IMPACT: Rebellion Update Regarding Event Released

IMPACT Wrestling released an update in regards to the Rebellion event. Below is a press release on their website. The update comes on the heels of other major promotions airing events. To access the site visit here.

IMPACT: Rebellion Update Regarding Event Released

In light of the restrictions placed upon live events as a result of the coronavirus, IMPACT Wrestling will hold its next major spectacular—IMPACT: Rebellion—on a closed set with only essential personnel in attendance, as per the guidelines put in place by the CDC. 

Originally planned as a pay-per-view special, Rebellion will now expand into a two-part television event airing April 21 and April 28 as part of the weekly flagship series IMPACT!

Rebellion will air for free on AXS TV and Twitch in the U.S. and Fight Network in Canada, along with international IMPACT! broadcast partners. 

The safety of IMPACT’s wrestlers, personnel, and fans is of the utmost importance, and while it is with some disappointment that we must scale back our original plans for the event, we are proud to have the opportunity to provide our loyal and passionate audience with some much-needed entertainment during this time. We look forward to producing a proper pay-per-view event once this crisis has passed. 

Madison’s Mindset:

With the current uncertainty surrounding us, IMPACT is complying with current regulations. By airing IMPACT: Rebellion over the span of two days the company remains committed to their talent and product. It is a challenging time and if the other alternative is to not provide fans with an option, then why? Unless the talent themselves were quite vocal about not having this take place it should be embraced. To keep it over two days the number of people in the facility. The event was initially canceled. It appears now as though things have changed.