Elimination Chamber 2011 | WWE Sunday Night RetroView

On February 20th, 2011, WWE presented Elimination Chamber 2011. The event featured Edge defending his World Heavyweight Championship against five other competitors in the Elimination Chamber. Also, John Cena, CM Punk, John Morrison, Randy Orton, and R-Truth all battled for the right to face the WWE Champion at WrestleMania. The event took place at the Oracle Arena in Oakland, California.

Ricardo Rodriguez introduced Alberto Del Rio, who made his way to the ring first as he drove to the arena. With Michael Cole and Josh Matthews on commentary and Booker T preparing to share about the night’s action. Once in the ring, Del Rio has the microphone in hand and begins by introducing himself and his commitment to excellence. He then takes a jab at the audience in attendance.

Del Rio shares his thoughts on Kofi Kingston, who came to the ring with his Intercontinental Championship. It was time for talk to be over and for Kingston to put up against Del Rio.

Elimination Chamber 2011
WWE Intercontinental Championship
Kofi Kingston © vs. Alberto Del Rio with Ricardo Rodriguez

The two lock up, and Kingston backs Del Rio off into the corner. Fans are actively involved in the early part of this match. With the referee distracted by Rodriguez, Del Rio gains the advantage of Kingston. Kingston avoids Del Rio’s attack and gains the advantage. Referee John Cone pulls Kingston off the heated Kingston. After a moment he goes right after Del Rio showing his aggressive side. He hasn’t backed down and continues his attack.

Del Rio avoids Kingston’s attack momentarily and gains the advantage of driving the champion into the ring post and then steel steps. The challenger then brings the champion back into the ring and wears him down working over him on the mat. But Kingston fights it off and begins to throw fists at the champion. But Del Rio stops Kingston’s comeback beating on him and then hitting a belly-to-back side suplex. The challenge regains control with a body scissors on Kingston.

Kingston is expending energy just to try and get out. He finally breaks free just as Del Rio hits him with a boot to the midsection stopping his attack. Kingston then leap to the top rope and hit a cross-body splash stopping Del Rio. The two men exchange fists while on the mat. Del Rio and Kingston make it to their feet and Kingston hits a series of chops taking down Del Rio. Kingston hits a boom drop on Del Rio. Kingston is signaling for Trouble in Paradise, but Del Rio avoids it.

He then catches Kingston off the top rope with knees to the chest and tries to make a pinfall but only for a count of two. Kingston is then placed on the top rope and Del Rio tries to suplex him but Kingston fights him off and knocks Del Rio off. He then follows up with a dropkick off the top rope. But Del Rio kicks out at a count of two!

Del Rio regains control and hits a Kingston with double knees to the abdomen. He tried to pink him but Kingston kicked out. Kingston recovered but Ricardo Rodriguez created the distraction. Kingston then hits S.O.S but Del Rio kicked out at two.  With Del Rio in the corner, he avoided a charge in by Kingston. Del Rio followed that up with a top rope neck breaker. He then tried to lock in the cross-arm breaker. Del Rio manages to get Kofi Kingston to tap out.

Winner: Alberto Del Rio

After the match, Del Rio celebrates the win back in the ring. We then see Randy Orton pacing backstage in preparation for his involvement in the upcoming Elimination Chamber. This was then met with analysis by Booker T. Backstage, we see Todd Grisham with Edge. Edge shares how the odds are against him and Vickie Guerrero’s quest to finish him. Drew McIntyre then approaches Edge and tries to lay on a guilt trip but the World Champion walks away with the last word.

A promo is shown with the road to WrestleMania XXVII video. This included a breakdown of the Elimination Chamber and the threat that would come to those that entered. After it ended, we see the Elimination Chamber being lowered over top of the ring and this match would be the World Heavyweight Championship.

Elimination Chamber 2011
World Heavyweight Championship
Kane vs. Drew McIntyre vs. Wade Barrett vs. The Big Show vs. Rey Mysterio vs. Edge ©

First to the ring is Kane who is then locked in the first chamber. Next would be Drew McIntyre making his way to the ring. Third to the ring would be Wade Barrett of The Corre. Then Teddy Long would come out to the ring to address the audience. He reminds everyone that he had fired Dolph Ziggler and announced his replacement. This would bring out The Big Show. The fifth man to make his way out would be former World Champion, Rey Mysterio. Finally, Edge would make his way out to the ring.

