IMPACT Interrogation for 8/16/19 (oVe vs Blanchard / Dreamer)

Tonight’s episode of IMPACT from St. Claire College in Windsor, Ontario Canada we hope to discover more on the physical condition of World Champion Brian Cage. Also scheduled for the night another defense for X-Division Champion Jake Crist anchored by a main event pitting O.V.E.’s Dave Crist and Sami Callihan vs Tessa Blanchard and Tommy Dreamer.

The show opens with, and it’s been a while, Moose in a bright pink robe for his match with Fallah Bah. Both men charge in. Moose gains the upper hand with a haymaker and throws Bah to the outside. Bah hits a cross-body block then tosses him into the ring. Moose clips Fallah as he climbs in the ring. Moose chokes Fallah in the corner.

Fallah “Bahs” up catching Moose with a Samoan Drop. He hits a series of chops slamming Moose to the mat with a belly to belly slam. Moose hits a dropkick in the corner lifting Fallah onto the buckle for a massive superplex. Moose gets to his feet first but misses the spear hitting the post. Fah drags his opponent to the corner but Moose kicks the rope dropping Bah to the mat setting up the “No Jackhammer Needed” spear for the win!

In the back Tommy Dreamer tries to get through to Tessa Blanchard who insists she needs no help from anyone. Dreamer reminds her how the business works: helping others when things go wrong. He’s inspired by Tessa Blanchard for the betterment of the business. Tessa is with him!

Su Yung has a message for Havok: A coffin with her name on it.

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Next up Jordynne Grace Alexia Nicole team against Madison Rayne and Kiera Hogan. Kiera Hogan takes a cheapshot at Alexia Nicole to start the match. Madison and Kiera drive her into the corner. Madison gains control with a headlock taking down Alexia with a short clothesline for a near fall. Nicole fights out of the corner with a flurry of offense gaining a two count on Madison Rayne. Rayne fights back into the corner allowing for the double team. Kiera comes back into the ring for a suplex and a near fall.

Nicole hits the body scissor diving to her corner for the tag. Jordynne Grace comes in hitting everything that moves. She spikes Rayne for a two count. Alexia Nicole tags back in hitting the crossbody on Hogan for the pin but Hogan isn’t legal. Rayne takes advantage of the confusion hitting Alexia Nicole with “Cross Rayne” for the three count. After the match Kiera and Madison Rayne. Suddenly, the lights go down….Rosemary appears in the ring spearing Madison Rayne, suplexing Hogan.

In the back, Alisha Edwards bumps into Ace Austin who claims to feel like he’s in danger. Eddie is clearly crazy and after him. He’s concerned for Alisha as well. She tells him she’ll decide that for herself.

Ace watches for Alisha in the hall, laying on the floor feigning injury. Eddie catches her kneeling over Ace and starts beating him. Ace smiles as Eddie is restrained behind the back of Alisha.

Knockouts Champion Taya Valkyrie and John E Bravo are walking her dog. Bravo has dog duty

Michael Elgin and Rhyno fight outside the building, interrupting Josh Matthews announcements for the rest of the evening as Security pulls them apart.

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Back in the arena, The Rascalz make their way to the ring awaiting opponents Rich Swann, Willie Mack, and RVD. Trey starts against RVD. Van Dam knocks him into the corner. Wentz comes in but is quickly dispatched. Dez comes in asking for Van Dam to hit him. RVD tags in Mack who kicks Dez then hits a standing moonsault for a near fall. Swann hits a hurricanrana. Dez reverses with a flurry of sudden of offense then tags Wentz. Trey takes out the former champion with a heel kick. Swann fights off the triple team and tags Van Dam. RVD takes down both opponents hitting a split-legged moonsault.

Mack hits Wentz with the Samoan Drop/standing moonsault. RVD hits Rolling Thunder. Swann tags himself in hitting his own Rolling Thunder. Van Dam climbs to the top but is pushed to the floor by Dez. Wentz misses the standing moonsault as Swann rolls away. Trey dives through the ropes taking out Dez and Mack on the floor. In the ring, Swann exchanges blows with Wentz. Swann calls for the Five Star Frog Splash following with the Phoenix Splash for the victory!

Melissa Santos interviews The Nor…World Tag Team Champions The North, Ethan Page corrects her. They vow to keep knocking down whoever IMPACT sets up.

In the back, Swann and team congratulate The Rascalz on a well-fought match…Jake Crist interrupts reminding them he is X-Division Champion.

The next match, deemed Trash vs. Class pits the Desi Hit Squad against The Deaners. The losing team will become servants to the other. The Deaners start the match before the bell attacking the Hit Squad charging into the ring. All four men fight on the outside. The Deaners hits a double suplex on Raj. Rohit charges into the ring only to be caught in a double team backbreaker. The Desi Hit Squad rebounds taking down Cousin Jake. Jake reverses an attempted double suplex taking back control of the match. Cody reverses the whip knocking both members of the Hit Squad to the outside. Ghama grabs the ankle of Cody Deaner stopping him from diving to the outside.

Raj and Rohit take advantage working Cody into the corner. Rohit and Raj Singh frequently tag working over Cody. Raj pulls Cousin Jake from the corner preventing the tag. Raj misses the dropkick in the corner allowing Cody to make the tag to his cousin. Jake takes out both Raj and Rohit with a clothesline to the outside. Cody Deaner goes through the ropes followed by Cousin Jake. Back in the ring Cousin Jake hits the spear and follows up with the driver for a near fall. Ghama distracts the referee allowing Rohit to get a roll-up on Cousin Jake. Jake kicks out at two. Raj breaks up the double team finisher picking up Cody Deaner for the double stomp double team. Cousin Jake breaks up the pinfall saving the match. Jake misses the spear in the corner. Rohit is caught but fights out of the powerbomb. Jake catches Rohit setting up the “Time to Giver” for the three count. The Desi Hit Squad will work the farm

In the back, Dave Crist has…sent the Madman for beef and cheddar. Tonight, O.V.E. will end Tommy Dreamer and Tessa Blanchard.

The Desi Hit Squad commiserate their loss as the Deaners taunt them with farm work

oVe Blanchard Dreamer
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oVe (Callihan and Dave Crist) make their to the ring for the main event bout against Tommy Dreamer and Tessa Blanchard. The match starts fast with OVE going right after their opponents Dreamer and Blanchard. Tommy feigns a dive to the outside, instead hitting the cannonball from the apron. Tessa dives from the top rope. Dreamer tosses Callihan back into the ring for a waiting Blanchard. He offers the handshake but gets a punch instead. Tessa drops Crist in the corner into Callihan. Sami drops Dreamer to the floor. Crist hangs up Dreamer on the guardrail, rolling him back into the ring for a two count. OVE maintain control with quick tags back and forth.

Dreamer misses the tag as Callihan pulls Tessa from the apron. OVE teams up on Dreamer who breaks freed for the tag. Tessa comes up hitting everyone. She sets up Callihan for the DDT into Crist then clothesline Crist for the pin. Callihan elbow drops the ref. Blanchard and Dreamer hit stereo DDTs but the ref is still down on oVe. A second official counts two as both members of OVE kick out. The stereo drivers backfire as OVE go for the double low blow. Callihan drops Dreamer with a kendo stick. Tessa takes out Callihan with a kendo stick of her own before taking out Crist with the Magnum (with the kendo stick) pinning Dave Crist for the win. Dreamer and Blanchard were victorious over oVe.

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Originally written by Tavish York