In Your House Seasons – Beatings | WWE Sunday Night RetroView

On Sunday, December 15th, 1995, the WWF presented In Your House – Seasons Beatings. Vince McMahon and Jerry Lawler were on commentary, with the main event of the evening being the British Bulldog and Bret Hart for the WWF Championship. Lawler shares that there is going to be a big surprise for everyone.

In Your House – Seasons Beatings
Tag Team Match
1-2-3 Kid and Sid with ‘The Millon Dollar Man’ Ted DiBiase vs. Razor Ramon and Marty Jannetty

We then see how both Marty Jannetty and Razor Ramon were eliminated around the Survivor Series. Goldust is in the audience observing the action. Jannetty and Ramon came to the ring second, draped with their leather jackets. Both men had issues with Sid and the 1-2-3 Kid in recent weeks. Jannetty and the Kid start the match off.

The two men exchange an array of exchanges between them. Jannetty tries to pull the Kid over to his corner and the Kid pulls away. The Kid gets paintbrushed by Razor Ramon. Ramon is then taken out by Sid. Sid begins to work over the Bad Guy on the back of his head. He then uses the ropes to maintain an advantage over Ramon. The Kid is tagged in and he backs Ramon into their corner.

Ramon is beaten by both of DiBiase’s henchmen time and time again. But Razor tries to fight back and a double clothesline takes both him and Sid out. Both Ramon and Sid tag out and Jannetty makes the hot tag in and he goes right after the Kid. Marty uses an array of hiptosses and begins to work over the upper back of Kid.

Goldust is interviewed at ringside and appears to have his sights set on Razor Ramon. His comments is certainly physological. Goldust then gives an envelope to Todd Pettingill to give to Razor Ramon. Sid is in the match and he beats on Jannetty. But the referee was distracted with Marty had a momentary recovery.

Ramon tries to come into the ring to help his partner, but it only pulls the referee away from him. Sid continues to work Jannetty over with a rear chinlock. Each time Jannetty tries to make a comeback, Sid has the answer. Sid makes a tag to the Kid who comes in and hits Jannetty quickly with a leg drop.

He then makes a tag back into Sid. Both men are trying to keep Jannetty off balance. But Jannetty makes the hot tag to Sid, and he comes in, taking out both men. Ramon sets up for the Razor’s Edge, only for Sid to reverse it. Razor then hits a top rope bulldog and makes a pinfall for the three count and the win.

Winners: Razor Ramon and Marty Jannetty

After the match, both men take in the adulation of those in attendance. Goldust looks on as Razor picks up his Intercontinental Championship.

We then see Sunny, Ted DiBiase, and Raymond Rougeau are all in the WWFs’ call center answering their ‘hotline’. After this, we are once again brought back to the ring where we hear the name ‘Nature Boy’ Buddy Landel announced, but this manages to bring Jerry Lawler to stand up with a microphone in hand and approach the ring with his big surprise.

Lawler then gets in the ring and welcomes a special individual saying that his guest is ‘great’. He continues on by announcing that it is Jeff Jarrett who arrives in the arena and comes to the ring. Lawler encourages the camera to be on Jeff Jarrett while doing his strut. He boasts to be the world’s greatest singer, entertainer, and wrestler.

Lawler then announces Jarrett’s next tour, ‘Greater Than Great,’ will exceed his last tour, ‘Aint I Great’. He then presents a 500,000 sale Gold CD with the sales of his last album. He confidently shared that his next tour is the cat out of the bag and declared himself into the 1996 Royal Rumble.

Jarrett can’t say more greater things about himself, and with Lawler by his side the compliments keep flying. Lawler then invites Jarrett to join him, and Vince McMahon at the announcement table.

In Your House – Seasons Beatings
Buddy Landel Vs. Ahmed Johnson

Dean Douglas comes in the ring and shares that class is in session. He said that he had planned on giving Ahmed Johnson a wrestling lesson. But he announced that his back was only at 65% of where it should be. But the doctor’s won’t allow him to compete. He then said he had a new student to compete on his behalf, Buddy Landel the graduate student.

