Friday Night Smackdown for 1/3/20 (Reigns/Bryan vs. Corbin/Ziggler)

Friday Night Smackdown begins with a flashback to last week’s triple threat match to determine the challenger for The Fiend Bray Wyatt’s WWE Universal Championship at Royal Rumble. Bryan gets  The Miz to tap out. We then get Wyatt interrupting saying he doesn’t think that ‘he’ is done with him. Are you willing to let him in? That is met with a chorus of YES chants by all those in attendance. The Miz approaches Daniel Bryan. Miz says that he was going to take away everything that Bray Wyatt hold dear. He then continues by saying to Bryan to defeat Wyatt not just for the Miz but for everyone. Live from Memphis, Tn in the Fed-Ex forum. The main event is Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns against Dolph Ziggler and King Corbin.

Sasha Banks and Bayley vs. Lacey Evans and Dana Brooke vs. Nikki Cross and Alexa Bliss

Banks and Bayley come to the ring and start by getting on the case of those in attendance. Lacey Evans and Dana Brooke interrupt. She mentions that Bayley and Banks can’t seem to stop mentioning her daughter but I don’t think I heard her say a thing. Cross and Bliss then come out. Bliss points out that they don’t necessarily belong in the match but if they want to regain the Women’s tag team titles they will need to.

After the commercial break, Evans and Banks start the match. Evans brings the fight right too Banks who quickly tags in Nikki Cross. Lacey whips Cross into her corner she tags in her partner Dana Brooke. Both Bliss and Brooke are battling in the middle of the ring. However, Bliss hits Banks with a right cross after Bayley blindly tagged herself into the match. Bayley takes the fight to Bliss and bringing her into her corner. Banks maintain control on Bliss by wiping out Cross in the corner as well. However, Bayley tried to come into the match but is wiped out of the match. Nikki Cross hits a crossbody on most of the competitors on the outside except for Sasha Banks and Alexa who is recovering in the ring.

Brooke wipes Bayley into Banks and takes control of the match.

However, Bliss gets involved but so does Cross. Brooke throws Bayley out of the ring but Banks takes control from behind. Both Banks and Bayley whip Brooke back first into their corner. Bayley continues to kick the fallen Brooke in the middle of the ring. Sasha then quickly tries a pinning attempt but only for a count of two. Bayley is tagged back into the ring who decks an unsuspecting Lacey Evans off the ring apron. The women’s champion knocked both Bliss and Cross off the apron as Banks made a pinning attempt. Brooke hit a suplex on Banks and an enziguri on Bayley eventually making the tag to Lacey Evans.

Evans hits a nasty shining wizard and then climbs the top rope and attempts a moonsault but to no avail.

Bliss and Cross break up Bayley’s pining attempt. Dana makes a blind tag after a women’s right by Evans. Brooke hits a senton bomb off the top rope for a count of three.

Winners: Lacey Evans and Dana Brooke

We see what happens last week with Dolph Ziggler stepping on the cake given to Mandy Rose. Tucker comes in and brings Otis to the ring leaving Mandy alone. While she apologized for what took place it wasn’t enough.

Miz is shown backstage with New Day who was celebrating with a platter of pancakes. Kingston tries to fire up Miz but it turns into a matchup and a challenge later on. Miz will face Kofi Kingston.

Elias is then featured who is singing about his hopes. At the same time, he talks about how he is also entering the Royal Rumble.

The Revival was shown talking about how they’ve been made into a joke. Shorty G interrupts them trying to boost them up but that ultimately ends up in a challenge between him and Dash Wilder in a singles match.

Shorty G vs. Dash Wilder

After the commercial break, Wilder and G face-off against one another. A belly to back suplex off the top rope, Wilder hits Shorty G with. Shorty G attempts to wipe out Wilder eventually locking in an ankle lock. Wilder whips G into the corner and eventually locks in an ankle lock and a quick tap out by Dash.