Edge and Rey Mysterio would begin the match up against one another until the next man enters the chamber. Once the bell rings the two would lock up to start the match. Edge backs Mysterio into the corner but Mysterio gets the early advantage. But Edge catches Mysterio and goes for a pinfall but only for a count of two. Mysterio regains the advantage until he’s back bodydropped over the top rope onto the steel grating.

McIntyre bags on the chamber door as Mysterio and Egdge battle in that corner. Mysterio hits a hurricanrana and tries to go for a pinfall but Edge kicks out at two. The two men battle near the chamber door of. Kane. Mysterio is then tossed into the ring and Edge goes for a pin but only for a count of two. The countdown is on signalling the entry of another competitor.

This would usher in Wade Barrett who would go after Mysterio who was already battered. He then tries to go after Edge but Barrett gets caught. After momentarily working together, Edge focuses his attention on Barrett. But Barrett hits a side slam on the champion. Barrett focuses his attention on Rey Mystero while Edge tries to recover.

After a pinfall attempt, Mysterio kicks out at two. Barrett goes back after Edge and drives his head into the chain cage near the pods. As Barrett tried to go after Edge, the champion ducked and he ended up over the top rope onto the cage floor. Barrett tired goring for wasteland but Mysterio held the cage and hurricanrana’s Barrett.

Edge then takes out Mysterio with a big boot. After a pinfall attempt, Mysterio kicks out at two. This leads to another countdown which brings in Kane. The big red machine comes in and goes after everyone involved in this match. As each member tried to gain offense, Kane tried to maintain control. He then goes for a pinfall on Barrett but he kicks out at two.

Kane then takes Rey Mysterio and beats on the former champion. He then gets Edge and whips Edge into Barrett and splashes them both. Kane then gets knocked down by Mysterio, then Edge and then Barrett. Then Barrett, Edge, and Mysterio all manage to clothesline each other taking them all out.

Elimination Chamber 2011
[Photo: WWE]
Kane is back up and gets Edge and Mysterio on the cage flooring. He goes after Barrett against the cage and stares at Drew McIntyre in the pod. Barrett manages to make a comeback but Kane blocks his attempt to drive his head into the cage. Mysterio hits a headbutt but Kane takes him down with an uppercut.

Edge is then taken down and the countdown begins to enter the next man in the pod. Drew McIntyre comes out and whips Rey Mysterio into the pod. McIntyre and Barrett work together to try and take out Kane. As soon as it appeared as though there was an alliance between Barrett and McIntyre, McIntyre double crosses Barrett.

He whips Barrett into the pod, breaking the plexiglass. McIntyre sets up for a futureshock DDT, and Edge reverses it into an Impaler DDT. But the champion can’t make the cover. He was going to for a spear only for Kane to catch him. Mysterio is then hipped into the ringpost. Edge and Kane then take each other out. We then see the Big Show waiting anxiously as the countdown is on. The Big Show is in there and he takes out everyone.

The Big Show goes at everyone and anything that moved. He turns his attention to Wade Barrett, and the Big Show catches him. With one hand, he tosses Barrett into the pod. He then proceeds to slap the chest of the Englishman repeatedly. Big Show then hits a WMD making a pinfall and causing an elimination.

Wade Barrett is eliminated.

Now everyone proceeds to go after The Big Show. And despite their best efforts, no one could pin him to eliminate him from the match. Mysterio hits a 619, and Edge hits a spear on the Big Show. Kane then teases of a chokeslam and hits it. Kane then makes the pinfall and the elimination.

The Big Show is eliminated.

Kane then hits Drew McIntyre with a chokeslam, a pinfall, and an elimination. Drew McIntyre is eliminated. It is now down to the final three, with Kane clotheslining both Edge and Rey Mysterio. Kane is then hit with a tilt-a-whirl DDT by Rey Mysterio. Mysterio then hits a springboard leg drop on Kane.

