IMPACT for 3/24/22 (Knockouts Championship Street Fight)

This week we have another jam-packed installment of IMPACT for 3/24/22 edition! Wrestling is heading our way on the Road To Rebellion. We have a great card full of matches, and we will also see “Walking Weapon” Josh Alexander address Moose’s current actions ahead of their upcoming match at Rebellion. The tension has been mounting; what will happen next?

As far as matches, we will see Violent By Design’s Eric Young, and Joe Doering take on The Good Brothers in a Lumberjack match. We will see some X-Division action as Willie Mack, Laredo Kid, and “Speedball” Mike Bailey, so head to head in a triple threat match. We will also see Eddie Edwards take on Rocky Romero. This Thursday night, the Knockouts Championship will be on the line as we see a rematch between current champion Tasha Steelz as she takes on former champion Mickie James in a street fight for the championship.

Willie Mach (shown on the left) face Laredo Kid (shown in the center) and Mike Bailey (shown on the right) [Photo: IMPACT!]

Willie Mack vs. Laredo Kid vs. “Speedball” Mike Bailey

This week we will see some of the standouts from the IMPACT! X-Division. Willie Mack, Laredo Kid, and “Speedball” Mike Bailey will go head to head in a triple threat match. All of these guys are capable of spectacular matches, as we have seen over time. This should be a pretty action-packed, high-flying match. Since making his debut with the company, Mike Bailey has certainly made an impression among the roster.

Willie Mack has been with IMPACT! for quite a while and has had his fair share of successful matches, and Laredo Kid has definitely shown that he is a talented individual. One thing is for certain regardless of the outcome of this match, the IMPACT! faithful will surely be captivated. The winner of this match will also be one step closer to getting a chance at the current X-Division champion Trey Miguel.

Eddie Edwards (shown on the left) faces Rocky Romero (shown on the right) [Photo: IMPACT!]

Eddie Edwards vs. Rocky Romero 

We haven’t seen too much of Rocky Romero as of recently, but this week he will be back in action in the IMPACT! Zone as he takes on Eddie Edwards, who has recently aligned himself with Honor No More. Eddie has certainly gotten himself on the bad side of the IMPACT! Faithful and, for that matter, also on the bad side of a lot of the roster. This week it seems that Rocky may be fighting Eddie as an opposing force of Honor No More and for the side of the company.

Rocky is certainly a skilled athlete and seasoned wrestler, as is Edwards; this match could definitely be one of hard hits and unpredictability for sure, as either of these guys could take the win. If Eddie’s Honor No More buddies get involved, this could quickly turn the odds against Rocky, however. 

In a street fight, Tasha Steelz (shown on the left) faces Mickie James (shown on the right) [Photo: IMPACT!]

IMPACT for 3/24/22
Knockouts Championship
– Street Fight:
Tasha Steelz vs. Mickie James

One of the must-see matches of the evening will definitely be the Street Fight between former champion Mickie James and current champion Tasha Steelz for the IMPACT! Knockouts Championship. We have seen tensions rising and their feud escalating in recent weeks. Both ladies have also had a friend in their corner for Mickie James; there has been Chelsea Green, and Tasha Steelz aligned herself with Savannah Evans quite a while ago. It will be interesting to see if either of these ladies gets involved in the mix.

Tasha has made it clear as Knockouts Champion that she does not want to give up her title. This match will be no different as she is sure to bring all she has. Mickie James, however, has her sights set on regaining the championship, so she will have to bring her A-Game. All rules are off the table with the street fight stipulation; this could get brutal.

IMPACT for 3/24/22
Violent By Design (shown on the left) faces The Good Brothers (shown on the right) [Photo: IMPACT!]

IMPACT for 3/24/22
Lumberjack Match
Violent By Design vs. The Good Brothers

We will see another rematch this Thursday; however, this one is not currently for the IMPACT! Tag Team championship. We will see Violent By Design’s Eric Young, and Joe Doering take on The Good Brothers, Doc Gallows, and Karl Anderson. This match will be interesting as the ring will be surrounded by other members of the IMPACT! roster.

If members of either team end up outside of the ring, the lumberjacks will be more than happy to get involved and get them in the ring. The Good Brothers, without a doubt, will want the win to get them one step closer to regaining their titles. If they lose the match, they could get bumped further down the list of contenders for the tag titles. We know that Violent By Design likes to live up to their name so that they will be out for violence.

What to expect?

  • What will happen next when Josh Alexander calls Moose out on his recent actions?
  • Will we see the Knockouts Championship change hands?
  • What chaos will Honor No More cause this week?


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