Great Muta’s Joey Janela’s Spring Break Appearance in Jeopardy?

According to a recent post on the Game Changer Wrestling’s Twitter, the Great Muta’s scheduled appearance at Joey Janela’s Spring Break 4 event may be in jeopardy. The negotiations for the Great Muta’s appearance began in October 2019. GCW reports that they utilized their usual intermediary who has successfully assisted them numerous times in the past when booking Japanese talents. By November 2019, GCW reached agreements for two separate Muta appearances. The first agreement dictated an agreement for Muta to wrestle at Spring Break. Then another agreement to appear as a guest of GCW at Wrestlecon.

Great Muta's Joey Janela's
Photo / Game Changer Wrestling / Post Wrestling

However, after publicly announcing the Great Muta’s appearance, GCW was contacted by Sonny Onoo on December 23, 2019. Onoo informed GCW that he would be taking over contract negotiations for Muta. He informed GCW, that he would be seeking other vendors and bookings for Muta going forward. GCW stated they were amendable with this arrangement. It was contingent upon any other vendors assisting with Muta’s travel and related expenses. This practice is common with promoters when talent sharing for wrestling events. According to GCW’s Twitter post, Mr. Onoo then accused GCW of attempting to hamper Muta from attaining work.

Great Muta’s Joey Janela’s Spring Break Appearance in Jeopardy?

GCW stated that a secondary vendor who was requested to share in Muta’s expenses at Wrestlecon. nIt was actually Sonny Onoo himself. In a later Twitter post, Sonny Onoo seems to dispute GCW’s claims, stating that GCW did not provide travel credentials or supply a deposit for Muta’s Spring Break appearance. GCW followed this up, stating that this accusation is false and that Onoo never provided them with Muta’s information during negotiations. With this breakdown in communication, the Great Muta’s appearance at Joey Janela’s Spring Break event seems unlikely. GCW states, however, they are still open to doing business as long as negotiations are fair and agreeable for both parties.

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