Hell in a Cell 2010 | WWE Sunday Night RetroView

On October 3rd, 2010, WWE presented Hell in a Cell 2010. The event’s promotional video showcases all those involved, including Kane, The Undertaker, Sheamus, and Randy Orton. This event takes place in Dallas, Texas, in the American Airlines Centre. The visual of Hell in the Cell is quite imposing. Michael Cole is on commentary with Jerry Lawler and Matt Striker at Hell in a Cell 2010.


Hell in A Cell 2010
United States Championship – Submissions Count Anywhere Match
John Morrison vs. Daniel Bryan (c) vs. The Miz

The stipulation of this matchup is remarkable. Miz makes his way to the ring last and begins to berate both of the challengers in this match. The Miz is also the Money in the Bank winner at this point too, as he comes to the ring with the briefcase. Morrison and Bryan begin to focus on The Miz, frustrating him and forcing him out of the ring. With The Miz recovering outside the ring, Morrison, and Bryan lock up in the middle of the ring. Bryan gets the early advantage on Morrison, locking up his leg and forcing him out of the ring. The Miz breaks up the submission attempt and takes out Morrison and then Bryan. Morrison is rolled back into the ring by The Miz.

Hell in a Cell 2010
Photo / WWE

The Miz then throws a right hand and tries to whip Morrison into the corner turnbuckle. Bryan then locks in Cattle Mutilation on The Miz after Morrison had a tarantula-like hold on him. Bryan switches to a leglock. The Miz then tries a heel hook of his own. Both men are striking each other with boots. Morrison hits Starship Pain on both men. He then locks in a submission of his own, but The Miz breaks that up. Morrison rebounds and hits a corkscrew on The Miz outside of the ring.

Miz is avoiding disaster there, perhaps! – Michael Cole

Miz and Morrison continue their battle outside of the ring. The Miz tries to manipulate the wrist, but Morrison is able to recover. The two men are battling in the aisle. Bryan chases them down and mounts his own assault. The Miz and Bryan battle in the stands. Bryan attempts a Fujiwara armbar but The Miz counters. Morrison tries to break it up, but The Miz thwarts his effort as well. John Morrison attacks Miz and whips him behind an electrical board. Morrison switches his focus to Bryan, only for Miz to toss equipment boxes at him. Bryan is then placed on the same equipment box and wheeled away until the box stops and catapults him onto the entranceway.

Miz then attempts to hit Morrison with the same box only to get caught in a modified triangle choke. Bryan makes his way back into the match. Miz hits the skull-crushing finale on Morrison on the floor.  Bryan is picked up and thrown back onto the ramp. Bryan and Miz hit each other with clotheslines. Morrison then climbs the lighting grid and hits a crossbody on both opponents. All three men are laid out!

As The Miz attempts to crawl away, Morrison locks in a Texas Cloverleaf until Alex Riley charges from behind and attacks him. Bryan whips Riley into a camera operator. He then locks in the LaBell lock on The Miz on the stage, forcing him to tap out at Hell in a Cell 2010!

Winner: AND STILL United States Champion, Daniel Bryan

Hell in a Cell 2010
WWE Championship
Randy Orton (c) vs. Sheamus

Before the match, we see a rundown of what took place between champion and challenger. Cole calls the structure ‘perverted,’ among other things. Sheamus makes his way to the ring first, followed by the champion Randy Orton. The cell is locked, and the bell rings, with Charles Robinson officiating the match. Both men lock up in the middle of the ring, jockeying for position. They separate and then reconvene, exchanging blows. Orton gains the advantage and systematically works over Sheamus until the Celtic Warrior recovers and begins to beat on The Viper, at least temporarily. Sheamus was thrown outside, and he and Orton battle around the ringside area. Orton brings it back in the ring and regains control.

