IMPACT Interrogation 7/21/19 (Four Way Elimination Match)

Tonight’s episode follows up on the Fallout from Slammiversary featuring pairings of rivals in Mash-Ups. The winning team will face one another at Unbreakable to determine the next number one contender to the IMPACT World Championship.

Sami Callihan says he gained some respect for Tessa because of their match at Slammiversary but she still can’t boss him around tonight. Tessa declares herself team captain assuring victory if Callihan listens to her.


The action kicks off with…Moose, in another robe. He teams with Eddie Edwards who is sad he can’t team with Kenny(the kendo stick). Their opponents are Rohit Raju and Cody Deaner. Moose and Rohit start the match for their teams, Moose extending the hand. Rohit instead tags in Cody Deaner.

Moose and Deaner lock up Moose getting the advantage of landing heavy blows against his opponent. Deaner reverses an Irish Whip into a shoulder block firing punches. Moose tags Edwards. Deaner takes down both men knocking Moose to the floor allowing Edwards to hit the overhead suplex on Cody.

Deaner tags Rohit. Edwards hits the overhead suplex. Rohit whips Edwards into the rope, Raj Singh picks the leg dropping Edwards. Rohit fights him into the corner. Edwards reverses into a flurry of offense but Rohit reverses putting Eddie onto the mat. Raju tags in Deaner but Moose breaks up the double suplex dropping both with a double clothesline.

Moose whips Edwards into Deaner in the corner both hit sentons on their opponents. Deaner drops Moose to the floor before hitting the powerslam on Edwards. He calls for his hat. Rohit instead puts on the hat mocking Deaner. Moose takes advantage of hitting Deaner with a pump kick allowing Edwards to hit Boston Knee Party on Rohit for the pinfall. Edwards and Moose advance to the finals!

After the match, the Deaners and Desi Hit Squad come to blows in the ring! The Desi Hit Squad take down Cody Deaner in the ring but scurry up the ramp as Cousin Jake comes back into the ring for the save.

Jimmy Jacobs interviews two of the participants in tonight’s Mash-Up, Aiden Prince and Ace Austin. Aiden is cut off by his partner who tells him he doesn’t want him here tonight. Aiden walks away leaving the Ace without a partner.

In the back, Edwards and Moose celebrate their victory…before realizing how much they hate each other.


The next match teams Rich Swann with Madman Fulton v. Wentz and Jake Crist. It should be interesting to see two members of O.V.E. on opposite sides of the ring. Fulton starts against Wentz. Fulton takes control early. Wentz takes down the big man with a headscissor driving him into the corner for the tag. Swann and Wentz before the tag to Jake Crist. He comes in quickly taking control of the X-Division Champion.

Crist makes the tag bringing in the fresh man. Wentz hits the standing shooting star press for the two count. Swann fights out hitting the springboard cutter off the rope. Crist comes in dragging Swann away from his corner before being tagged back into. Swann hits another cutter on Crist bringing Fulton back into the match without a tag.

Fulton stalks Crist who takes control of the monster siccing him on his own partner. Fulton is brutalizing his own partner setting up the Fisherman’s Buster from Crist allowing for the three count on Swann. Jake Crist and Wentz advance to the next round thanks to the assist from Madman Fulton.

Ace Austin is on the hunt for a partner. He using magic tricks on…Madison Rayne. Her royal highness is not going to team with the court jester. Stone Rockwell suddenly appear to offer his services to Austin.


The next mash-up pits Michael Elgin and Willie Mack against Ace Austin and Stone Rockwell, IMPACT’s resident adventurer. Elgin quickly takes out both men fighting Austin into the corner before tagging out. Mack gets the rana on Austin driving him into the corner. Austin comes back with a flurry of his own. He throws a playing card into the face of his partner Stone Rockwell.

Mack hits the standing moonsault on Austin for the two count before tagging in Big Mike. Elgin dispatches of Austin who finally tags in Rockwell before disappearing to ringside. Stone gets in some offense before Elgin takes him out with a bucklebomb. Elgin then hits the Elginbomb for the three count advancing to the finals with Willie Mack.

In the back, O.V.E. celebrates Jake advancing to the finals. But Callihan always has a plan, the Madman. They always have a plan. Dave Crist and Sami are good for WCW…it’s the new finger poke of doom!

Jimmy Jacobs interviews Knockouts Champion Taya Valkyrie. She definitely will not be defending her title tonight (every 30 days you know).

Impact Four Way Elimination

The next match features Trey cosplaying as Sami Callihan and Dave Crist vs Sami OG and Tessa Blanchard. Dave Crist does not look happy about the finger point of doom idea as he starts the match against Callihan. Sami pushes Crist, barking orders at him. Sami pokes Crist in the chest but Trey breaks up the pin. Crist tags in Trey bringing Tessa into the ring.

