(Garza vs McIntyre) WWE Raw Rebound 4/20/20

Monday Night Raw began with a replay of Seth Rollins stomping out WWE Champion Drew McIntyre. This was shortly after he pinned United States champion Andrade in last week’s main event. He talked about the target on his back now that he’s the champion. McIntyre mentioned Seth Rollins and said that even though he doesn’t deserve a title shot. He’s going to issue a challenge for a match at Money In The Bank. McIntyre was interrupted by Zelina Vega, Angel Garza, and Austin Theory. She said McIntyre was too focused on the Money In The Bank match that he’s forgotten that he has to face her client this evening, Angel Garza. McIntyre vs Garza would be the main event this evening.

While they were going back and forth, Andrade surprised Drew with a sneak attack from behind. It wasn’t enough because Drew recovered and hit him with a Claymore. Zelina tried to implore Garza and Theory to help Andrade but they didn’t. This allowed McIntyre to hit another Claymore, sending him flying over the top rope.

Austin Theory vs. Aleister Black
(Is this a prelude to Garza vs McIntyre?)

Zelina Vega joined the commentary team. Her client Austin Theory faced off against Aleister Black in a Money In The Bank Ladder Match qualifier. Black dominated early on in the match until right before the commercial break. Zelina left the announce area after Black threw Theory outside the ring. She went halfway down the ramp yelling at him until Theory recovered and threw him into the guardrail. Austin Theory continued to press his advantage after the commercial break, picking up several near falls.

Aleister regained the momentum before ending the match with a Black mass to qualify for the Money In The Bank Ladder Match.

Winner: Aleister Black

In a rare post-match interview, Black said he wasn’t too familiar with climbing the corporate ladder, because he would have to cover his tattoos. He promised to make every floor a personal hell for the rest of the Money In The Bank Ladder Match participants.

Shayna Bazsler vs. Indi Hartwell

Shayna Bazsler was out next and before she made her way down the ramp, Charly Caruso asked her if she thought she took things too far last after breaking Sarah Logan’s arm. The Queen of Spades asked if she’d broken any rules. She made her way to the ring and dispatched with NXT’s Indi Hartwell. The match ended in the exact same manner as last week’s.

Winner: No Contest

After the match was over, Bazsler went backstage and brought out a ladder. She placed Hartwell’s arm in the ladder and stomped it against the steel ring steps.

The new high-flying team of Cedric Alexander and Ricochet took on Shane Thorne and Brendan Vink in Raw’s first tag team contest. After losing to the Viking Raiders last week, the duo came flying out of the gate against Vink and Thorne. They went on to pick up the victory with the combination of a Recoil by Ricochet into a Lumbar Check by Cedric Alexander, who made the pin.

 Nia Jax vs. Kairi Sane

Charly Caruso had the Kabuki Warriors backstage and asked Kairi Sane how she felt about her upcoming rematch with Nia Jax, especially since Jax made such short work of her last week. Asuka started yelling and singing in Japanese before saying that her teammate was ready for her rematch but nobody is ready for Asuka. Nia Jax was still dominant this week, although the Pirate Princess connected on some brief offense that temporarily downed Jax. Another leg drop and Nia was victorious.

Winner: Nia Jax

Seth Rollins was next as he answered Drew McIntyre’s challenge for a match at the Money In The Bank pay per view. He said that both he and WWE Champion have a few things in common, they both know how it feels to beat Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania; both have the respect of their peers, and they both respect the industry. The similarities end there, he claimed because the WWE Universe needs a leader and The Monday Night Messiah is a proven leader. He accepted. the challenge, “not out of necessity, out of duty.”

MVP vs. Apollo Crews

MVP was in the ring before his one-on-one Money In The Bank qualifier against Apollo Crews. He called Crews one of the most athletic superstars on the roster but this time, he’s outmatched. Apollo Crews’ music cut off the trash talking and they got underway, with Apollo sending Porter to the outside. M.V.P. trash-talked Crews as he locked in a camel clutch, but when he went to hit the Playmaker on Apollo, it came back to bite him. Apollo regained the momentum and looked poised to hit a frog splash, but M.V.P. got his knees up and then hit the Playmaker for a two count.

Crews recovered and hit his signature press slam drop and standing shooting star press. He ended up picking up the victory with a drop powerbomb. Apollo Crews qualified for his first-ever Money In The Bank Ladder match.

Winner: Apollo Crews

We were then treated to a video of Bobby Lashley in a gym with Lana in the background. He flipped a tractor tire.

Ruby Riott backstage says that there never was a Riot Squad and she had to have double shoulder surgery due to carrying around Sarah Logan and Liv Morgan. She said Logan was lucky her arm was already broken and Morgan better pray she doesn’t break her arm in their upcoming contest. Riott maintained the upper hand throughout the match but a second rope flatliner from Liv Morgan would give her a victory over her former Riott Squad-mate

Murphy vs Rey Mysterio

Rey Mysterio faced off against Murphy in another Money In The Bank qualifier. Very early in the match, Buddy appeared to injure Rey’s finger. The Master of the 619 took a slight pause to assess his left hand but Murphy was all over him. The Best Kept Secret continued to punish the veteran’s injured hand. Rey Mysterio overcame a vicious onslaught and qualified for his fourth career Money In The Bank Ladder match after a 619 into a Frog Splash.

Winner: Rey Mysterio

Kayden Carter vs Charlotte Flair

The NXT Women’s Champion Charlotte took on NXT’s Kayden Carter. She began the match with a running kick and looked to be on the fast track toward a victory. Carter tried to ground The Queen with a submission but the champ powered out and secured the victory with her signature Figure Eight. Charlotte promised to ‘swing by’ NXT this coming Wednesday.

Winner: Charlotte Flair

We go again to Bobby Lashley. He moved an even bigger tire. Lana congratulated him.

Andrade vs. Akira Tozawa
(Garza vs McIntyre will follow)

United States Champion Andrade, accompanied by Zelina Vega took on Tozawa in singles competition. After an early exchange that landed both competitors outside, Zelina Vega distracted Tozawa long enough for Andrade to gain the advantage. Tozawa recovered enough for a couple of near falls before ascending the top rope. Andrade countered into a hammerlock DDT from the top turnbuckle for a victory.

Winner: Andrade

As Andrade and Vega were celebrating their win, the Street Profits music hit and Raw Tag Team champions danced onto the Raw set. They joined the commentary team to watch Bianca Belair take on NXT’s Santana Garrett. Garrett gave her all she could handle, but Belair’s Kiss Of Death sealed the deal.

Garza vs McIntyre
Photo / WWE

Angel Garza vs Drew McIntyre

Angel Garza came out for his main event matchup against WWE Champion Drew McIntyre. He was flanked by Zelina Vega, Andrade and Austin Theory, as they faction looked to cap off Monday Night Raw by throwing a roadblock onto Drew’s path as he looked ahead to Money In The Bank. The Scottish Psychopath was unfazed by the numbers advantage. He performed a suicide dive onto all three men before throwing Austin Theory over the barricade and hitting Andrade with a Claymore. Back inside the ring, a Claymore by McIntyre sealed the fate vs Garza. This was much to the chagrin of a shaken Zelina Vega.

Winner: Drew McIntyre

While celebrating his win, McIntyre went up to the announce team before deciding to return to the ring vs Angel Garza to deliver a second Claymore.

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