Mysterio makes the pinfall but only gets a count of two. Kane then catches him but is hit with a 619. But as Kane catches Mysterio in mid-air, Edge spears him. The champion goes for the pinfall eliminating the Big Red Machine.

Kane is eliminated.

It is now down to the final two men but not without Kane getting up and taking out both Mysterio and Edge with chokeslams. The two men left are laid out but are stirring trying to make their way back to their feet. Rey pulls himself to the ropes and Edge does the same on the opposite of the ring.

Both men pull themselves up to their feet. We see Edge is setting up for the spear but Mysterio reverses it and attempts a pinfall. Mysterio then tries a cross body, but Edge reverses it into a pinfall attempt. Edge is whipped into a turnbuckle and turns a headlock into a bulldog.

Rey then goes to the outside and climbs the ropes.  Once on the top, Edge stops him. Edge and Mysterio battle on the top rope. With Edge on the floor he catches Rey and turns it into a powerbomb and a pinfall attempt for two!

Both men appear exhausted. Mysterio reverses a powerbomb attempt. Then Edge blocks a 619 and turns it into a submission attempt. He then reverses that into a pinfall attempt again for a count of two. Edge sets up again for a spear as Rey is on the opposite of the ring. Mysterio avoids it once and then gets hit with it.

[Photo: WWE]
But he kicks out of a pinfall attempt at two! Mysterio then hits a 619 and follows up with a springboard splash on Edge. He goes for a pinfall attempt but only for a count of two. Mysterio does it again and hits another 619 and climbs to the top rope but Edge cathers him with a. spear off the top rope! He follows up with a pinfall attempt for the 1…2….and 3!

Rey Mysterio is eliminated.

Winner: AND STILL World Heavyweight Champion, Edge

After the match, Edge is attacked by Alberto Del Rio. He then puts on his. Cross arm breaker when Edge isn’t able to defend himself. This brings out Christian to charge after Del Rio beating on him after being taken out months earlier by Del Rio. The referees are pulling Christian back, and he fights off and hits a killswitch on Del Rio.

Then Edge hits Del Rio with a spear after Christian’s run-in to stop Del Rio’s attack. Edge holds the title high overhead as Del Rio is laid out in the ring.

[Photo: WWE]
Michael Cole, Josh Matthews, and Booker T are addressing the upcoming WWE Championship match between The Miz and Jerry Lawler. We then see the King backstage being interviewed. Lawler shared how he should be excited by this event but still recovering from his mother’s loss. He says he needs to stay focused. Lawler is much softer spoken in that backstage interview with Matt Striker.

Booker T is then announced and comes into the ring. He shares one of the guest trainers from that season’s Tough Enough. It brings out Trish Stratus. Stratus shares how that she has been around the young and emerging talent in Tough Enough. She then says that she’s working on a catchphrase.

She throws off her jacket, and she says ‘Finally, The Trish Stratus has come back to the Oakland to delivers Stratusfaction…sucka”. It was as though she was combining The Rock and Booker T’s catchphrases. She said that she is there to see Jerry Lawler win the WWE Championship.

Elimination Chamber 2011
WWE Tag Team Championship
Santino Marella and Vladamir Kozlov © with Tamina vs. The Corre (Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel) with Ezekiel Jackson

The bell rings and Kozlov and Slater being the match but Santino is tagged in shortly after. Slater gains control but that was temporarily. Gabriel is then tagged in and tries to gain the advantage on Marella. But Kozlov is tagged in, Gabriel then stops him with a side headlock. Gabriel then tags in Slater. Slater hits a springboard-spinning splash on Kozlov. The challengers have control of the match.

Slater is tagged in and has a front face lock on Kozlov. But Kozlov powers Slater over him. Santino than comes in and takes out both Gabriel and Slater. Santino then pins Slater but only gets a count of two. Slater whips Santino into their corner but Gabriel is tagged in and misses a somersault plantcha in the ring. A blind tag is made to Heath Slater. He then hits a scorpion death drop on the unsuspecting Kozlov. Gabrielt then hits a 450 splash on Kozlov and makes the pinfall for the 1…2….3!

