Episode 19 – Pro Wrestling Post Podcast (WrestleMania XL Fall Out Edition)

With WrestleMania XL now behind, Mark Blake and Marc Madison decided to dive into the showcase of the immortals and convey what did and didn’t sit well with them, as Episode 19 conveyed exactly that.

The WWE presented WrestleMania XL from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on Saturday, April 6th, and Sunday, April 7th. While the matches, winners, and losers were a focal point of the episode, so was the WWE Hall of Fame.

Therefore, before we dove into the events over the weekend, we touched upon the 2024 WWE Hall of Fame.

Episode 19
[Photo: WWE]

Pro Wrestling Post Podcast – Episode 19
The Rock….of Fame

With a class that involved the likes of the late Muhammad Ali, Thunderbolt Patterson, and Paul Heyman, a prominent figure on this night was someone who wasn’t being inducted but rather someone who was doing the inducting.

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, who has returned to the WWE and played a major role as an on-screen character, was involved in not one but two separate inductions.

The first was upon receiving a gift from Lonnie Ali, Muhammad Ali’s widow. The Rock received a championship title that was custom-made with a bramah bull. Was it necessary?

That remains to be seen, but it, along with his place in this induction and how an upcoming match against Cody Rhodes rather than the induction of his late grandmother Lia Maivia, became talking points.

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Pro Wrestling Post Podcast – Episode 19
What’s next?

During the fallout episode, Blake and Madison discuss what the course may be for both the winners and losers.

So rather than airing CCTV footage of one another disparaging the other, they decided to be adults and fantasy-booked and explored potential plans moving forward for all involved.

With Seth Rollins injured and Becky Lynch losing at WrestleMania, what is next for this wrestling family? They have proven they can handle the…grind but may explore other options over the next quarter. Grinding may or may not be a part of their future plans.

Other talking points included the future of Drew McIntyre, GUNTHER, the new World Heavyweight Champion Damien Priest, and the new Undisputed Universal Champion Cody Rhodes.

With a draft set for the end of the month, many moving parts appear to be in place. Who may ultimately end where leading to Backlash? Which champion will appear, where, and how will the chips all ultimately fall?

Samantha Irvin | WWE
[Photo: WWE]

Pro Wrestling Post Podcast – Episode 19
All rise for – Samantha Irvin

As Mark Blake took a step back to allow Marc Madison to share his thoughts on the Hall of Fame, so did Madison, in this instance, for Blake. The former ring announcer conveyed his admiration for the work Irvin did over the WrestleMania XL weekend.

Blake didn’t mince words and expressed his feelings for her effort and made notable comparisons of her work with other legendary wrestling commentators.

Blake justly amplified where Irvin excelled and where emotion was evident with each and every announcement she made.

From her announcement of the Undisputed Universal Champion to her announcement of the new Women’s Champion, Irvin’s role on the show was incredibly memorable. Dare we say he gave her her flowers? Tune in to find out for sure.

Pro Wrestling Post Podcast – Episode 19
The Monday After Raw – NXT Call-ups

This past week’s edition of Raw saw the appearance of both the NXT Men’s and Women’s Champions as Ilja Dragonov and Roxanne Perez both competed in front of a packed Philadelphia faithful.

Both Blake and Madison discussed the possibilities of either champion transitioning permanently to RAW or SmackDown, along with who else may break..ker through!

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