GCW Presents Til Infinity

Game Changer Wrestling will be concluding the 2021 calendar year as GCW presents Til Infinity. The event, which will take place on New Year’s Eve at The Showboat in Atlantic City, features a card that looks to appeal to all fans of professional wrestling. From the ultraviolent to the high flying, from the technical to the brawls, Til Infinity appears to be a must-watch to end off a fantastic wrestling year. The event will be streaming live on FITE.TV on December 31st at 8 pm EST.

GCW Presents Til Infinity
Jack Cartwheel vs. Nick Wayne

Two of independent wrestling’s most exciting prospects will go one-on-one this upcoming New Year’s Eve when the impressive “Rocketwheel” Jack Cartwheel meets the young prodigy and fan-favorite Nick Wayne in a GCW ring.

Cartwheel’s last singles bout with GCW took place at this past month’s “So Alive” event, where he took Blake Christian to an incredible 20-minute bout in and around the Irving Arena.

Third-generation wrestling virtuoso Nick Wayne last wrestled for the promotion about two weeks ago at “Blood On The Hills,” where he and Tony Deppen tore the house down in a contest that was as technically sound as it was entertaining. Will Wayne be able to redeem his losing streak with GCW against “The Rocketwheel?” Only time will tell before this guaranteed-to-be amazing match takes place this Friday.

Allie Katch vs. Charli Evans

If there are any two performers in independent wrestling who have managed to capture the audience’s collective hearts through genuine fan connection, it’s Allie Katch and Charli Evans.

Evans made her GCW debut at this past November’s “Evil Deeds” event, where she wrestled the ultraviolent Rina Yamashita in a brutal, albeit incredible, deathmatch in the show’s semi-main event. One night later, she made it to the semi-finals of the sixth annual Nick Gage Invitational, where she not only defeated Kit Osbourne and SHLAK but went one-on-one with arguably one of the greatest deathmatch wrestlers of all time in three-time Tournament of Survival winner, Alex Colon.

Katch, on the other hand, has been a Game Changer Wrestling regular for the last two years, wrestling 25 matches for the promotion in 2021 alone. Being one of independent wrestling’s most recognizable names, Katch has been involved with some of GCW’s most prominent feuds and storylines, most recently tagging alongside her “partner in ‘Bussy,’” Effy, against Matt Cardona and Chelsea Green at this past month’s “Blood On The Hills” event.

Will both women’s hardcore accolades make this bout as violent as it is sure to be competitive? Will Katch be able to pick up yet another win to her amazing 2021 record? Or will “The Violence Artist” take the former PWM Women’s Champion to her limit?

G-Raver vs. Akira

In a match that, by the very nature of its participants alone, implies unadulterated “f**kery,” deathmatch wrestling legend G-Raver will go one-on-one with “The Death Samurai” Akira for the first time ever.

The two had previously met in a six-man tag team match at GCW: Fight Club this past October, teaming with Alex Colon against the Second Gear Crew. Though they have experience together on the same side of the squared circle, they have yet to test out each other’s pain tolerance face-to-face.

Over the last two months, G-Raver has been wrestling in Matt Tremont’s H2O promotion, usually defeating his opponents in violent fashion, as is to be expected of a man of his merit. His last appearance for Game Changer Wrestling was at this past month’s “Evil Deeds” main event, where he teamed with his long-time rival Jimmy Lloyd against Alex Colon and Masashi Takeda.

ICW: No Holds Barred regular Akira has only wrestled one other time for Game Changer Wrestling, yet the appearance carved his name into the minds of the promotion’s fans. In a first-round deathmatch during November’s NGI6, Akira went nearly 20-minutes against Alex Colon in an astonishingly violent contest involving knives, light tubes, and plenty of high-flying action.

Will the young deathmatch fan-favorite be able to overcome the more seasoned G-Raver’s sadism? Or will Akira be yet another victim to the former GCW Tag Team Champion’s wrath?

Atticus Cogar vs. Everett Connors

Everett Connors has managed to put the independent wrestling world on notice this year with his showings for both Game Changer Wrestling and Jersey Championship Wrestling. His matches against the likes of Joey Janela, Frontman Jah, and Charles Mason has granted him a level of excitement with fans that only a natural like him can attain.