After this, Ahmed Johnson makes his way to the3 ring. Landel attempts to get the better of Jonson with chops and Johnson powers him up and down to the mat. Johnson then quickly hits his Pearl River Plunge. He makes the cover for the three count and the win.

Winner: Ahmed Johnson

After the match, an unsuspecting Dean Douglas gets hit with Dean Douglas’ paddle. We then hear that Jerry Lawler wants to get a word with Ahmed Johnson. Lawler asks Double J if he was impressed with Johnson’s effort. He then calls Jarrett an Achy Breaky Heart wannabe, who then clocks Johnson over the head with his Gold CD.

Jarrett then begins to come at Johnson with a steel chair. After a while, Jonson recovered and went right after Jarrett chasing him backstage. Razor Ramon is then backstage with Todd Pettingill, who interviews him asking him about his upcoming title match with Yokozuna.

But Pettingil then hands Ramon the letter that Goldust gave him. Ramon looks upset at whatever was written in the letter addressed to him. We then see the hogpen set up as Hillbilly Jim is brought out as the special guest referee.

In Your House – Seasons Beatings
Hogpen Match

Hunter Hearst Helmsley vs. Henry O. Godwin

Helmsley approaches the hog pen, appearing disgusted by what he is seeing. With Helmsley was in the ring, Henry O. Godwin made his way to the ring. Godwin comes to the ring with two slop buckets in hand. Helmsley makes his way to the floor and Godwin tossed a bucket of slop at him, but Hunter avoided it. He hit one of the attendants around ringside with the bucket of slop.

Helmsley is then locked in the ropes as Godwin grabs a hand full of slop and wipes his face with it. Once freed, Helmsley attacks Godwin from behind. Helmsley is irate, attacking Godwin with lefts and rights. He follows up with a neckbreaker. Helmsley then hits a high knee on Godwin taking him down to the mat. Both men make their way to the floor, with Hunter getting his head rammed into the steel steps at ringside.

Godwin picks up Helmsley up and proceeds to carry him towards the hogpen. But Helmsley stops him and proceeds to throw punches left and right on Godwin. Godwin is then whipped into the steel-enforced railing on the pen. But as Hunter had attempted a pedigree, Godwin attempted to back-body drop him into the pen.

Helmsley appeared to but landed on the railing. He then jumped off and hit an elbow onto Godwin on the floor. Both men then make their way back into the ring. With both men back in the ring, Godwin hits a wheelbarrow but lands Hunter on his face. Hunter is then whipped from one end of the ring to the other.

The two men battle up the aisleway towards the hog pen. As Godwin attempted his slop drop, Hunter held the railing, avoiding falling to the floor. Godwin then hits a slop drop on Hunter on the floor by the hog pen. Both men get to their feet, and Hunter manages to back-body drop, Godwin, into the hog pen.

Winner: Hunter Hearst Helmsley.

After the match, Hunter is dropped in the hog pen with the pigs circling him. Hunter is then slammed and tossed around in the hog pen. As soon as Hunter stands up he immediately falls back down. Then he is hit in the face with something from the crowd. Helmsley climbs out of the hog pen and proceeds to make his way to the back.

We see a promotional ad for the upcoming 1996 Royal Rumble.

We then see the attack Diesel gave on Bret Hart after losing the WWF title. He is then shown attacking everyone in his way. He has a new attitude, and Owen Hart is expected to feel the wrath of Big Daddy Cool.

In Your House – Seasons Beatings
Owen Hart vs. Diesel

Diesel immediately mounts the attack on Owen Hart. Hart is being beaten left and right. He then clotheslines Hart over the top rope to the floor. Big Daddy Cool then is hit with a spinning heel kick by Hart. Hart works over the leg and knee. The focus is to soften it up in hopes of putting him in a sharpshooter.

