IMPACT Interrogation for 6/14/19 (Rayne vs Grace)

Tonight the road to Slammiversary runs through NYC. Who and what we see on the road to IMPACT Wrestling’s anniversary show with the main event of number one contender Michael Elgin vs. Willie Mack and singles match up of Madison Rayne and Jordynne Grace.

The show kicks off with a tag team bout between the team of Ethan Page and Josh Alexander, collectively known as The North and ECW originals Sabu, accompanied by Super Genie and RVD. Sabu and Alexander start off the match. Sabu picks the leg putting Alexander on his back, scrambling backward into his corner. He gets back to his feet and the two lock up in the middle of the ring. Alexander ducks behind Sabu in a standing switch. He attempts a German Suplex but Sabu fights out and shoots off the ropes. Alexander catches him in a Fireman Carry position but Sabu floats over and out.

Grace Rayne Sabu RVD The North
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Sabu connects with a punch before whipping his opponent chest first into the turnbuckle. He comes off the opposite hitting Alexander with a lariat driving him to him then covers him for a near fall. Sabu drags him into the corner where he tags RVD after applying a leg lock immobilizing his opponent. RVD enters the ring hopping over the top rope crashing down hard on the back of the neck of Josh Alexander into a leg drop. He plays to the crowd before picking up Alexander for a suplex into a near fall.

RVD picks up Alexander who reverses pushing RVD into his corner tagging in Ethan Page. Page comes into the ring as Alexander holds Van Dam in position in the corner. He’s launched a punch into his opponents gut then the face before whipping him into the ropes. Van Dam shoots off the rope rolling over the back of Page who kicks at his midsection. Instead, RVD catches him by the foot spinning him around and hitting a spinning wheel kick knocking Page to the ring match.

Page gets back to his feet momentarily before Van Dam hits a quick arm drag driving him back into the mat then applying an armbar in the middle of the ring. Page climbs back to his feet backing Van Dam into the corner and hits a knee lift before shooting his opponent off the rope rolling him up in body scissors for a near fall. Another arm drag into an armlock. Out of the armlock, Van Dam hits a spinning leg drop before tagging Sabu back into the match. RVD and Sabu hit a Rolling Thunder double team switching places in the ring. Sabu applies the Camel to the back of Ethan Page stopping only to land kicks to his back before reapplying the Camel Clutch and more kicks. He calls on Super Genie to throw him a chair, which he then throws at the back a prone Ethan Page. He reapplies the Camel Clutch then releases again only to tag in Rob Van Dam.

Van Dam comes back into the match picking up Sabu in an Atomic Drop position jumping into a double team leg onto the back of Ethan Page. Van Dam covers Page who kicks out at two. Van Dam pulls him up in a wrist lock laying in kicks to his gut before hitting a spinning heel kick laying out his opponent. Van Dam pins Page who kicks out at two. Van Dam pulls him to his landing several strikes then shooting off the ropes. Alexander catches him with a stiff shot to the backstopping his momentum against the ropes. RVD flips Alexander into the ring then eats a pumpkick from Ethan Page. Alexander deadlifts RVD into a backbreaker leaving Page to hit a backbreaker of his own before knocking Sabu from the ring apron.

Alexander comes back into the ring wrenching on Van Dam’s legs keeping him grounded then picking him into a suplex and float over pinfall. Sabu breaks up the pinfall attempt allowing a tag between the members of The North. Page charges back into the ring stomping the back of Van Dam. He stalks him around pushing him toward the corner. The two exchange heavy blows with Van Dam momentarily gaining the advantage, stunning Page. Van Dam staggers toward his corner, hand outstretched toward his partner before Page cuts him off pushing him into his team’s corner. Alexander takes himself back into the match while Page presses Van Dam into the turnbuckle.

Alexander drapes Van Dam’s leg over the bottom rope and kicking it leaving him writhing in pain. Alexander punches his opponent in the top of the head then pressing his foot into the throat of Van Dam choking him under the heel of his boot and tagging Page back into the match. He pulls Van Dam off the bottom rope into the corner then whipping him across the ring into the opposite corner before charging in after. Van Dam moves to send Page into the turnbuckle. Van Dam kicks Page in the face knocking him over then falling flat from exhaustion.

Both men stir on the apron in the race to get to their feet first. Both men get up, Page intercepting Van Dam who instead kicks him away causing Page to land in his own corner. As Van Dam reaches his corner tagging in Sabu Alexander tags himself back into the match. Both come charging into the ring, Alexander ducking a blow from Sabu that hits Page as he tries to come back into the ring. Sabu calls for another chair that he uses on both opponents throwing it into their faces. He then launches the chair into Alexander’s chest in the corner before using it to catapult himself into Alexander. RVD hits him with a Monkey flip leaving him on the mat allowing Sabu to apply another Camel Clutch on Alexander holding him in place for a Van Dam dropkick.

