IMPACT Interrogation for 6/21/19 (Impact vs. Elgin vs. Swann)

With just over two weeks to go until Slammiversary the stars of IMPACT Wrestling take to the ring to build up their feuds for the Impact’s anniversary show on July 7 with tonight’s main event being Johnny Impact vs Rich Swann vs Michael Elgin. What implications might we see from tonight’s show featuring a triple threat main event between Johnny Impact v Michael Elgin v X Division Champion Rich Swann! Let’s find out together on this week’s episode.

Tonight’s show kicks off with none other than Tessa Blanchard! The Undeniable One is set for a match against Jake Crist of OVE. Jake makes his way to the ring sans OVE. The match starts with both competitors charging one another. Tessa quickly gets the better of the exchange taking charge early with a series of forearms. She backs Crist into the corner before hitting a massive cutter rolling Jake to the outside.

Tessa dives outside through the rope not once, not twice but three times. She climbs to the jumps but eats a superkick from Crist but he gets distracted by the crowd. He rebounds raking her face in the corner. He continues his onslaught until Tessa comes out of the corner with more forearms. Jake quickly takes back control putting Tessa in a submission hold but she fights out getting her foot on the rope

Crist finds himself back in control after using the five count to his advantage keeping Tessa grounded He applies a chinlock off the scoop slam. Tessa attempts to fight out of the hold prompting Crist to put her in the corner raking her eyes. The ref calls him off giving Tessa a burst of offense before Crist hits her with a suplex stalling her momentum again

Tessa takes advantage with several forearms. She lands several fists hits a tilt a whirl DDT. She pins Crist who kicks out at two. Tessa picks him on her shoulder but he fights out grabbing her by the nose. He hits her in the face a forearm but Tessa fights out with a jawbreaker.

Tessa flips out of an attempted DVD and kicks Crist in the gut leaving reeling as she climbs the to the top rope. She hits him with her Magnum Driver finisher gaining the pinfall. OVE hits the ring, Callihan berating Crist for his loss.

As Callihan gives the third degree Eddie Edwards flies down the ramp attacking OVE dispatching each of them over the top to the floor diving onto Jake Crist on the outside before going after Fulton. They brawl on the outside keeping the match from officially starting. They continue all through the break on the other side until Fulton finds himself in control after a chokeslam onto the ring apron and tosses Eddie into the ring

Fulton and Callihan intimidate the referee into the ringing the bell and the match officially starts with Fulton smashing into Edwards in the corner. He follows up with huge suplex, then stalking his opponent. Fulton hits consecutive chokeslams before choking Edwards over the bottom rope. Callihan goes on the attack also choking Edwards on the rope.

Fulton hits an underhook suplex leaving Eddie in the corner. Fulton is caught with a dropkick as he charges Edwards. Fulton recovers grabbing Eddies in a powerbomb. Eddie holds on keeping himself from going over the top instead hitting Fulton with a headscissor taking the Madman off his feet.

Eddie hits Fulton with a Blue Thunder Bomb leaving both on the mat. Edwards gets to his feet first waiting in the corner. Sami jumps to the apron but is quickly taken out by Eddie. On the outside, Edwards looks under the ring bringing out Kenny(the kendo stick)

Suddenly Killer Kross appears on the big screen. He has the Sandman in the back of a truck with a sack over his head. Kross is “reaching out”. He pours water over the head of Sandman demanding Eddie come find him

Back in the ring, Fulton recovers popping up behind Edwards hitting him with a massive sidewalk slam for the pinfall victory. Callihan and Fulton celebrate in the ring as Eddie lays prone, barely stirring. Edwards is up but shaken with Kenny(the kendo stick) in hand. He heads up the ramp, presumably, in pursuit of Killer Kross.

