IMPACT Interrogation 7/28/19 (Cage vs Elgin Street Fight)

One week removed from the unlikely pairing of Sami Callihan and Tessa Blanchard winning the Mash-Up tag tournament they are still the buzz of the wrestling world. Watch the next installment of this rivalry and more tonight as X-Division Champion Rich Swann defends his title against Jake Crist then former No. 1 Michael Elgin battles World Champion Brian Cage in a street fight non-title rematch from Slammiversary!


The opening contest is Jordynne Grace vs. long-time rival Kiera Hogan. Madison Rayne makes her way to ringside before the match gets started. Grace starts the match charging Kiera into the corner. Kiera reverses and they exchange blows. Kiera knocks Grace to the outside. Grace catches Kiera suplexing her to the floor.

Kiera fights back diving to the outside before throwing Grace into the ring for a near fall. Hogan is in firm control and gains another near fall. Kiera misses the double knees and is slammed by Grace. Jordynne hits a series of body slams hitting a sitting piledriver for a near fall. Kiera takes control with a series of dropkicks in the corner for another near fall. Hogan drives Grace into the turnbuckle but misses the neckbreaker. Grace hits the body press from the corner for the two count.

Kiera follows Grace to the outside but is caught in the Electric Chair drop to the floor. Madison Rayne helps Kiera Hogan back into the ring before the 10 count. Jordynne Grace rolls up Kiera Hogan for the three count victory!

Brian Cage vows to send Michael Elgin to the hospital during tonight’s main event later tonight!

Taya Valkyrie tells Rosemary that everyone is so obsessed with her and she needs help. Rosemary reminds her their contract ended at Slammiversary and she still owes her a title match

Sami Callihan has asked for some time tonight to get something off his chest. He calls Tessa Blanchard to the ring who makes her way to the ring. He admits he thought it would be easy to beat Tessa at Slammiversary but she has spunk; she has FIRE! Now they’ve earned the right to face one another to become number one contender to the Impact World Championship. Maybe he was wrong about Tessa. He’s a hero: He gave us equality! He tells Tessa he respects her, as a professional wrestler. Because it’s what she deserves. The two competitors shake hands as Sami spits in her face. Tessa lights Sami up with a series of hits before hitting Magnum from the top rope


In the back, O.V.E. prepares for their match. Sami says he tried to treat Tessa with respect, as an equal but she just HAD to sucker punch The Draw. He gives her a match with Mad Man Fulton next week.


NEXT UP: Moose, in another of his robes…for his match against, well, Ray Steel. Moose throws Steel into the corner overpowering him. He hits the pump kick, drops him across the top rope then the No Jackhammer Needed spear for the one, two, three.

Moose picks up a mic and says his loyalty to the company is being overlooked. That he is Mr. Impact Wrestling and should be champion. He then powerbombs Ray Steel into the ring apron before making his exit up the ramp.


John E Bravo runs into Jessica Havok. He’s been looking for her. He says there is no way she can have a title shot against Taya Valkyrie without going through him: the easy way–offering himself to her or the hard way. She grabs by the throat and shoves him to the floor

We find ourselves in the treehouse with the Rascalz. They’ve gotten themselves a “one on one” tag match with the champions, The North next week. Now they just have to figure out which of them will team together. Does Wentz have a date with Gail Kim?

In the back, Kiera Hogan is confronted by Madison Rayne who wants to know how it feels to be a loser. They argue chasing away Melissa Santos

Austin Ace is trying to get a date…with Alisha Edwards. Apparently, he does single women…

Willie Mack makes his way to the ring for his match against RVD (who made his way to the correct arena tonight) Mack attempts to knock down RVD but instead eats a spin kick. Mack reverses the whip into a wheel kick. Van Dam and Mack exchange a series of offense ending in a standoff. Van Dam pulls Mack to the outside, throwing him into the steel ring post. He dives into Mack with a cannonball splash onto the floor.

Mack reverses a kick by Van Dam hitting the uppercut. Mack rolls RVD into the ring and hits the pump kick in the corner. He throws his body into Van Dam in the corner. He hits Van Dam with the Samoan Drop into the standing moonsault for the two count. Mack gets his knees up preventing the moonsault from the corner taking control. Van Dam goes top hitting the flipping senton pinning Mack for a two count. RVD hits the clothesline and drags Mack to the center of the ring for Rolling Thunder. Mack reverses rolling up Van Dam for a two count.

Both men are up exchanging blows. Mack hits the back suplex. He misses the frog splash. Van Dam gets the body scissor pin for the two count. Van Dam hits the stepping wheel kicks, goes to the top rope and hits the Five Star Frog Splash for the pinfall victory!

Ace Austin in back to his tricks. He has a box pinned to his groin, a bird he says. Stone Rockwell appears saving Alisha and grabbing the, erm, bird

Konan councils Ortiz about his tag match next week against The North. Konan says he has a suitable replacement: Daga! Ortiz does not agree

Melissa Santos interviews Michael Elgin who claims he scares Brian Cage, which is why the title is not on the line tonight. Big Mike is the reason The Machine continues to break down.


Jake Crist faces Rich Swann for the X-Division Championship. The match starts with a lock-up. Crist gains control with a headlock takedown maintaining control. Swann fights out with an armbar. Crist gets the headscissor before both men get to their feet. Crist rolls to the floor followed by a soaring Swann through the ropes. Dave Crist distracted Swann allowing his brother to hit the dive on his opponent.

Back in the ring Crist is in control applying the submission on the champion. Swann puts Crist’s shoulders on the mat for a two count. Crist rakes the eyes then applies a variation of the Camel Clutch. Swann kicks off Crist in the corner, rocking him with a series of jabs and kicks. Swann gets the near-fall as Crist barely kicks out. Crist comes off the rope with a Death Valley Driver into a near fall.

He powerslams Swann into the buckle for another near fall. Swann hits the elbow drop the corner for a two count. Crist hits the superplex, spins him over for a neckbreaker from the corner for a near fall. Crist goes over Swann from the corner for a near fall. Swann gets the headscissor from setting up the Phoenix Splash for a near fall. Dave Crist puts his brother’s foot on the rope breaking up the pinfall.

Swann gives chase to Dave Crist. He hits the cutter on both in the ring. Mad Man pushes Swann from the top rope. Jake Crist hits Bug-Eyed drop out of the corner for the pin. Jake Crist is the new X-Division Champion! The Crists and Fulton celebrate in the ring

Jake Crist shows his newly won championship to Sami Callihan. Crist gives himself a nickname. The “Golden Draw”. Callihan admonishes him over the silver plating on the title. O.V.E. is a weird crew.


Main event time. Brian Cage v Michael Elgin in a street fight! Cage’s music plays but there is no Machine. After several minutes Cage crawls out of the back followed by Elgin who is wielding a chair. In the ring, Elgin chokes the champion with a chair. Elgin grabs a microphone. He says that Brian Cage is a coward for not defending his title tonight. That his only benefit tonight is putting Cage in the hospital.

Elgin throws Cage face-first into the chair. He lays into Cage with the chair hitting him multiple times in the head. He takes out security as they come to the ring to break up his assault. Elgin turns his sights back on Brian Cage setting up the chair. He places the champion’s neck through the chair. Melissa Santos comes to the ring, pleading with Elgin. The masked man from Slammiversary hits the ring. Elgin takes him out with the chair. He slips back into the ring removing his mask. It’s Rhino! He hits Elgin with a Gore before exiting into the crowd!

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Originally written by Tavish York