IMPACT Wrestling Presents Turning Point 2021 | Preview

The IMPACT Zone’s residence at Sam’s Town in Las Vegas continues this Saturday night at Turning Point, as IMPACT Wrestling presents Turning Point 2021. This year’s Turning Point, the 15th overall, marks the return to live specials after nearly two years.

Tune in live, exclusively on the IMPACT Plus app this Saturday night at 10 to catch the stars of IMPACT Wrestling in action in front of a sold-out Sam’s Town crowd. Here’s what you can expect on the card at IMPACT Wrestling’s Turning Point 2021.

IMPACT Wrestling Presents Turning Point 2021
Brian Myers vs Rich Swann

Brian Myers (shown on the left) faces Rich Swann (shown on the right) at Turning Point 2021 [Photo: IMPACT]
“The Most Professional Wrestler” has been having troubles with his students lately. After recruiting some big-name talent like VSK and Zicky Dice, original Learning Tree student Sam Beale turned on his mentor. The rookie Beale quickly made new friends in the form of Rich Swann and Willie Mack.

This infuriated Myers, sending VSK and Dice to either bring Beale back into the fold or to make sure he never wrestles again. On this week’s episode of Before the IMPACT, Myers defeated Sam Beale in singles action before setting about him with a steel chair.

It was Rich Swann who made the save and challenged Myers to a match at Turning Point. Will Swann exact revenge on Beale’s behalf? Or will Rich Swann become another lesson for those under The Learning Tree?

IMPACT Wrestling Presents Turning Point 2021
Heath & Rhino vs Violent By Design (Eric Young & Joe Doering)

Eric Young and Joe Doering (shown on the left) faces Heath and Rhino (shown on the right) at Turning Point 2021 [Photo: IMPACT]
At Bound For Glory, Heath and Rhino reunited to defeat Joe Doering and Deaner of Violent By Design. However, with Eric Young recovering from injuries, Violent By Design wasn’t at full strength that night. Now that The World-Class Maniac is cleared to compete, VBD is stronger than ever.

This Saturday night, Eric Young returns to an IMPACT Wrestling ring as he and Joe Doering square off against former ally Rhino and his new partner Heath. While Eric Young’s domineering style leave Heath and Rhino in a crumpled heap? Or will Heath and Rhino show us that friendship conquers all? Find out this Saturday night on the IMPACT Plus App.

IMPACT Wrestling Presents Turning Point 2021
Ace Austin (w/Madman Fulton) vs Chris Sabin

Ace Austin (shown on the left) with Madman Fulton faces Chris Sabin (shown on the right) at Turning Point 2021 [Photo: IMPACT]
In the main event of the October 28th episode of IMPACT Wrestling, Ace Austin defeated Chris Sabin. With the help of Madman Fulton, Ace Austin caught Sabin unaware with this ‘The Fold” finishing maneuver. The young, brash Ace Austin made sure everybody learned of his win over the IMPACT legend, going so far as to print an “I beat Chris Sabin” shirt.

The following week, Sabin got a measure of revenge, toppling the towering Madman Fulton in singles action. Then, having defeated Austin’s henchman, he challenged The Inevitable One to a rematch at Turning Point. This time, it’s personal, when Ace Austin takes on Chris Sabin for the second time.

IMPACT Wrestling Presents Turning Point 2021
Matt Cardona vs W Morrissey

W.Morrissey (shown on the left) faces Matt Cardona (shown on the right) at Turning Point 2021 [Photo: IMPACT]
Both these men are still reeling from their losses in the #1 Contender’s match against Eddie Edwards. But while they’re down, they’re not out yet. Both men still have hopes of capturing the coveted IMPACT World Championship, and Saturday night, one of them comes one step closer.

What makes this match even more interesting is that the only time Morrissey and Cardona met in their careers was as Big Cass and Zack Ryder at the 2016 Survivor Series. A lot could happen when two of the most intense wrestlers in IMPACT Wrestling collide this Saturday night.

IMPACT Wrestling Presents Turning Point 2021
Laredo Kid vs Steve Maclin vs Trey Miguel (c)
– X-Division Championship

IMPACT Wrestling Presents Turning Point 2021
Trey Miguel (shown on the left) defends the X-Division Championship against Steve Maclin (shown in the center) and Laredo Kid (shown on the right) at Turning Point 2021 [Photo: IMPACT]
It finally happened! After years of choking in the big matches, Trey Miguel defeated El Phantasmo and Steve Maclin to capture the X-Division Championship. Following the match, Miguel said he’d be a fighting champion, defending against all challengers. As he said this, Rocky Romero overheard and thought he’d take a shot at the X-Division Champion.