Will Sheamus be able to put him away? – Michael Cole

Sheamus gains the advantage and attempts to drag Orton’s face across the steel cage. He then whips the Viper into the steel and follows up with a clothesline. Sheamus attempts to throw the steel steps at Orton only to have that stopped, and Orton regains the advantage. He picks up the steps, and he does connect with his opponent. Back in the ring, Orton makes a cover but only gets a two-count.  Sheamus recovers and knocks Orton off of the apron and into the steel cage. Sheamus whips him back into the ring for a pin and a count of two. He then relentlessly stomps on the Viper; Orton tries to fight back but is cut off.

Sheamus focuses on the mid-section. He attempts a pinfall attempt but only for a count of two. Sheamus removes the top turnbuckle and attempts to drive Orton’s head into it, only to be stopped. The Viper attempts to mount a comeback but is cut off again. Back outside the ring, Sheamus shoves Orton’s face into the cage. He then drops the champion ribs first onto propped-up steel steps. He then continues to work on him and rolls him into the ring for a pinfall attempt. But again, only for a count of two. He attempts to stretch Orton’s midsection, and again the Viper tries to fight back to no avail.

Sheamus continues to squeeze the ribs and midsection. Orton makes his way back to his feet and fights off the challenger with a series of back elbows, then hits a side suplex. Sheamus charges, only for Orton to move, causing the Celtic Warrior to crash into the exposed turnbuckle.

Sheamus goes back to the ribs – Michael Cole.

Orton begins his comeback, attacking with a series of clotheslines. He then hits a scoop powerslam. Sheamus hits a high elbow on Orton, but the Viper responds with a belly-to-belly suplex. Orton appears set to hit the RKO only to get hit with a knee to the ribs. Sheamus goes outside and pushes steel steps inside the ring. But that break gave the champion a moment to recover, and he powerslams Sheamus onto the steel steps! He then goes for a pinning attempt but only for a count of two!

Orton pursues Sheamus, who is on the ring apron and drops him throat first across the ring ropes. He then hits his delayed DDT on Sheamus to the floor. But Sheamus shoves Orton shoulder first into the ring post. Both men are back in the ring, and Sheamus hits a backbreaker as they stand on the steel steps. He then hits a brogue kick and goes for the pin, but the champion kicks out at two!  Sheamus goes back to the floor and takes a steel chair from under the ring. He brings it in and goes to work on Orton’s back.  After another pinning attempt, Orton kicks out!

Merciless assault on Orton thus far – Michael Cole.

Sheamus is slamming the chair on the mat, waiting for Orton to get back to his feet. He misses and is hit with an RKO! Sheamus rolls out of the ring. Orton follows him out and sets up for a punt, but Sheamus avoids it and hits a second brogue kick! The challenger pushes Orton back into the ring, but the champion kicks out of a pinning attempt again. Sheamus is losing his mind. He moves the steel steps into the middle of the ring. He then attempts a high cross, but Orton pulls his feet from under him, and he lands flush on the steel steps. Sheamus staggers to his feet but is hit with an RKO out of nowhere. Orton makes a pin for the 1…2..3 at Hell in a Cell 2010!

Winner: AND STILL WWE Champion, Randy Orton

After the match, Orton celebrates atop the Cell.

Josh Matthews interviews the NXT season 3 Divas but is interrupted by The Nexus, with Wade Barrett leading the discussion; we hear his promise. They proclaim that tonight John Cena will join the Nexus after their matchup.

Ricardo Rodrigues officially announces Alberto Del Rio, who drives in his Rolls Royce, then gets out and walks to the ring. Del Rio introduces himself and says that tonight is his WWE pay-per-view debut. He says that he could spend days counting his fortune but instead is gracing the audience with his presence. Del Rio then shows a dog with a Rey Mysterio mask on, saying that was his first victim. He asks who will be his next threat. During the promo, he also takes shots at the local sports celebrities in Dallas. He challenges anyone, and at that moment, we hear Edge’s music hit…

Edge comes to the ring, interrupting Del Rio. Edge mocks his scarf and ultimately says that he is stupid. Del Rio calls himself the man that is going to hurt Edge. As Del Rio pulls off his jacket, Jack Swagger’s music hits. Swagger then comes down and says it’s stupid that he’s not wrestling tonight. Swagger is decked, but Del Rio attacks Edge as well. Cole reads an email from the anonymous Raw GM, saying that tomorrow Edge will issue an apology, but in the meantime, he will face Jack Swagger right now at Hell in Cell 2010.