Owen tries to go for a cover but only got a count of two. Hart is then kicked into the corner turnbuckle. Diesel then hits him with a big boot and then drops across the middle rope on a prone Owen Hart.

Big Daddy Cool then hits a jackknife powerbomb on Owen Hart. After going for a pinfall, he only gets a count of two. He then shoves the referee, who immediately disqualifies him. Diesel then picks up Owen Hart again and hits another powerbomb.

Winner: via disqualification Owen Hart

After the match, Diesel still slapped hands with those at ringside despite losing the match. He rose his hand high as though he was the victor but this match was more about making a statement despite losing.

We then see backstage at the WWE Superstar line with Sunny and Hunter Hearst Helmsley and Henry O Godwin is with Raymond Rougeau.

Back in the ring, Santa Claus is now out with Savio Vega coming to the ring. But Ted DiBiase is in the ring with a microphone in hand. DiBiase shared that everyone has a price for the Million Dollar Man. He said that includes Savio Vega that he has a price for the Million Dollar Man. DiBiase said that there are kids around the world that believe in Santa Claus but it’s a ridiculous belief.

He asks Vega if he believes in Santa Claus. Vega said that DiBiase is wrong and that he believes in Santa Claus. He said he believes in the magic of Santa Claus. But Santa attacked Vega from behind. DiBiase and Santa Claus attacked Vega from behind and beat him down. Santa Claus leaves with the Million Dollar Man.

Vega returns up the aisle and attacks Santa Claus’, revealing it not to be old St. Nick but someone different altogether. We then see a promotional video of King Mabel with Mo by his side. He shared that he isn’t afraid of the Undertaker. He said that he was the first one to pin the Undertaker.

He was the first to take him out of action and even desecrated the casket. Mo would lead the casket to the ring while Mabel is being hoisted on the shoulders of enhancement talents. If you look closely, one is a young Jeff Hardy.

Dok Hendrik is backstage and advertises the Nintendo Sega Genesis and Playstation WrestleMania The Arcade Game video game.

In Your House – Seasons Beatings
Casket Match

King Mabel with Mo vs. The Undertaker with Paul Bearer

With Mabel in the ring, The Undertaker made his way to the ring. Once in the ring, The Undertaker is quickly in pursuit of King Mabel. Both men battle inside the ring. The Undertaker slowly wrenches on the throat and neck of King Mabel to begin the match. We then see the graffiti-covered casket sitting at ringside.

The Undertaker is slowly and methodically working over Mabel. Mabel then catches the Undertaker off the ropes and hits a belly-to-belly suplex. He hits a pair of clotheslines and follows up with a slam. Mabel then attempted a splash from the second rope but The Undertaker moved.

The Undertaker hits a pair of clotheslines on Mabel but is then caught with another belly-to-belly suplex. He tries to get up after a leg drop but can’t. Mabel then tries to drag The Undertaker to ring apron. But Mo carries The Undertaker to the casket. The Undertaker is then tossed into the casket and tries to shut the lid, but The Undertaker stops him.

With his crown on his head, Mabel is on the receiving end of thrust after thrust. The Undertaker then shoves Mabel into the casket and tries to close the lid only to be stopped by Mo. The Undertaker then chokeslams Mo.

Mabel is in the casket, and Mo is rolled into the casket as well. The Undertaker goes into the casket to take out the remains of the ern. He then steps on the ring apron and closes the lid of the casket.

Winner: The Undertaker

After the match, The Undertaker bends on one knee to the ern and what it represented. Paul Bearer is then handed the ern. He then signals for a championship. He appears to want to become the next WWF Champion.

Backstage we see Jim Ross discuss the win by the British Bulldog over Bret Hart at Wembley Stadium in 1992. Jim Cornette came in and spoke about how Bret’s been jealous of the Bulldog since he came into their family. Then Todd Pettingill spoke with Bret Hart about the upcoming WWF Championship match.