His opponent, however, has only received resentment and hatred thrown in his direction by the GCW faithful. Atticus Cogar, alongside his 44OH! brethren have wreaked havoc on the independents this year with their occupation of H2O, assaults on younger, helpless wrestlers, and untainted barbarism.

“The Silver Teeth Satan” most recently defeated Jordan Oliver in a spectacular No Rope Barbed Wire match at this past month’s “Blood On The Hills” event. Be it his trademark green skewers, his devastating headlock driver, or his evident high ceiling as one of the industry’s most prospective heels; it’s safe to assume that Cogar will not go easy on the former United Glory Champion.

Alex Zayne and Blake Christian vs. Dante Leon and Ninja Mack

If “blink-and-you-miss-it” was a stipulation, that would be the perfect way to categorize this match. Though you’d be doing so preemptively, it’s quite safe to assume that with Alex Zayne, Blake Christian, Dante Leon, and Ninja Mack all in the same ring, it will be difficult to look away from your screen. All four men have shown beyond any doubt that they are perhaps some of the industry’s most awe-inspiring high-flyers, capable of taking the audience’s collective breath away with their physics-defying arsenals.

Whether the team of “All Heart” Blake Christian and the incredible Alex Zayne pick up the victory, or the team of the current Loko Champion Dante Leon and Ninja “F**k” Mack manage to get the better of their opponents, this tag-team contest is bound to be a must-watch for fans of high-flying wrestling.

Jimmy Lloyd vs. Ho-Ho Lun

Former King of Pro Wrestling Champion and Dragon Gate Japan Pro-Wrestling regular, Ho-Ho Lun, will be making his Game Changer Wrestling debut against Jimmy (Jimmy, Jimmy F**kin’) Lloyd this upcoming Friday.

Lun has wrestled internationally, making his way to the ring in both his native China, as well as more universally recognized promotions like Dragon Gate, AEW, and WWE! This will be his second match in the United States for the 2021 year.

His opponent for Til Infinity is no stranger to Game Changer Wrestling, as Jimmy Lloyd has made not only his opponents’ but his own blood a sight to behold in front of GCW audiences. Though he’s perhaps most known for his violent deathmatches, Lloyd has proven time and again to be as technically sound as he is comfortable with a light tube in his hand.

GCW Presents Til Infinity
Second Gear Crew vs. Young, Dumb and Broke

Three members of the Second Gear Crew will be taking on three members of Young Dumb n’ Broke this Friday, when Matthew “Thrash” Justice, “Black Death” AJ Gray, and Effy face off against Charlie Tiger, Ellis Taylor, and Jordan Oliver in a six-man tag team match.

Though the Second Gear Crew surely has the upper hand going into the contest based on not only their experience, tenure, and reputation for being no-nonsense bada**es, Young Dumb n’ Broke shouldn’t be counted out of the equation too fast.

22-year old Jordan Oliver will be leading the team, and given his incredible showings throughout the North American independents over the last few years, such as GCW, CZW, and MLW, “The East-Coast Ace” has demonstrated that he refuses to go down without a fight. If he has stood his own in the ring against Atticus Cogar, Nick Gage, and AJ Gray (whom he defeated), surely his team will at least pose a challenge to SGC.

GCW Presents Til Infinity
Colby Corino vs. Dark Sheik

Since making her Game Changer Wrestling debut at last year’s “Effy’s Big Gay Brunch,” Dark Sheik has only advanced as a fan-favorite with every subsequent appearance for the promotion. The boundary-breaking owner of Hoodslam has gone toe-to-toe with some of GCW’s biggest names in Effy, Jimmy Lloyd, and Nick Gage. As could be inferred by the manner of her previous opponents, as technically sound and acrobatic as she is, Sheik will not shy away from the use of weapons and purveying of violence if the stipulation calls for it.

Her opponent for Til Infinity is no stranger to violence either, as Colby Corino, son of ECW legend Steve Corino, will be making his seventh appearance this year for GCW. Given Corino’s family name, young and promising age, and over-700 day grasp of the Catalyst Wrestling Championship, it’s not a stretch of the imagination to assume that the young star will put Sheik to the test.

What Else To Expect

  • Independent wrestling legend PCO will be holding an open challenge for a potential opponent.


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