Jack Swagger vs. Edge

A referee comes to the ring, and as soon as the bell rings, Swagger attacks. Cole says that this is an inter-promotional match as the men are from different brands. Edge is whipped chest first into the turnbuckle. Swagger attempts to work on his ankle, then hoists him up and drops him chest first across his knee. Edge is placed on the top turnbuckle and attempts a DDT off the top rope but is blocked. Swagger then makes a pinning attempt but only for a count of two!

Swagger has Edge by the waist and rolls him around on the ring. He’s attempting to squeeze his ribs. Edge fights off Swagger’s attack and attempts to attack him while Swagger recovers on the ropes, but Edge misses. Swagger then follows up with a pin but only for a count of two. The men battle on the ring apron, with Swagger attempting a suplex which is stopped. He then puts an abdominal stretch on him while on the ropes. They head back into the ring, and Edge catches Swagger with a big boot. Swagger attempts to get the better of his opponent, but the former champion maintains his assault. Swagger takes Edge down and attempts an ankle lock but is stopped. Edge then tries a pinning attempt, but Swagger kicks out.

Edge is able to toss Swagger over the top rope. Swagger then attempts the ankle lock again while outside the ring, but Edge climbs to the top rope and hits a missile dropkick.

It looks like Edge was able to capture Swagger’s arm in order to hit it into the ring post – Matt Striker.

With Swagger now back in the ring, Edge climbs to the top rope again. Swagger does capture him this time and hits a superplex. He follows that up with a side suplex. Edge is on the mat, but as his opponent attempts a Swagger bomb, Edge kicks him in the midsection then hits an Impaler DDT. Edge looks to be setting up for the spear but is caught with a gut-wrench powerbomb. While attempting an Enziguri, Swagger ducks, causing Edge to torque his knee. Swagger then applies another ankle lock, but Edge gets to the ropes. After a rope break, Swagger attempts to deck Edge, who avoids it and hits a spear! Edge follows that up with a count of three and the win at Hell in a Cell 2010!

Winner: Edge

Backstage, we see Nexus minus Wade Barrett discussing what is set to happen later on the night. David Otunga attempts to rally the troops and is certain that the plan will succeed, despite some doubt on the faces of the Nexus members.

John Cena vs. Wade Barrett
(If Barrett wins, Cena must join Nexus. If Cena wins, Nexus must disband. However, Nexus cannot get involved)

Before the match begins, we see videos of Nexus beating down the entire roster. We then see how Cena managed to fight back. Barrett said he tried to recruit Cena in the past, but now it is different. Cena will have to put himself on the line and join them after Hell in a Cell. It is sure to make for an interesting match-up. First to the ring is Barrett.  Cena follows, as always getting a polarized reaction from the crowd.

The bell rings, and the two men lock up. Cena gains the early advantage, taking down Barrett on two separate occasions. Barrett then gains control with a headlock and transitions into a wrist lock. Cena reverses it, and after a leapfrog hits a hip toss and a dropkick! Barrett backs away and recovers in the corner. This leads to him gaining the advantage once again on Cena until Cena charges. The rest of The Nexus comes to the ring, but Barrett confronts them. He then refocuses his attention on Cena, rolling him back into the ring and going for the pin.

Nexus can not get involved if they do; Barrett will lose – Michael Cole.

