IMPACT Interrogaion for 8/9/19 (LAX vs The North)

IMPACT Wrestling comes to us live tonight from Ontario Canada featuring three championship matches including a main event involving LAX against The North. First up, new X-Division Champion Jake Crist defends his title against Aiden Prince, Taya Valkyrie has a return match with Jessica Havok and, in the main event, The North defends against challengers Ortiz and Daga of LAX.

LAX The North
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Tonight’s show starts with Aiden Prince taking on Jake Crist for the X-Division Championship. They lock up each man getting the advantage. Crist stops English as he dives from the ring. He drives Prince to the floor from the ring apron. Crist gets the near fall, rolling into the submission. He hits the big boot for the two count. Crist grounds his opponent the corner with a series of elbows. Crist hits the back suplex then drives Prince into the turnbuckle. A kicking combination earns the champion another near fall. Prince hits the pay dirt for the two count. Crist hits the 450 splash for another near fall of his own. Crist misses the Bug Eye Drop.

Prince rolls him up for a two count. Prince hits the hurricanrana from apron to the floor diving to the outside knocking down the champion. He misses going to the well too often as Crist hits the superkick. Prince barely beats the count staying alive. Jake Crist misses the cutter from the corner but hits the superplex. Prince hits the 450 splash for another near fall. Prince goes to the top but misses allowing Jake Crist to hit the cutter for the three count. Crist retains his championship.

In the LAX clubhouse Konan pep talks Daga assuring him that Ortiz will come around to their team-up. Ortiz interrupts to give Daga a drink, toasting his new teammate.

Jimmy Jacobs catches up with Knockout Champion Taya Valkyrie who is visibly(and verbally) upset about having to defend her title again this week since walking out of her match last week.

LAX The North
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Ace Austin gets set for his match against Eddie Edwards. The match starts quickly with Eddie taking down a charging Austin. On the outside, Eddie stomps on Ace keeping him grounded. Austin kicks Eddie from the ring apron rolling into the ring to break up the 10 count. Edwards drops Austin on the ring apron before chopping his opponent on the barrier at ringside. In the ring Edwards tosses Austin back to ringside, diving through the ropes taking out his opponent before tossing him back into the ring. Austin hits Edwards with his baton and gets the two count. Austin slices the webbing of Edwards’ fingers with the playing card. Edwards hits the powerbomb taking back control hitting a series of forearms. Austin taunts Edwards before the Boston Knee Party. Eddie is disqualified for attacking Austin. Alisha comes to the aid of Austin exchanging words with Eddie.

Earlier Today: Moose confronts Fallah Bah in catering. Bah retaliates attacking Moose picking up a steel chair. Moose punches the chair into Bah’s face laying a beat down on his adversary, leaving him laid out in the back

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Kiera Hogan makes her way to the announce position for Alexia Nicole vs. Madison Rayne. Madison gains control off the tie-up pushing Nicole into the corner. Nicole puts down Madison with a dropkick. She gets the near fall off the snapmare, double knees to the face. Madison drags Nicole to the outside picking her leg, rolling her back into the ring for a two count. Madison applies the Koji Clutch until it’s broken up with an elbow. Nicole hits the Backstabber for a near fall.

Madison hits the ripcord Cutter for the three count victory. Kiera goes to the ring to confront Madison. Both women take out Alexia Nicole. Jordynne Graces comes to the aid of the new girl chasing Madison and Kiera from the ring.
The Rascalz commiserate about not winning the tag titles last week(but Wentz enjoyed his concert) RVD(who apparently sweats CBD oil) appears…the boys argue who does the “RVD moves” best.

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Havok makes her way to the ring for her Knockouts Championship match against champion Taya Valkyrie who is, of course, accompanied by John E. Bravo. Taya starts the match avoiding a charging Havok. Taya comes off the rope but it knocked down with a clothesline. Taya takes control after Bravo picks the ankle of her challenger. Havok catches Taya in the corner for a two count. She locks in a submission, breaking the hold to stomp on the champion. Havok misses the chokeslam as Taya rolls her up for a two count. Havok catches her again this time hitting the chokeslam

Su Yung’s music plays as Havok makes the pin distracting the challenger. Su makes her way to the ring as Havok looks on from the ring and Taya runs away to the back. Su Yung reverses the chokeslam attempt by Havok locking in the mandible claw. She knocks Havok from the ring with a palm strike holding the ring

Jimmy Jacobs is at the home of World Champion Brian Cage to interview his wife Melissa Santos. She talks about Brian’s recovery after the attack by Michael Elgin. She tells Jimmy that they don’t have a timetable for Brian’s recovery

Earlier this: The Deaners are in the bar, getting sloshed. The Desi Hit Squad interrupts the party taunting the cousins from Canada. They attack the Deaners who quickly gain the upper hand dispatching of Rohit and Raj behind the bar before running off Gama Singh. Rohit and Raj rise from behind the bar smashing them in the head with beer bottles

Now Cody and Cousin Jake are pissed. They know a hard days work. Cody warns them no one should come to the Deaners bar, challenging them to a match next week!

Back in the ring Stone Rockwell and Nate Madsen are set for action. Nate has the early advantage. He misses off the top rope, being caught by Stone in a backbreaker. Nate has Rockwell in the corner when Rhyno hits the ring hitting Madsen with a GORE! Rockwell also gets a Gore! before Rhyno grabs a mic calling out Michael Elgin. From the ramp Elgin addresses Rhyno, warning him not end up the hospital like everyone else he’s encountered. Rhyno gives chase meeting Big Mike on the ramp. Security comes out in an attempt to hold back both men

Ace Austin is talking smack about beating Eddie Edwards (by DQ). It’s all part of the plan…which is to bang his(Edwards) wife!

Rohit and Raj are watching the show and saw the Deaners’ challenge. Rohit knows they can beat them, that they will become the servants of the Hit Squad

Jake and Dave Crist start without Sami…who aren’t happy (imagine it). Sami addresses his number one contendership vowing to become champion and make O.V.E. the faces of IMPACT Wrestling. Next week Sami and Dave will face Tessa Blanchard and Tommy Dreamer on their way to taking over EVERYTHING!!

LAX The North
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Main Event time! LAX (Ortiz and Daga) take on The North for the World Tag Team Championships. Ortiz starts the match attacking Ethan Page in the corner quickly taking control of the match. Ortiz gets a one count off the power slam before tagging Daga who hits the standing moonsault for a two count. Page tags in Alexander who goes on the attack against Daga. Alexander in driving to the outside off the hurricanranna. Daga goes over the top rope to the outside taking out both members of The North. Ethan Page grabs the ankle drops Daga to the mat. The North hits the double team in the corner. against Daga of LAX. Alexander makes the tag to Page. The North double team Daga of LAX switching without a tag. Alexander floats over with a suplex laying in strikes.

Page tags himself in. Daga hits the German diving into the tag. Ortiz takes control with a flurry of offense into a DDT from the apron. He gets the two count on Alexander from the standing diving headbutt. Daga gets the tag diving onto the back of Alexander in the DVD from Ortiz. Daga misses in the corner allowing Alexander to make the tag. Page and Alexander hit the combination elbow drop for the near fall. Daga of LAX kicks out reversing the double team by The North. He gets the near fall on Alexander tagging in Ortiz. Page breaks the double team but is caught by a dropkick. Ortiz rolls up Alexander for a two count. Page slides back in catches Ortiz allowing the double team “Ally oop” giving Page the pinfall victory over Ortiz retaining the championships.

After the match, Ortiz shows his respect to Daga sealing the deal with a hug for his partner.

Tav York
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Originally written by Tavish York