IMPACT Interrogation for 6/5/19 (Impact/Bravo vs Mack/Swann)

With just 48 hours left before Slammiversary, the stars of IMPACT wrestling are set to do battle live from the IMPACT Zone with a main event of Johnny Impact and Johnny Bravo against Willie Mack and Rich Swann. What will happen on tonight’s go home show to the company’s annual anniversary showdown anchored by tonight’s main event pitting Team Johnny (Impact and Bravo, yes that Bravo) against X Division Champion Rich Swann and his tag team partner Willie Mack.

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After a recap of the past several months leading up to this Sunday’s Slammiversary PPV, the show starts with TJP making his way to the ring for his match against Ace Austin, the man intent on proving Perkin’s victory over him was a fluke.

They lock up in the middle ring, Perkins taking the advantage with a go behind reversed by Austin putting TJP on the mat. Perkins escapes, scooting across the mat on his shoulders. They lock up again Perkins getting the wristlock but Austin kicks his way out. They lock up once more both mn trying to get the upper hand exchanging chin locks and headscissors.

Both men continue to show off trading the advantage back and Austin shooting TJP to the rope. Perkins catches himself in the rope coming back at his opponent locking him into a Sharpshooter submission forcing Austin to the bottom rope. Austin gets the better of his opponent fighting him to outside. Austin grounds Perkins on the apron knocking him to the floor then vaulting over the top rope standing moonsault style taking out Perkins.

Austin throws TJP back into to the ring going to work on the arm. He takes out the signature playing card slicing the webbing of Perkins’s finger. Austin locks in the armbar then transitions into a double arm lock pushing his head into the back of Perkins who fights out only to be caught from the corner with a kick.

TJP reverses a whip into corner catching Austin with a headscissor shifting momentum in his favor momentarily. Austin regains the upper hand of an elbow. He hits his opponent with a headscissor of his own for the near fall. Perkins fights his way to corner but is caught by Austin who positions him on the turnbuckle. Perkins fights him off again knocking him to the outside ring apron. Austin hits the headscissors knocking Austin to the mat but missing with a dive.

Perkins picks him up in a fireman’s carry but Austin holds onto the rope fighting off his opponent’s offense. Austin instead rolls up Perkins from behind grabbing the rope for leverage. The referee catches Austin breaking up the pinfall. Perkins hits the dropkick to the knee off the distraction. Perkins ducks a pair of kicks hitting Austin with a splash into a pinfall.

Austin gets his shoulder up at the last second. Both men are back to their feet. They exchange blows until Perkins catches Austin’s leg bringing him to the mat in a knee lock submission causing Austin to tap. Your winner TJ Perkins, issuing Austin his second loss in IMPACT Wrestling.

A vignette featuring World Champion Brain Cage and No.1 contender Michael Elgin. A recap of the events leading to their championship confrontation Sunday Night in Dallas.

Melissa Santos interviews Johnny Impact and John E Bravo, “Team Johnny” in the back while the prep for their match against Mack and Swann later tonight. Johnny Impact compares the team to the Mega Powers of days past. Apparently, Bravo somehow grew a manbun in the last week.

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The next match between Keira Hogan and Madison Rayne will feature Jordynne Grace on commentary. Grace says she can’t figure out the “new” Keira Hogan. The match starts quickly both women charging at one another exchanging holds, Madison rolling up her opponent for a quick two count. Keira goes to the outside hitting Madison with a kick before rolling her back into the ring and confronting Grace at the table.

Hogan rolls back into the ring easily taking control of the match from Rayne powering her over with a snap suplex. She pins Madison for a two count all the while taunting Jordynne Grace. Madison fights back hitting an enziguri shifting momentum in her favor. She misses Keira in the corner who takes advantage with a pin putting her feet on the ropes for leverage causing Grace to leave the table to break up the count.

Madison hits Keira in the back off the distraction setting up for the reverse suplex. Hogan reverses, grabbing the hair of her opponent. She hits the superkick setting up a Fisherman Suplex into a bridge for the pinfall victory. Grace hits the ring chasing off Keira Hogan. In the ring, Madison Rayne refuses Grace’s help instead rolling out of the ring angry.