Barrett maintains control, working over Cena with a backbreaker in the middle of the ring. Cena is dragged towards a corner, and Barrett hits an elbow. Barrett works him over in the corner with a series of boots to his head. Cena recovers and makes a comeback attempt, but Barrett further weakens the former WWE Champion with a knee to the back. Barrett continues to focus on the lower back, making that his target. Cena once again gets back to his feet and breaks Barrett’s hold. He hits a couple of flying shoulder tackles and then signals for the 5 knuckle shuffle.

The Big Show comes down and charges after Nexus and others from the Raw and Smackdown rosters attack as well. Cena stands in the ring, watching all this take place. The roster leaves and heads to the backstage area. Barrett is then hit with a drop toehold but quickly recovers. He plants Cena with a pump handle slam, but Cena hits a gut wrench suplex and follows up with a cover, but only for a count of two. Barrett then hits a butterfly underhook suplex on Cena for a pinning attempt, also only for a count of two. After hitting a sidewalk slam, he attempts another pin, but again it is only for a two count.

You’ve got to wonder how much John Cena has left after this – Michael Cole.

Barrett misses an elbow from the top rope. Cena begins to recover on the ring apron and uses the ropes to pull himself up. He begins to climb to the top rope, but Barrett cuts him off. He proceeds to attempt a suplex, but Cena blocks him. A series of headbutts knocks Barrett to the mat, and Cena follows with a top rope leg drop and a pin attempt. Cena picks him up for the AA, but Barrett blocks it and hits Wasteland. He goes for the cover, and Cena kicks out at two!

Cena then catches Barrett and hits the Attitude Adjustment. He quickly goes for a pinning attempt, but Barrett also kicks out! Cena then takes Barrett down and goes for the STF. However, someone storms the ring, and an unsuspecting Cena is decked. Barrett covers Cena for the three count and the win at Hell in a Cell 2010.

Winner: Wade Barrett (John Cena is now part of Nexus)

The rest of Nexus charges the ring and hoists Barrett up, on their shoulders as the conquering hero. Cena sits in the corner, trying to compose himself after what has just happened. The Nexus stand at the entranceway laughing at these events. Cena hugs a fan on his way to the back, stunned at what just took place.

We then see Josh Matthews walking in the dark backstage, and Paul Bearer calls him over. Matthews asks Bearer why he waited six years to make his return. Bearer said he came back with a plan of his own.

A video is shown comprised of WWE’s contributions to the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Hell in A Cell 2010
WWE Divas Championship Match
Michelle McCool (c) with Layla vs. Natalya

As soon as the bell rings, both women lock up, with Natalya gaining the early advantage. This forces McCool to run from the ring. Natalya chases her, but Layla runs interference causing McCool to gain the advantage. Nattie is rolled in the ring, and McCool begins to work on the ribs. Natalya is able to pick up McCool and whips her into the corner turnbuckle. However, McCool regains control, putting her back in a body scissors. McCool then hits a couple of European uppercuts on Natalya, but that just wakes the challenger up.

Natalya hits a back body drop, hits a clothesline, and then a discus clothesline. This prompts Layla to get on the apron, attempting to cause another distraction. McCool attempts a kick, but Natalya avoids it, and Layla gets booted instead. Natalya makes a pinning attempt but only for a count of two. McCool hits a belly-to-belly suplex and makes a pin of her own, also for a count of two. Natalya locks in a sharpshooter, but it is countered into a heel hook. The challenger regains control, which forces Layla to throw a shoe at Natalya in the ring, and the referee calls for the bell at Hell in Cell 2010.

Winner via disqualification: Natalya
Photo / WWE

A promotional video is shown of Kane’s betrayal and attack on The Undertaker. Kane noted that Hell in a Cell is the same place where he first left his brother as a mess back at Bad Blood in 1997. The Undertaker is then shown resting on the stairs, and a door opens, with a light-capturing his attention. We then see druids push a coffin to the ring, and when it’s opened, we see Paul Bearer resting inside of it, much to the shock of Kane. The lights would go out and reappear with The Undertaker regaining his power from the urn and Paul Bearer.