Tessa and Trey attack their respective partners leaving Sami and Trey in the ring. Trey knocks Callihan to the floor diving after him. Trey hits a second dive taking out both members of O.V.E. Tessa yells at Callihan to get back into the ring. Trey does his best Callihan spitting into his hand. Callihan sends him back into the ring. He refuses to tag Tessa instead giving her the finger. Trey and Callihan fighting into the corner where Tessa tags herself in. Sami uses her as a projectile throwing her into Trey. She grounds Trey before Callihan tags himself back in. Tessa now slams Callihan onto Trey.

Trey fights out a powerbomb attempt in the corner hitting Sami with a 619. Trey misses the dive and tags Dave Crist. Callihan tags Tessa who goes on a tear hitting the cutter and codebreaker on Dave Crist. She misses Magnum from the corner. Crist makes the tag to Trey. Callihan breaks up the pin attempt saving his partner. Tessa reverses the piledriver attempt by Trey spiking him into the mat.

Tessa makes the tag to Callihan. Trey sets up the piledriver on Callihan by misses again! Tessa climbs to the top rope off the tag. She hits Magnum on Trey but tweaks her knee. Callihan tags himself getting the pin and advancing his team to the finals. Callihan pie faces Tessa after the match stoking tensions between the two.

Tessa confronts Callihan in the back. They argue about their match each claiming they should lead the team to victory.

Impact Four Way Elimination

The next match is a triple threat between Madison Rayne, Havok, and Taya Valkyrie, non-title of course. Havok knocks Taya to the outside going after Madison. Taya takes advantage of attacking Havok in the corner. Rayne hits Taya with a cutter for a two count. Taya reverses hitting a clothesline for a pin on Madison. Havok breaks up the pin attempt whipping Taya around the ring.

Madison locks in the guillotine choke on Havok into a DDT allowing Taya to hit her with a spear. Havok takes down Taya with a shoulder block. She catches both of her opponents into a fallaway slam/Samoan Drop combo. Havok washes Taya in the corner before she is pulled out by Bravo. Madison hits the crossbody on Havok from the top. Havok reverses a tilt a whirl attempt by Madison into the piledriver getting the three count as Taya backs up the ramp fleeing the match.

Jimmy Jacobs interviews Michael Elgin about his main event tag match tonight. Elgin doesn’t think he should be jumping through hoops for a title shot considering he has a match against the World Champion Friday at Unbreakable.

Tonight’s main event is the finals of the Match Up tag tournament pitting Moose and Edwards v Crist and Wentz v Elgin and Mack v Callihan and Tessa Blanchard in a four-way elimination match.

Blanchard and Edwards start but Callihan tags himself in. Callihan and Tessa continue the blind tags until Edwards goes after Sami. Moose tags himself in teeing off on Callihan. Sami grabs Moose low with the vice grip. Moose reverses into a DDT. He tags in his partner Eddie Edwards. Sami and Eddie hockey fight in the ring.

Elgin tags himself in laying into Edwards whipping him into the ropes. Eddie reverses diving through the ropes taking out Callihan on the floor. Everyone is fighting on the floor and the ramp. Back in the ring, Edwards drops Elgin over the top rope to the floor. Moose powerbombs Edwards outside onto a pile of opponents. On the other side of the break, Edwards and Elgin are going at it in the ring. Elgin hits the bucklebomb setting up the Elginbomb into the three count eliminating Edwards and Moose.

Mack rolls Wentz into the ring to a waiting Elgin. Wentz and Elgin trade blows, Wentz gets a near fall on Elgin off the corkscrew. Elgin catches him with a powerslam. Wentz and Elgin make tags to their respective partners. Mack hits the scoopslam into a standing moonsault. Crist gets his knees up. Callihan calls Crist into his own corner gaining the tag. He goes to work on Mack keeping him grounded.

Willie Mack gets the two count on Callihan off the standing moonsault bringing Crist in to break it up. Elgin takes out Crist staring down Tessa who stands toe to toe with Big Mack. Elgin bails out on Mack leaving him alone. Callihan takes advantage of hitting the piledriver on Mack eliminating his team. All four competitors trade blows in the middle of the ring. Callihan and Blanchard are working together now.

Wentz takes out Callihan as Tessa takes down Crist. Callihan breaks up the pin attempt by Jake Crist. Callihan demands Crist lay down giving him the easy win. Crist obliges but rolls up Callihan who kicks out at two. Callihan falls into the corner allowing Tessa to make the blind tag. Callihan hits the Cactus Special on Crist setting up Magnum from Blanchard from the top rope for the three count. Blanchard/Callihan go to Unbreakable in a number one contender’s match for the IMPACT World Championship!

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Originally written by Tavish York