In the back, Gama Singh has a special surprise for the Desi Hit Squad. They will be drinking from the Singh family tea set, a very special honor in the eyes of Gama and his son Raj. In the background the Deaners replace the tea in the teapot with, what I assume, is Canadian beer. As they take their first sips they realize the tea has been replaced with beer spitting it out and coming to the only logical conclusion…It was the Deaners!

Somewhere in the bowels of the arena Su Yung and Havok are at each other’s throats. James Mitchell asks them to stay calm, asking them to stay united for their Monster’s Ball Match at Slammiversary. He needs understanding from Havok and patience from Su Yung. The goal has to be gaining the Knockouts Championship for Havok.

IMPACT PLUS Flashback Moment of the Night: Rosemary v Jade of the Dollhouse

Swann Impact Bravo Mack
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In the ring, Gama Singh introduces Rohit Raju for his match. He will face Laredo Kid. Rohit immediately charges at his opinion knocking him to the mat taking the early advantage. He takes his opponent into the corner where Laredo gains control springing off the bottom rope that snaps under his weight. His instead springs from the second rope for a near fall off the moonsault.

Rohit gets back to his feet whipping Laredo who reverses hitting a body splash off the turnbuckle. Laredo takes advantage of knocking down Rohit for another near fall. He hits Rohit with a slap to the ear before an attempt at suplex reversed by Rohit who shifts momentum in his favor grounding Laredo before showing off. He snaps his opponent with a suplex picking him up but missing a second suplex giving the Laredo a chance to regain control of the match.

Laredo knocks Rohit to the floor, diving after him taking him out of the floor. He goes to the outside, throwing his opponent back into the ring. Gama Singh jumps on the apron causing the distraction to Laredo Kid allowing Rohit time to recover. He rolls out of the way of the twisting corkscrew hitting the knee knocking Laredo into the corner.

Rohit throws himself at his opponent where the bottom rope would be if it hadn’t snapped. Rohit goes to the top hitting a double stomp to the back of Laredo Kid for the pin. Rohit Raju beats Laredo Kid one, two, three. Put another notch in the ring post for the Desi Hit Squad!

A brief look at Team Johnny training for their main event match tonight, complete with manbuns.

The lights go down…his music hits…Moose on the stage, mercifully trading in his robe for a linen suit. He has a microphone–He acknowledges his love for RVD when he was a kid. He watched his greatest matches, against the likes of Dreamer, Taz, and Sabu. BUT, that was 20 years. He borrowed things from Van Dam like his signature arm gesture. He’s just plain better than Van Dam. He compares their resumes calling them both future “Hall of Famers”. He recalls the Van Dam is Mr. PPV but he wants to take them from him.

He calls for a video package: he has Sabu laid out in the back taunting RVD vowing to kick his ass and retire him. This brings Van Dam from the back. He hits the leg rollup before laying in punches bringing out the security team to separate them.

Swann Impact Bravo Mack
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Up next is the Radicalz for their triple threat exhibition to determine which two will challenge LAX for the tag titles. Whoever gets pin is out of the match. The boys start the match with a handshake before a quick start with multiple roll-up attempts by each man. Each man hits a kick to the other’s chest. Trey and Dez are left in the ring as Wentz rolls to the outside after a double team.

Wentz comes back in taking out Treyz then Dez. Wentz goes to corner fighting out his partners hitting the headscissor sending Trey to the outside. Dez runs through Wentz with an elbow before taking him out of the ring with a kick. On the outside, Trey takes out Wentz after catching himself on the rope with a rana then dropping Dez in the ring.

Back in the ring Wentz dives to the outside taking out Trey but is caught by ringside by a diving Dez who goes for the pin on Wentz. Trey dives under the rope barely breaking up the pinfall saving the match. The three men each exchange chops in the center of the ring each falling into a heap in the ring. Trey attempts to gain momentum with a kick to Wentz but Dez gets the double leg takedown setting up the double team for Wentz.