In the back, Alisha Edwards confronts her husband asking him not to go chasing after Kross. She tells him it’s obviously a trap and that he should stop. Eddie has no intention of stopping. He continues up the stairs after Kross

The lights go down…they come back and the camera is on…another of Moose’s robes. He really thinks he’s Ric Flair now even having the referee open the ropes for him. His opponent for tonight is The Innovator of Violence Tommy Dreamer

The match starts as the two lockup in the middle of the ring. Moose pushes Tommy into the corner but misses a big fist. Dreamer takes the opening landing punches of his own. Back in the center of the ring, they exchange chops Tommy taking advantage and knocking down Moose with a shoulder tackle.

Moose whips Dreamer to the rope but Tommy reverses with a crossbody rolling Moose to the outside. He picks the ankle pulling Dreamer from the ring. On the outside now Moose drives Dreamer’s face into the ring apron. Dreamer reverses a whip into the turnbuckle leaving Moose reeling.

Dreamer grabs a diet soda spitting it into the eyes of his opponent before pulling the mat on the outside of the ring. Moose recovers slamming Dreamer into the ring apron before getting back into the ring. He is in firm control choking Dreamer on the bottom rope. He pushes Dreamer back into the corner landing numerous chops across the chest knocking Dreamer to the mat

Moose snapmares his opponent knocking him senseless with a series of fists to the head. He applies the rear chinlock but Tommy fights back to his feet. After trading blows Dreamer hits a stunner leaving both men on the mat. They back to their feet at the same time again exchanging a series of strikes in the center of the ring

Dreamer hits the elbow stymying Moose momentarily. Dreamer fakes out his opponent hitting the DDT for a near fall. Dreamer gets to his feet rushes into the corner after who gets the boot up rocking Dreamer momentarily. Moose climbs to the top but is cut off by Dreamer who hits the superplex leaving Moose on the mat

Dreamer goes the DVD but Moose fights out whipping Dreamer hard into the turnbuckle. Moose readies for a spear but Dreamer gets the boot then hits Moose with a spear. Tommy pins Moose for a two count before rolling to the outside. Dreamer looks under the ring for an equalizer. He finds a chair.

Dreamer slides back into the ring with his weapon going after Moose who pulls the referee in front of himself. Dreamer shoves the ref to the side as Moose hits the pump kick into the chair leaving Dreamer down. Moose hits the “No Jackhammer Needed” spear pinning Tommy one, two, three for the win.

After the match, Moose stomps on Dreamer before grabbing the chair and choking the ECW original. He sets up Dreamer in the corner propping the chair in his face. He climbs to the top leaving Callis to speculate he is going for a Van Daminator prompting RVD to come out to the ring. Rob calls for Moose to get back into the ring and Moose laughing backing up the ramp away from the ring

In the back, John E. Bravo and Taya are looking for Rosemary. They find her sitting in a stairwell talking to herself(ves). Taya tells Rosemary she needs help with her “goblin friend”. There is a price to pay for The Demon Assassin’s assistance: a Knockouts Title match. Taya agrees…Rosemary’s people will call Taya’s people.

Melissa Santos is in the with Johnny Bravo…she is prepping to interview Johnny Impact. He talks about Michael Elgin before promising to cash in his X Division Title shot against champion Rich Swann at Slammiversary

Michael Elgin Rich Swann Johnny Impact
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UP NEXT: Su Yung challenges Taya Valkyrie for the Knockouts Championship. Su makes her way to the ring accompanied by Jessica Havok.

Taya starts the match slapping Su in the face. They go blow for blow Taya getting the upper hand with a kick knocking Su to the mat. Taya misses with an elbow and has to fight out of a Panic Switch by Su. Taya charges into the corner but Su moves to send Taya crashing into the turnbuckle. Taya capitalizes on a missed elbow by Su taking back control of the match

Taya plays to the crowd after a two count before hitting an elbow strike. Taya runs in, hits the flying double knee strike pinning Su for the near fall. Su swings momentum in her favor with a well-placed kick knocking Taya to the mat and applying the submission. Taya gets her foot on the bottom rope breaking the hold and rolling to the apron. Su hits the spike Pedigree.

