packed show from Game Changer Wrestling, the line up included; KTB vs Jordan Oliver vs Lucky 13 vs Andrew Everett vs Myron Reed vs AR Fox in a scramble match. In the opening rounds of the tournament, Atticus Cogar faced off against Allie Kat, Alex Colon met SHLAK in the squared circle, Shane Mercer faced Eric Ryan, and Rickey Shane Page faced Jimmy Lloyd.

Alex Colon Won GCW’s Tournament of Survival 5 

Colon headed into the semifinals after beating SHLAK, he then faced Atticus Cogar who he also beat. Alex Colon then faced the current GCW World Champion Rickey Shane Page in the finals of the Tournament of Survival 5. Alex Colon put everything he had into beating the GCW champ, and he did emerge the winner of this year’s tournament.

St. Louis Anarchy shared an updated list of dates for their Block A and Block B events, which were rearranged last week. Tickets for October’s events are yet to go on sale so keep an eye out on St. Louis Anarchy’s website and social media pages. Block A events will now take part on the 4th of September, 2nd of October, 6th of November and the 4th of December. Whereas the Block B events will take part on the 18th of September in a double-headed event, 16th of October, 20th of November, and the 18th of December.

Paradigm Pro Wrestling Announced their PPW Fighting Spirit Heavyweight Grand Prix 2 

Paradigm Pro Wrestling has announced their next event following Same Energy on September 25th will be PPW Fighting Spirit Heavyweight Grand Prix 2 on November 6th, 2020. Same Energy is taking place in Sellersburg, IN. Paradigm Pro Wrestling has announced the main event for PPW Fighting Spirit Heavyweight Grand Prix 2 will be Bonnar vs Lawlor. Big Japan Pro Wrestling star Josh Crane will face a mystery opponent under UWFI rules. The H20 Women’s Champion Max The Impaler, Lord Crewe, and Lexus Montez will also compete at the event.

Synergy Pro Wrestling’s Heatseekers will take place this week on Saturday the 29th of August, you can watch the show live on FITE TV. Heatseekers will include ARCHADIA vs JOE GACY, FRIGHTMARE vs KIRK, CRAWFORD vs WHISPER, LSG vs MACINTOSH, and KTB vs Orlando, as well as more matches to be announced.

Independent Wrestling Weekly For 08/24/20

IMPACT! Wrestling’s Brian Myers and AEW’s Joey Janela Teamed Up To Win The WrestlePro Tag Team Championships 

WrestlePro’s event last Saturday saw a brand new alliance between Impact Wrestling star Brian Myers and AEW’s Joey Janela. The pair teamed up at the WrestlePro event, held in Union, New Jersey and their weekend was more than successful as they ended up winning the WrestlePro Tag Team Championship titles.

TNT Extreme Wrestling has announced several matches which will take part during their Halloween weekend events. On the 30th of October 2020 at Supreme Extreme the TNT Tag Team Champions, Kings Of The North will take part in an open challenge. Supreme Extreme will be TNT Extreme Wrestling’s 18+ event. TNT Extreme Wrestling also announced that Big Guns Joe will be in action on the 31st of October at A Nightmare On Fleet Street, the promotions PG event.

TNT Extreme Wrestling Announced Several Matches For Their Halloween Events 


Zelo Pro Wrestling’s next event Zelo Pro Wrestling On Weed St will take place on Thursday the 17th Of September 2020 at Weed St, Chicago, IL. Tickets are available over at Zelo Pro Wrestling website. Zelo Pro Wrestling On Weed St will include Smiley Kylie Rae, the Party Unicorn & Laynie Luck. The Drama King will face Filth King for the first time ever.

Independent Wrestling Weekly For 08/24/20

Zelo Pro Wrestling Celebrated Their 3rd Anniversary on August 24th, 2020 

The promotion will also celebrate its 3rd year anniversary on August 24th, 2020, to mark the occasion use code ZELOPRO for a 5-day free trial over at Indie Wrestling TV.

The Independent Wrestling Weekly News will return next Monday with all of your essential independent news. Over the next few weeks, we hope to see further promotions running live shows. We will also be here to update you when the shows are planned to be held. This was Independent Wrestling Weekly for 08/24/20.

All images and videos courtesy of Kayden, OrlandoDeathSquad, TNT Extreme Wrestling, Zelo Pro Wrestling, Paradigm Pro Wrestling, and WrestlePro.