Sabu goes for the pinfall but it is broken up by Ethan Page who jumps in from the apron. Sabu has another chair that he hurls at Ethan Page knocking him to the outside then Alexander dropping him to the mat on in the ring before going to the outside looking for a weapon under the ring. He finds a table and slides it into the ring where he and Van Dam set it up. They lay Alexander across the table each going to opposite corners. Moose suddenly appears on the apron pushing Van Dam from the top rope to the floor as Sabu hits the Arabian Facebuster. Sabu goes for the pin that is broken up again by Page. Sabu is now in the ring by himself as Moose backs out of the arena with a smug, satisfied look on his face.

Sabu hits the tornado DDT on Ethan Page then Alexander when he tries to stop him. He leaps from the top rope being caught by Alexander who hits a devastating backbreaker. Page rolls into the ring for the double team slam. Alexander pins Sabu for the three count. Your winners The North who are now number one contenders for the Impact Tag Titles.

Tommy Dreamer comes down the ramp after the match to confront Moose who is celebrating on the ramp, taunting Rob Van Dam. He throws into the ring to a waiting Van Dam who hits him with a superkick before Sabu throws a chair at his face. The ECW originals set him up in the corner for a Van Daminator. Moose is able to roll out of the ring saving himself from having a chair driven into his face. He stews on the outside of the ring.

We see James Mitchell, Su Yung, and the returning Jessica Havok conferring in the hall in the back.

After the break, Moose confronts Page and Alexander in the back about not helping him in the ring after their match. The North leaves, reminding him they were the first to ACTUALLY defeat RVD in the ring. Moose vows to take out RVD at Slammiversary.

Jessica Havok makes her way to the ring accompanied by James Mitchell and Su Yung. Her opponent for the night is Mosha Slanovich…if that’s her real name(Josh Matthews) Mosha plays to crowd but Havok’s chest bumps her. She punches Havok who shakes off each blow before dropping her with a clothesline.

Havok mounts her opponent pulling back on her neck before smashing her with a cross-arm blow to the face. She then picks up her opponent slamming around the ring. Havok stalks her prey suplexing her across the ring. She picks her back up before knocking her down with a kick and pushing her into the corner, choking her with a boot against the turnbuckle. She then biels her across the ring picking her back up pushing into the opposite corner charging into but misses as her opponent moves. Mosha gets in some offense before being kicking away by Havok.

Havok picks her up shooting her off the rope before hitting a massive sidewalk slam setting up a chokeslam that leaves Mosha flattened on the mat. The match finishes with a Havok Tombstone Piledriver and pinfall for the win.

James Mitchell gets in the ring with a microphone to address Rosemary. He advises the “Demon Assassin” to work out her anger management issues. He confirms saying some things that probably did anger her but she committed the “ultimate sin” by putting hands on him. He says it is her own fault Havok took her out last week. He has had an epiphany that Havok should be the next Knockouts Champion. His new personal mission is to make Havok the next champion using Rosemary as a launchpad.

Gama Singh introduces his son Raj, accompanied by Rohit Raju, for his match against Cody Deaner. Callis talks about the Deaner family tree and its one branch…the Canadians are a real American stereotype. The two men lock up, Raj quickly taking control with some strong strikes on Cody. He knocks Deaner into the corner whipping him across the ring but missing as he charging in leaving him open by an attack by his opponent. Cody goes on the offenses hitting several strikes and taking him down with a flying elbow.

Raj rolls out of the ring to convalesce. Deaner flies through the ropes smashing Raj into the guardrail before tossing back into the ring. In the ring, Cody goes to the stop but is knocked off the top by Raj. Raj gets a quick two count before hitting Cody with several strikes before getting a second near fall. He slams his opponent off the mat twice before dropping a leg drop before Gamma smacks Deaner in the face allowing the younger Singh to stay on the offense. Raj slams Deaner in the face who “Hillybillys up”, similar to Hulking up but with a backward hat replacing the signature bandanna.

Cody hits a series of huge strikes knocking down his opponent before hitting a DDT. He pins Raj but the referee is distracted by Gamma on the outside. Cousin Jake grabs Gamma causing him to go down appearing to have a heart attack…in the ring, Raj hits a step over the kick to the face of Cody Deaner dropping him to the mat. He pins Cody Deaner for the three count and victory. The Desi Hit Squad dances in celebration in the ring. At least the Great Gamma is okay. Health scares are nothing to play with.

