Independent Wrestling Weekly for 07/27/20

The independent wrestling weekly news review for 07/27/20 is back for another week. During the last week, we saw GCW, Beyond, New Wave Pro, and Paradigm Pro Wrestling all host shows. These were with fans in attendance. Readers can find links to all these shows within the article. Misson Pro Wrestling has announced their first match for their Hell Hath No Fury event. Synergy Pro Wrestling also announced an all-female wrestling event that will take place in December 2020.

Independent Wrestling Weekly For 07/27/20

Independent Wrestling Weekly with Georgia Madden

St. Louis Anarchy continued with preparations for their Spirt of Spaulding event over two nights on August 7th and August 20th. St. Louis Anarchy will be making sure all protection is available for crowd members and staff. These items include; face masks and hand sanitizer are available for everyone involved in the event. This is to ensure they have provided the correct protection to keep safe from COVID-19.

Misson Pro Wrestling has announced their first official match as The Pink Dream Alex Gracia faces off against The Lady Of Rock n Rumble Avery Taylor in the square circle. Their match will take place at Hell Hath No Fury which is taking place on Friday 18th September 2020.

Beyond Wrestling’s Two Weeks Notice took place on Sunday 26th of July 2020 the whole show is now available on IWTV. Matches included Bear Country vs. Injustice, Wheeler YUTA vs. Lee Moriarty, and Allie Kat vs. Max Caster.

TNT Extreme Wrestling announced this week they will be handing out free face masks on entry for anyone attending their Halloween weekend shows. TNT Extreme Wrestling has announced one of their Halloween shows will take place on October 31st at the Fusion Nightclub. This was some good news after the promotion announced their TNT Supreme Extreme show would be canceled this year.

Synergy Pro Wrestling Announce All-Women Wrestling Event 

Synergy Pro Wrestling has announced they will be hosting an all-women’s wrestling event during the December of 2020, wrestlers will compete for the Women’s GSI Trophy. The promotion has announced their event will be called the Women’s Garden State Invitational Tournament, this announcement came during their Second Annual Garden State Invitational Tournament which took place on Sunday the 26th of July 2020. The event will be staffed by an all-female workforce, including commentators and cameramen.

Synergy Pro Wrestling’s Second Annual Garden State Invitational Tournament is now available to rewatch on Fite TV.

Warrior Wrestling Announce The Spartan Stadium Stampede Scramble To Take Place At Friday Night Lights  

Warrior Wrestling announced a new match for their Friday Night Lights event which is being held on Friday, August 7th, at Marian Catholic High School in Chicago Heights, IL. The promotion announced the Spartan Stadium Stampede Scramble were ten independent wrestlers will face off, details on what the match will actually involve is limited at the moment. Warhorse, Dan The Dad, Beast Man, Matt Knicks, Nacho Clown, Cypher, Gobaldi, The Cornbelt Cowboy, Elayna Black and Davey Bang will compete in the Spartan Stadium Stampede Scramble.

New Wave Pro held their New Wave Pro Higher Ground event on Sunday 26th of July 2020 at the NWP Arena. Matches on the event included Cole Radrick vs. Shiloh Greaves, Miles Morales vs. Nate Matthews. New Wave Pro Higher Ground also rewarded fans with a new New Wave Pro Heavyweight Champion, Justin Kyle.

Paradigm Pro Wrestling held its last event on Friday, 24th of July 2020, at Sellersburg, IN called Heavy Hitters 2. The card included Stephan Bonnar vs Matthew Justice, Tom Lawlor vs Calvin Tankman, Aaron Williams vs AJ Gray, and Chris Dickinson vs Lee Moriarty. Heavy Hitters 2 is available to watch on IWTV. 

Independent Wrestling Weekly for 07/27/20

WrestlePro Have Cancelled Their WrestlePro Alaska Event

WrestlePro has issued an update surrounding their WrestlePro Alaska event. The event was due to be held on the 19th of September 2020. The promotion announced due to new restrictions and regulations the venue booked for the event has been capped off at 50 people in attendance. They released a statement stating, ‘the Dena’ina Center informed us two days ago that all their events in their centres and arena are pushed back. The venue is officially canceling the event and all tickets purchased with any type of credit or debit card will be automatically refused in 3-5 business days.’

Game Changer Wrestling or GCW held their GCW Homecoming Part 1 event on Saturday, 25th of July 2020. You can watch the GCW Homecoming Part 1 event on Fite TV, the event included a match between ACH and Tre Lamar who made his GCW debut.

The Independent Wrestling Weekly News will return next Monday with all of your essential independent news. Over the next few weeks, we hope to see further promotions running live shows. We will also be here to update you when the shows are planned to be held. This was Independent Wrestling Weekly for 07/27/20.

All images and videos courtesy of Game Changer Wrestling, WrestlePro, Justin Kyle, Synergy Pro Wrestling and Misson Pro Wrestling.