IMPACT World Championship Match Scheduled For Slammiversary

Before last night’s episode of IMPACT Wrestling, the company teased a big announcement about the world championship match on Twitter. Tessa Blanchard, who won the championship on January 12th, has not been present at recent TV tapings. She is currently in Mexico, awaiting the lifting of travel restrictions due to COVID-19. In the intervening time, many have speculated that IMPACT management would strip her of the company’s top prize.

Scott D’Amore took to the ring during last night’s episode to address the situation. He began speaking about Tessa’s absence and his role as an IMPACT executive. D’Amore was explaining his responsibilities as an executive when Ace Austin interrupted. Austin then said that since he won the #1 contendership match last week, D’Amore should crown him a champion. Shortly after Austin said this, Michael Elgin made his entrance, cutting off Austin. Elgin inserted himself into the championship conversation by challenging Ace Austin before Eddie Edwards made his return to IMPACT, apparently with much to say. Edwards began with Elgin, stating that he had no claim to a title match after Edwards defeated him. Moving onto Ace, Edwards pointed out that in IMPACT, people have to earn their championships.

IMPACT World Championship Match Scheduled For Slammiversary

D’Amore then took control of the situation, informing all 3 competitors that none of them would be crowned champion that night. Instead, Tessa Blanchard will defend her IMPACT world championship at Slammiversary in a 5-way elimination match. He then announced that her challengers would be Ace Austin, Michael Elgin, Eddie Edwards, and Trey Miguel. As D’Amore announced Miguel’s participation, the cameras cut to the outside of the ring. There, Trey Miguel was waiting to hit Ace with a springboard dropkick.

Why A 5-Way Match?

Each wrestler has a  claim to be in that match. As mentioned before, Ace Austin won a match last week for #1 contendership. Trey Miguel was supposed to be in that match, however, a mystery attacker took him out of action, leading Zachary Wentz to take his spot. Elgin and Edwards were scheduled for a triple threat match against Blanchard in April. However, IMPACT canceled that match when travel restrictions made it impossible for Edwards and Blanchard to appear.

Slammiversary takes place on July 18th


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