In the back, Melissa Santos interviews Mike Elgin. He talks his match with Willie Mack. Mike really hates stubborn people and Mack is very stubborn. Johnny Impact interrupts asking Mike why he hasn’t actually sent Willie to the hospital yet (and he’s been calling)Mike is a total narcissist, he didn’t even mention Johnny’s hair…

Somewhere in the dark, smoky bowels of the building, Rosemary addresses James Mitchell. She knows how much he likes his own voice. She speaks of his affinity for monsters, but can he control them? She warns James Mitchell that he has set her on a dangerous collision course with his newest Monster.

In the back we see Mosha come into the women’s locker room followed closely by Sami Callihan. Lish Edwards tells him to leave before she is cut off by Tessa Blanchard who challenges a member of O.V.E. to a match next week which Sami accepts.

Madison Rayne Jordynne Grace
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Back in the arena, Jordynne Grace makes her way to the ring for her match against Madison Rayne. Josh Matthews is still pretending she’s not his wife. Kierra Hogan’s music hits as we’re informed she is joining commentary for this match.

The match starts with a handshake before a lockup into a standing exchange into a wristlock and standing switch. The two women chain wrestle before Grace whips Rayne to the ropes. Madison comes off the rope instead hitting an arm drag takedown into a crucifix rollup for a two count.

Grace kicks out and the two circle each other locking up again. Grace puts Madison in a headlock controlling her momentum throwing her into the ropes again shoulder blocking Madison to the mat. Madison ducks the strike but is caught on the rebound running Grace into the corner. She throws Madison tell the outside as she charges into the corner

Madison climbs back into the ring into a clothesline and another near fall. Grace pulls out Rayne into a delayed vertical suplex into a pin. Madison kicks out provoking Grace to pull her back to her feet holding her neck striking her into the back her neck. She whips her back into the ropes catching her but Madison Rayne applies a Koji Clutch. Grace reverses into a submission of her own bringing Rayne to the mat. She fights out of the submission rolling up Jordynne for a two count that Jordynne reverses for one count. Madison reverses for a one count and they exchange pin attempts several more times before Jordynne rolls out.

Both women get back to their feet exchanges elbow strikes and chops before Grace powerslams Rayne to the mat. Rayne pops back up hitting Grace with a series of strikes before hitting an enziguri followed by a dropkick knocking Grace to the mat. Grace rolls to the apron and Rayne follows grabbing her in a powerbomb attempt blocked by Grace. She jumps several attempts for Madison to catch her dropping her to the apron.

On the floor, Madison Rayne hits a ripcord cutter on her opponent. Madison rolls into the ring leaving Grace on the floor for the count. Jordynne rolls back into the ring before the 10 count. Rayne pins Grace as she rolls in. Jordynne kicks out getting back to her feet. Madison attempts a suplex but is blocked. She hits a big DDT for another near fall.

Madison goes to the corner looking for a monkey flip but Jordynne reverses setting her on the top turnbuckle. Rayne slaps her away stopping what appeared to be a superplex by Grace. Jordynne manages a to rebound into a spinning Muscle Buster for a nearfall. Rayne kicks out under Grace getting to her feet. (Kiera Hogan has left the commentary table)

Jordynne sets Madison up for a Grace Driver. Rayne fights out getting behind her opponent, Grace. (Kiera taunts Grace from ringside clapping mockingly) Madison hits her Cross Rayne finisher pinning Jordynne Grace for the three count. Kiera Hogan celebrates the win by clapping outside the ring with Rayne victorious over Grace.

A vignette plays of Killer Kross. He recaps what he’s done to Eddie Edwards and Kenny(the kendo stick) over the last several weeks. He explains once again he was just trying to help Eddie…


Killer Kross then makes his way to the ring for his match for the night…his entrance is interrupted by Sandman who sneaks into the ring through the crowd. Kross catches him on the way into ring hitting him with a series of heavy fists eliminating the element of surprise. Sandman reverses Kross’s Irish Whip sending Kross into the corner taking control of the match.

Sandman mounts Kross in the corner launches a series of punches off the skull of his opponent. Sandman picks up the cane and hitting a rushing Kross in the gut. Kross goes behind Sandman as he plays to the crowd. He locks in the Straight Jacket Choke. Sandman uses the cane attempted to break the hold but Kross falls over sinching the hold tighter on Sandman. Kross refuses to release the hold turning Sandman a deep shade of blue.

Eddie Edwards’ music plays as he hits the ring with Kenny(the kendo stick)causing Kross to quickly exit the ring. Eddie stands guard over Sandman keeping Kross at bay. Killer Kross yells to Eddie “this is not over” as he stalks the ring on the outside before heading back up the ramp.