Taya catches Su Yung stomping her into the mat for a two count. Su goes for the glove but Taya fights out again connecting with the arm breaker. Taya goes to the top rope playing to the crowd. Jessica Havok jumps onto the ring apron smashing Taya in the face with an elbow causing the DQ. Taya retains her title via disqualification

Taya begs off an attack from the Havok and Su. Rosemary’s music plays as Taya crawls up the ramp. James Mitchell gets in the ring with a microphone. He doesn’t want to fight, he wants to celebrate. He invites Rosemary, Taya and Havok, and Su Yung to his own “prestigious” ball…the Monster’s Ball!

Michael Elgin Rich Swann Johnny Impact
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Ace Austin makes his way to the ring and grabs a microphone. He says he is the future of the X Division and his new mission is the title. He lays out an open challenge for anyone in the company because he’s already beaten, everyone.

Unfamiliar music plays and the big screen reveals Austin’s opponent to be none other than a returning TJ Perkins! The match starts in frenetic style. TJP hits a wheel kick into a whip into the corner. They exchange quick holds TJP driving Austin to the outside. On the outside, Perkins throws Austin into the ring but he reverses course coming back to the ring apron kicking Perkins in the face before getting back into the ring.

Austin comes off the rope but is caught in a powerbomb. TJP hits him with a kick to the face for the three count issuing Ace Austin his first defeat in Impact Wrestling

Konan is in the Rascalz treehouse. He tells the boyz they worked hard, they can have another title shot when they earn but they really have to be more respectful to the LAZ hustle.

Eddie Edwards is still in hot pursuit of Killer Kross in the back. He looks through the hallway opening doors looking for his adversary. Killer Kross catches Eddie as he comes out of a door. Eddie jumps as Kroos leaving him a bloody mess. Alisha tells Eddie “no more” but Kross demands more from him. Eddie comes up covered in the blood Kross before stomping him out

Michael Elgin Rich Swann Johnny Impact
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Main event time! Johnny v Elgin v Swann. The match starts with Elgin attacking Swann then Impact. Elgin and Impact argue before a double team. Swann fights them both off with a series of kicks rolling to the outside. Impact and Elgin fight in the ring fighting each other off before Swann comes back into the ring knocking both men down.

Impact and Swann go over each other backs both knocking Elgin to the outside. Impact dives over the top taking both men on the outside. Swann and Johnny get back to the ring in impressive style. They fight their way into the corner but Elgin stops them picking Impact off the turnbuckle

Impact fights off pushes Elgin into the kick by Swann. Impact goes back in, Swann reverses, Impact reverses into a German. Elgin grabs both men hitting the German on both men then hitting both opponents in the corner each with a series of clotheslines.

Swann is first to his feet. He goes to the corner but is cut off by Elgin who hits a Celtic Cross. Impact takes advantage of hitting both opponents with a leg drop and standing moonsault. Elgin pulls Swann out of powerbomb laying waste to Johnny Impact for a near fall. Swann stops the Elgin bomb attempt. He hits both opponents with double-cutters.

Swann gets to his feet picking Impact into the corner. Elgin picks Swann out of the corner allowing Impact to hit the enziguri leaving all three men on the mat. Johnny kicks Swann to the outside before attempting the moonsault from the corner. Elgin moves setting an elbow strike. Elgin and Impact fight back and forth, Impact getting the advantage of hitting the Spanish Fly from the turnbuckle. Swann swoops in with a 450 splash pinning Johnny Impact for the win!

Mike Elgin pops up behind Swann as he celebrates prompting another flurry of offense from Rich Swann. Johnny Impact uses the distraction to take out the X Division Champion choking him out. Elgin and Impact argue then suddenly…Impact World Champion Brian Cage’s music plays as the champ hits the ring taking out Michael Elgin with a powerbomb.

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Originally written by Tavish York