The following week, Trey defeated Romero to retain the X-Division title. One week later, Laredo kid defeated Black Taurus, Rohit Raju, and Steve Maclin to become #1 Contender. Earlier this week, Steve Maclin put his undefeated streak on the line, defeating Laredo Kid in singles action for another shot at the X-Division Championship.

Trey Miguel, Laredo Kid, or Steve Maclin – who walk away with the X-Division Title on Saturday night?

IMPACT Wrestling Presents Turning Point 2021
DECAY vs The IInspiration (c)
– Knockouts Tag Team Championship

The IInspiration (shown on the left) defends the Knockouts Tag Team Championship against the Decay (shown on the right) at Turning Point 2021 [Photo: IMPACT]
In perhaps the most shocking upset of the night, the debuting Jessica McKay and Cassie Lee defeated DECAY to become Knockouts Tag Team Champions. Having lost their titles, Havok and Rosemary went straight to their mind games tactics. Havok and Rosemary splattered the words “Turning Point” in blood on a mirror in The IInspiration’s changing room.

Lee & McKay didn’t take this lying down, enlisting a similarly spooky team, Su Yung’s Undead Bridesmaids, to soften up DECAY. When that failed, The IInspiration took on The Undead Bridesmaids themselves. But will that be enough to prepare them for a rematch with the spookiest duo on the IMPACT Wrestling roster?

Bullet Club (Chris Bey & Hikuleo) vs The Good Brothers (c)
– IMPACT Tag Team Championships

IMPACT Wrestling Presents Turning Point 2021
The Good Brothers (shown on the left) defend the IMPACT World Tag Team Championship against The Bullet Club (shown on the right) at Turning Point 2021 [Photo: IMPACT]
In the lead-up to Bound For Glory, Chris Bey and his Bullet Club partners Hikuleo and El Phantasmo couldn’t settle their differences with FinJuice. Just when it looked like Chris Bey, and Hikuleo would lose, El Phantasmo would appear, forcing the ref to throw out the match.

Seeing these inconclusive finishes as an opportunity to divide and conquer, Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson held their titles in a triple threat match at Bound For Glory. They bet on themselves and won. The following week, Chris Bey and El Phantasmo teamed to defeat FinJuice for #1 Contendership.

However, El Phantasmo is nowhere to be seen for this tag team championship match. Will that be the deciding factor when these two teams face off for the IMPACT Tag Team Championships this Saturday night?

IMPACT Wrestling Presents Turning Point 2021
Mercedes Martinez vs Mickie James (c)

– Knockouts Championship

Mickie James (shown on the left) defends the Knockouts Championship against Mercedes Martinez (shown on the right) at Turning Point 2021 [Photo: IMPACT
At the 2021 edition of the Knockouts Knockdown event, Mercedes Martinez defeated Tasha Steelz to win a Knockouts Championship match. However, while Martinez had earned the right to challenge, then-reigning champion Deonna Purrazzo was in no mood to oblige. Instead, she was busy feuding with Mickie James.

At Bound For Glory, Mickie James did what many thought impossible, knocking Deonna Purrazzo from her throne as Knockouts champion. Two weeks later, she defeated Madison Rayne to retain the title. In the immediate aftermath, Mercedes Martinez challenged Mickie James for the Knockouts Title.

The following week, Martinez defeated Madison Rayne in singles action, only for Rayne to attack her with a steel chair after the bell. Mickie James came to make the save, only for Martinez to plant her with an air raid crash. These two promise an intense, hard-hitting match when they clash for the Knockouts Championship this Saturday night.

IMPACT Wrestling Presents Turning Point 2021
Eddie Edwards vs Moose (c)

– IMPACT World Championship

IMPACT Wrestling Presents Turning Point 2021
Moose (shown on the left) defends the IMPACT World Championship against Eddie Edwards (shown on the right) at Turning Point 2021 [Photo: IMPACT]
In the lead-up to Bound For Glory, Moose decided to renew his old rivalry with Eddie Edwards by picking on Eddie’s wife, Alisha. Moose, along with W Morrissey, pushed Edwards to his limits, ultimately joining forces with rival Sami Callihan to face Moose. At Victory Road, Moose and Morrissey defeated a divided Edwards and Callihan.

But what Moose did next was most shocking. At Bound for Glory, Moose won the Call Your Shot Gauntlet, earning a championship match of his choice whenever he liked. He chose to strike later that same night, robbing Josh Alexander of his newly won IMPACT World Championship.

The following week, Edwards defeated W Morrissey and Matt Cardona in a triple threat match for the #1 contendership. Eddie Edwards will be set on showing up Moose once and for all in this IMPACT World Championship on Saturday Night.

What Else To Expect:

  • FinJuice vs DECAY (Crazzy Steve & Black Taurus)
  • Johnny Swinger vs The Demon
  • Jordynne Grace vs Chelsea Green for the IMPACT Digital Media Championship


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