We head over to a bar where LAX is having some drinks. Konan mentions they are waiting for “the kid”. Santana and Ortiz are celebrating their victory last week over the Radicalz. Konan tells them to slow down because they were nearly beaten last week. The boys remind him of their credentials (4 time champions, last TNA tag champions, GFW champions), that they are still champions. The Radicals show up. They remind the guys they almost beat them last week. They want their rematch for the titles. Konan respects and admires their courage. A brawl breaks out that leaves the Rascalz unconscious on the barroom floor. LAX accepts the challenge for their tag titles.

In the back Scarlett Bordeaux interviews Knockouts Champion Taya Valkyrie who is accompanied by John E. Bravo.
Scarlett asks how it feels to be the only champion in the house since Johnny lost his world title. Taya screams at her for daring to bring up her husband.

Scarlett then asks the champ if she has any concern about having to defend her title every 30 days, which coincides with next week’s show. Taya assures her she is not concerned to ever defend her title.

Scarlett tells Taya she knows her next opponent…Taya demands she spit it out(because she’s clearly good at that) Scarlett reveals her opponent next week to be….Su Yung! Taya storms out in a huff

Back in the arena Mike Elgin makes his way to the ring for the main event against Willie Mack. They lock up to start match neither man getting the advantage. Both men land several blows before Elgin hits his opponent with a kneelift then bouncing off the rope hitting Mack with a shoulder block. Mack is unmoved so Elgin does the same again barely shaking his opponent.

The two exchange another series of heavier blows ending with Mike whipping Mack into the corner. He hits Mack with an elbow as he rebounds out of the corner.

Elgin springs off the ropes but Mack hits him with a shoulder block knocking down his opponent. Mack pops off the ropes hitting a snap neckbreaker on Elgin for a nearfall. Elgin staggers to his feet falling back into the ropes. Mack lays some chops into the chest of Big Mike then whips him into the ropes. Elgin catches himself on the top rope ducking behind Mack. Mack blocks the German suplex attempt elbowing out. Elgin catches him with an elbow but Mack hits the enziguri knocking Elgin to the mat.

Mike rolls to the apron. Mack grabs his opponent over the top in an attempted suplex. Elgin pulls him over the top rope. Mack lifts Elgin onto his shoulders but Mike slips off back into the ring and knocking Mack to his knees then kicks him in the head leaving him prone on the ring apron. Elgin hits a diving dropkick to Mack driving him to the floor shifting control back to Elgin.

Elgin has Mack in a chinlock. Mack fights out hitting the rope Elgin answers with a dropkick then pushes Mack into the corner. He charges into the waiting boot of his opponent leaving him rattled. Mack pops out of the corner hitting Mike with a clothesline. MIke gets to his feet, Mack tries to whip him to rope, Elgin reverses hitting him with an elbow. Mack is firmly back in control slamming Elgin to the mat for a two count.

Willie drops a leg drop for another nearfall. Elgin ends up in the corner but moves as Mack rushes in missing as Elgin moves hitting the enziguri. Mack reverses the suplex attempt into a powerbomb pin attempt. Elgin kicks out at two, both men are on the mat. Mack is up first but misses the stunner attempt. Mike is back in the corner with his boot up catching Mack who chases him in. He hits Mack with two big kicks laying him out on the mat. Both men are down again

Mike is back to his feet first. He puts Mack up on the turnbuckle. He hits the superplex from the top. Elgin picks up Mack in a piledriver position perhaps seeking the Elginbomb. Mack back body drops him, Elgin gets to his feet in the corner removing his elbow pad before charging at Mack who ducks sending Big Mike crashing shoulder first into the ring post. Willie Mack drops onto the back of Elgin as he’s draped over the rope leaving both on the outside.

Mack slides back into the ring preparing to dive outside onto Elgin. Elgin pulls Rich Swann in front of him stalling Willie’s offense. Elgin drives Swann into the ring apron leaving himself open to a dropkick from Mack who then checks on his friend on the outside. Elgin catches Mack on the apron as he tries to enter the ring. Elgin catches him with a bucklebomb that sets up the Elginbomb for the pin. Your winner, Unbreakable Michael Elgin.

Swann attacks Elgin after the match preventing him from hitting a second Elginbomb on WIllie Mack. Swann starts to get the upper hand as Johnny Impact sneaks in the ring hitting him from behind. Impact hits the spinning razor bomb leaving Swann laying. Johnny laughs in the face of Elgin turning his back on him. Mike pushes him into the rope catching him in a German suplex before stealing the sunglasses from Impact. Elgin then goes to the outside hitting an Elginbomb on an already incapacitated Willie Mack. Elgin celebrates in the ring as the show goes off.   

Tav York
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Originally written by Tavish York