IMPACT Terminates Contracts of Crist & Ryan, Suspend Elgin

IMPACT Wrestling’s management has announced the termination of the contracts of two talents while suspending another. While the reason as to why they were released will only lead to further speculation. IMPACT Wrestling terminates the contracts of Dave Crist and Joey Ryan. At the same time, it has suspended Michael Elgin, pending an investigation.

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IMPACT Wrestling confirms that it has terminated its contracts with Dave Crist and Joey Ryan, effective immediately. In addition, it has suspended Michael Elgin pending further review of allegations of misconduct.

All three were staples on the IMPACT weekly broadcast, and Elgin was set to participate in the federation’s next PPV main event slated for July 18th, 2020, Slamiversary.

Elgin became part of IMPACT roughly a year ago and has been in the chase for the heavyweight championship since his debut. Dave Crist had been with IMPACT since October of 2017.

IMPACT Terminates Contracts of Crist & Ryan, Suspend Elgin

Joey Ryan was a veteran of the Indie circuit who signed on to IMPACT at the outset of 2020. We await the outcome of the Elgin investigation and its fallout. At this time this is the only statement the promotion released regarding their release. With its decision to release both Crist and Ryan the creative decision of a particular storyline will likey be dropped.

We can all look forward to professional wrestling, becoming a less toxic working environment. It’s been a long time coming.


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