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In Your House – Seasons Beatings
WWF Championship

British Bulldog with Diana Smith and Jim Cornette vs. Bret ‘Hitman’ Hart (c)

The Bulldog came out to the ring first, followed by the champion, Bret Hart. Jerry Lawler reminded fans that The British Bulldog is wearing the same outfit he wore three years earlier when he captured the Intercontinental Championship. Early on, both men are quick to share exchanges between them.

After being slammed by the Bulldog, the Hitman held onto an arm bar. Hart hit a cross body on the Bulldog and went for a pinfall. After another exchange, The Bulldog hits a knee to the midsection of Hart, regaining the advantage. He then hoists Bret upside down in the corner.

The Bulldog maintains control over the Hitman in the middle of the ring. He snaps him over and locks in a rear chinlock. Fans in attendance are booing the efforts of the Bulldog as Bret attempts to make his way back up to his feet. The Bulldog then hits a crucifix drop on Bret. He followed that up with another rear chinlock. Then with the referee distracted, Jim Cornette drilled Hart with the end of the tennis racket into his throat.

The Bulldog then follows up with another rear chinlock. As Bret attempted to make a comeback, he is then whipped chest-first into the turnbuckle. The Bulldog then hits a back body drop. He then follows this up with another rear chinlock.  Bret attempts to shake off the Bulldog but he can’t.

The British Bulldog is holding onto the hair of Bret only to hold on. We then see Bret recover with a monkey flip and then a reverse atomic drop on the British Bulldog. While back in the cover, the Hitman hits a running Bulldog on the Bulldog.

Then as Bret comes off the ropes, as the Bulldog ducks, the Hitman positions himself and hit a piledriver. He then attempts a cover but only gets a count of two. The Hitman is in control of this match as he maintains control of this match. He then follows up with a Russian leg sweep on the Bulldog.

As the Hitman attempted a superplex off the top rope, the Bulldog reversed it and dropped him along the top rope. The Hitman then fell to the floor. The British Bulldog then picks up Bret and drives him back first into the ringpost. Cornette and the Bulldog conference. The Hitman is busted open and the Bulldog is relentless in his attack.

Then the Bulldog hits a piledriver on Bret. He followed up with a pinfall attempt but only for a count of two. The Hitman is then gorilla pressed to the floor. The Bulldog then climbs the top rope and hits a diving headbutt on Bret. A bleeding Hitman kicks out of a count of two. But the Bulldog is limping. He then hits a bow and arrow type of move. But Bret recovers to momentarily put on the sharpshooter on the Bulldog.

Bret is battered and bloodied as the Bulldog works him over. He reverse him being worked over and hit a German suplex on him. Bret then back body drops the Bulldog over the top rope to the floor. The Hitman then hits a plancha onto the Bulldog from the ring to the floor. The Bulldog then hits his patented power slam on the Hitman on the floor. He then begins to move the matting around the ringside area.

As the Bulldog attempted to suplex Bret, Bret countered and dropped him along the guardrail. Both men are now back in the ring, and Bret then his a side back breaker on the Bulldog. He tried to go for a pinfall attempt but only for a count of two. Bret then puts the Bulldog back up on the top rope, and now he hits a superplex on the British Bulldog.

Bret rolls over to make the cover but only for a count of two. We had both attempted a roll up a pin and neither succeeded. Bret stops a charging British Bulldog  and then proceeds to hit a manistra cradle on the British Bulldog and rolls him up for the pinfall and the win.

Winner: AND STILL WWF Champion, Bret ‘Hitman’ Hart

During the match, it was announced that the winner of this match would face the Undertaker at the 1996 Royal Rumble. Backstage we see Todd Pettingil with Paul Bearer and The Undertaker. We then have Diesel come in and confront the Undertaker asking where was his title shot? It was at this point when the event draws to a close.