Winner: Shorty G

A post-match attack by The Revival brings out Sheamus. The Celtic Warrior comes in the ring and decks Shorty G with a brogue kick. Sheamus is returning as a heel much as he had departed as one half of The Bar with Cesaro. Welcome back Sheamus!

Kofi Kingston with Big E vs. The Miz

Miz and Kingston lockup in the middle of the ring. The Miz is more focused on what Bray Wyatt did to him and his family. Kingston is focused as well hitting a monkey flip on Kingston that had Kofi laughing at him by the end of it. Kofi almost looks like he’s playing with The Miz even laughing at him at times. The Miz grows angrier by the second. Miz then follows it up with kicks to the midsection of Kingston followed by a running knee in the corner. Kofi attempts trouble in paradise but Miz returns it and then attempts an SOS but The Miz reverses that. Eventually, a rollup by Kingston gets a three-count by The Miz.

Winner: Kofi Kingston

After the match, The Miz attacked Kingston. Fans continue to chant You Suck to the Miz who is shocked saying ‘after everything I’ve given you and everything I’ve been through’?

Bryan and Reigns are interviewed backstage. Both leave saying that they are either leaving Royal Rumble as the winner of the Rumble or the WWE Universal Champion.

When Cathy Kelley attempts to get an interview with The Miz a familiar face opens the door instead….

Drew Gulak vs. Otis

Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose look on as Otis and Gulak face each other in the middle of the ring. Gulak attempts to humiliate Otis telling him Mandy Rose would never be interested in him. A corner splash followed by a caterpillar and an elbow leads to an Otis bomb on Gulak

Winner: Otis

Braun Strowman vs. Cesaro

Before the match, a flashback of Strowman pinning WWE Intercontinental Champion Shinsuke Nakamura is shown. We see a battle of strength between the Swiss Cyborg and Strowman. At ringside, Sami Zayn and Nakamura look on while Strowman beats down Cesaro. Eventually, Strowman clears the ring of Cesaro as Zayn and Nakamura look on.

After the commercial break, Cesaro attempts to work on Strowman with a rear chinlock but only momentarily. Nakamura and Zyan are both factors in the match while the referee is distracted. Cesaro attempts a sleeper hold followed by a rear chinlock. It ultimately results in a side slam by Braun. Strowman hits a splash in the corner on Cesaro. Nakamura was knocked off the ring apron and then wipes out Cesaro. He then does the around the ring attack. Cesaro takes advantage of another distraction but only momentarily. Strowman hits a power slam and a pinfall.

Winner: Braun Strowman

After the match, Nakamura catches and unsuspecting Strowman with a kinsasha.

Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan vs King Corbin and Dolph Ziggler
Reigns Bryan Ziggler Corbin
Photo / WWE

Reigns and Bryan come to the ring first followed by Corbin and Ziggler. Ziggler and Corbin come to the ring after the commercial break while Bryan and Reigns await their arrival.

Corbin attacks Reigns immediately as he wasn’t expecting it. Ziggler distracts Reigns allowing for Corbin to get back into the ring. Reigns is able to recover and makes a tag to Daniel Bryan. It is just then when the lights begin to flicker and Bray Wyatt’s laugh begins to be played on the overhead speaker. Once again the cut to a commercial.

After the break, Corbin is working on Reigns while Bryan is standing on the ring apron. Ziggler is tagged in and works on Reigns eventually getting King Corbin back in the ring. Bryan makes his way into the ring and beats down Ziggler. Daniel Bryan hits a series of YES kicks followed by a LaBell lock only to have King Corbin interfere. Bryan hits the running knee but again the lights go out symbolizing the return of the Fiend. The two men take the fight to one another. The Fiend applies the mandible claw on Daniel Bryan around the ringside area.

Winners: No Contest

Producers Sonjay Dutt and Adam Pearce check on Daniel Bryan. As Reigns attempts to check on Bryan, Ziggler, and Corbin handcuff Reigns. When it appears as though Roman is about to be humiliated again, Jimmy and Jey Uso make their return. They come to the big dog’s aid as the show goes off the air.