The Hell in a Cell chamber is now lowered to the floor.

Hell in a Cell 2010
Photo / WWE

Hell in A Cell 2010
World Heavyweight Championship
Kane (c) vs. The Undertaker with Paul Bearer

Kane makes his way to the ring first under the red light.  The Big Red Machine hands the title to the referee and awaits his opponent, his brother. The Undertaker makes his way to the ring next in a cloud of smoke, led by Paul Bearer.

As The Undertaker arrives, he tells Bearer to step out of the cage. The battle quickly ensues as they battle each other outside of the cell. They finally make their way inside. Taker puts his foot up and catches Kane with a big boot while he holds a steel chair. He then drives Kane’s head into the steel steps. He charges and hits a couple of clotheslines, Snake Eyes, and a big boot. Kane then gets a steel chair and begins to smack it across The Undertaker’s back. He then backs the Dead Man in the corner and drives his shoulder into his ribs. But Undertaker recovers and regains control.

The Undertaker is punishing the World Heavyweight Champion, Kane – Michael Cole.

A big boot to the head of Kane, who is resting across steel steps, shows The Undertaker has no mercy. Outside the ring, Kane reverses a whip and slings Undertaker into the steel steps shoulder first. Kane uses a steel chair to attack the left leg. He is working on the left leg and knee. He lodges his leg between the steel post and steps for more punishment. Kane throws him back into the ring, and Undertaker attempts to stand but can’t. The Big Red Machine goes back to work, but his brother recovers and begins to throw rights to the head of the Big Red Machine.

The Undertaker lays Kane on the mat and kicks him across the head. He follows up with a leg drop across the throat. Paul Bearer looks on, smiling in approval. Kane recovers and resumes the attack on the left knee. The Undertaker attempts to fight back, and it appears the top of Kane’s head is cut open. The two eventually separate.

The Undertaker can take more punishment than any superstar in the WWE – Matt Striker.

Back in the middle of the ring, together, they exchange rights. Neither man appears to be going down anytime soon until Undertaker hits a clothesline off the ropes. We then witness an attempt at ‘Old School,’ but Kane chops at the left leg. With both men on the top rope, The Undertaker fights off Kane, but Kane lands rights to the head and follows with a superplex off the top rope. He then climbs to the top rope and hits a flying clothesline, but the Undertaker catches him in Hell’s Gate.

Kane shifts his weight to get out of the ring. The two are once again separated. They get up and strike each other until simultaneous big boots knock them both down. They both sit up and continue to throw rights at one another from their knees and then back on their feet. The Undertaker catches Kane with a DDT off the ropes. He attempts a pin but only for a count of two. A chokeslam by The Undertaker leads to another pinfall but again for just a count of two. The Undertaker then gets to his feet, and Kane chokeslams his brother. He makes a pinfall attempt but only for his own count of two.  Kane continues the assault on his brother in the corner.

Kane is teeing off! – Michael Cole

The Undertaker catches Kane with the Last Ride and follows up with a pinfall attempt. But again, he only gets a count of two. Both men once again make their way to their feet. The Undertaker attempts a tombstone, but Kane reverses it and hits The Undertaker with one of his own. He follows with a pin but only for a count of two! Kane then punches the referee, knocking him out. Another referee is called down to the ring. As the referees attend to their fallen comrade, Paul Bearer gets into the cage. Kane sees this and begins to pursue him. Bearer is forced into the ring. The Undertaker then sits up and hits him with a chokeslam.

With Kane lying in the middle of the ring, the lights become purple and dark, and Bearer flashes light into the eyes of The Undertaker. He gives Kane the urn as The Undertaker witnesses this betrayal. Kane strikes him with the urn and hits another chokeslam. Kane pins The Undertaker for a count of three.

Winner: AND STILL World Heavyweight Champion Kane

After the match, Paul Bearer and Kane leave together while The Undertaker looks on in disbelief as Hell in a Cell 2010 draws to a close.