Wentz kicks Dez in the face for a two count as he and Dez fight to the feet Dez hitting the palm strikes broken up by Trey diving over the top knocking both of his partners to the mat before near falls on each man. He climbs to the top diving off and rolling toward Wentz who catches him in a German Suplex position calling to Dez who hits the superkick and knee combo. Wentz hits the standing Shootingstar Press, Dez pushing him midair toward his target Trey. Wentz and Dez cover Trey for the pinfall victory. Trey is out of the title match against LAX on Sunday. Dez and Wentz check on Trey, picking him up from the match before walking to the back together.

In the parking lot, Tessa Blanchard pulls up and reaches into the backseat of her vehicle taking out a baseball before heading into the arena. She looks to be on a mission tonight.

Killer Kross is in a church giving a mock sermon. We are gathered here to eulogize Eddie Edwards(who he acknowledges is not yet dead). But he has been abandoned, which is worse. He offers the ultimate salvation, dying for one’s sins. You may now kneel at the Kross, “your only true salvation”. He takes a big drink of what looks to be blood from the sacramental chalice letting it run down his face.

Swann Impact Bravo Mack
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Main Event time. Impact and Bravo will face Rich Swann and partner Willie Mack. This truly is going to be a weird one. Impact starts the match against Swann as they lock up in the center of the ring with Mack and Bravo on the ring apron. They exchange quick blows Johnny hitting a big kick to head rattling Swann. The champ recovers knocking Johnny down and tagging in his partner. Mack locks up Impact from behind throwing him off the rope ducking, leapfrogging then an arm drag before going to the corner. He dives hitting a flying arm drag keeping Johnny grounding and tagging out. Swann comes in on the double team to IMPACT.

Impact reverses the whip to the rope sending Swann into John E Bravo’s knee stymying the champ. Impact takes advantage of knocking him to the outside. On the floor, Johnny is in full control hitting a neckbreaker on the mat then rolling Swann back into the ring. Impact tags in Bravo who lays in a few kicks on Swann before quickly making the tag to his partner Johnny. Impact uses Bravo as a human weapon dropping him across the chest of Rich Swann.

Johnny tags John E back into the ring after laying waste to Swann allowing him to get a near fall on the champion. Bravo wrenches back on the chin but Swann fights up almost breaking the hold with Impact and Mack outside. Bravo shoves him into the corner tagging Impact into the ring. Johnny rushes into the ring knocking Swann down with a shoulder block then picking him up the Impact Edge powerbomb but Swann reverses dropping Impact before tagging Mack back into the match.

Mack runs into taking out Impact with a big clothesline and corkscrew back elbow. He reverses the whip from Johnny Impact knocking him down with the flying double knee takedown bringing Bravo into the ring distracting Mack just long enough for Impact to get Mack to the corner for Spanish Fly. Mack fights out hitting a flying neckbreaker leaving Johnny in crawling to the corner for the tag. John E Bravo short arms him leaving him open to the hip tackle by Mack. Willie hits Impact with the big backdrop setting up the standing moonsault for the cover. Swann and Mack are victorious over Impact and Bravo.

Bravo comes in breaking up the pinfall just Johnny the opening for a disaster kick to Willie. He tags in Bravo going for the double team elbow that Mack breaks through tagging in Rich Swann. He and Bravo in the ring together for the first time. Bravo begs off the champion as he backs into Willie Mack who hits the stunner. The legal man Swann goes to the top hitting the Phoenix Splash for the three count. Winners Mack and Swann!

Sami Callihan is throwing himself an early victory party celebrating his win over Tessa Blanchard this Sunday. Dave Crist disappeared about a half hour ago…Suddenly Dave bursts through the door, flying into the table and taking out the spread. Tessa comes next, baseball bat in tow. Callihan shoves Jake at Tessa who dispatches him with a bat to the gut before going after Sami. He kicks her in the gut setting up the Cactus Special piledriver but she reverses, instead of mounting Callihan landing heavy punches to his head. He shoves her off knocking her over the table.

She rises from behind the table again attacking Callihan before grabbing a beer bottle brandishing it against her foe. Callihan is bargaining with her now until Jake grabs her from behind restraining her as Sami punches her in the gut before grabbing a bat of his own. Before he can swing she is up with a bat in hand. She hits him in the face, knocking him to the ground.