Winners: AND NEW WWE Tag Team Champions, The Corre (Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel)

We then get a replay of the match that the results as we see Jackson celebrating with Gabriel and Slater the new tag team champions.

Backstage, Todd Grisham speaks with The Miz backstage. Alex Riley accompanies The Miz and the champion addresses what he has in store for Jerry Lawler. The Miz also says that the winner of the Elimination Chamber match and ultimately lose to him, just like Jerry Lawler will.

Back at ringside, Michael Cole is gushing over the though of The Miz winning. This also brings out Vickie Guerrero who looks quite distraught. Guerrero shares how Smackdown suffered a horrible tragedy in that her boyfriend, Dolph Ziggler was fired. She said that she and Dolph were dealing with serious issues. She said was that Ziggler has an uncontrollable temper and was confused and apologetic at what took place. Guerrero is pleading with the audience to support her cause in asking Teddy Long for a second chance. That Dolph deserves a second chance.

This brings out Teddy Long, who addresses’ Vickie’s pleas in the ring. She complimented his Adam’s apple. That is odd.  Long says that he is in the hiring mood but tells her to be quiet. He says that he has rehired someone that will thank her for time.

Kelly Kelly comes down to the ring and confronts Vickie. Vickie offers her hand in a sign of respect. But Michelle McCool and Layla came out and attack Kelly Kelly. They attack her, and this brings out Trish Stratus, who comes to Kelly Kelly’s aid. They tried to attack Trish. But Trish fights back and finishes off Layla and Michelle McCool. She hits Stratusfaction taking out both competitors. Kelly Kelly comes back in the ring, and the two celebrate

We then have the WWE Championship match-up next. Before it happens, we have a video package about the upcoming match. The Miz shows that he is a must-see talent and that the legends don’t hold a candle to his talent. This brings Jerry Lawler out, who competed for 40 years and held the 140 years but never competed for the WWE Championship.

But he also has never competed at WrestleMania. We then see the beating Jerry Lawler received from The Miz and how he manages to make a comeback.

This brings out The Miz with Alex Riley and the WWE Championship.

Elimination Chamber 2011
WWE Championship
The Miz © with Alex Riley vs. Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler

Michael Cole is singing the praises of The Miz, which is so bizarre to see. The Miz comes to the ring first, awaiting the challenger. Lawler comes to the ring with his black cape and black and white singlet. The Miz hoists the belt up to the challenger showing Lawler that he is the champion.

With both competitors in the ring, Justin Roberts announced the challenger and champion. The fans are very much behind the King as the bell rings. Lawler scoops up the champion for a roll-up and a pinfall attempt. Each time The Miz attempts to connect with an advantage, Lawler recovers.

Lawler hits a couple of shoulder tackles and follows up with a right hand to the face of The Miz.  The King then hits a series of right hands to the face of The Miz and knocks the champion to the floor. But Lawler is distracted by Alex Riley on the outside. This leads to Lawler being whipped into the corner ring post.

The Miz gains the advantage and then whips Lawler back in the ring, and the champion continues to work him over. Alex Riley decks Lawler with the referee distracted. The Miz reverses a whip in the corner turnbuckle and follows up with a. clothesline. Lawler then stops Miz from climbing the top turnbuckle.

Lawler then hits a superplex on The Miz and follows up with a pinfall attempt. The King then hits a series of dropkicks on The Miz. Lawler then hits a bigger back-body drop on the champion. The King then hits a right fist on The Miz. Riley then trips up Lawler, and finally, referee Mike Chioda sees it and throws him out!

The Miz then gets rolled up by The King and gets a pinfall attempt. But only for a count of two. Lawler sets up for a piledriver, but The Miz fights it off. The King then avoids an attack by The Miz, who moves and forces him over the top rope to the floor. Michael Cole begins to get into Lawler’s face.

[Photo: WWE]
Lawler stops The Miz and drives him time and time again to the announce desk. The King then throws The Miz over the announce table into Michael Cole. Fans are chanting in favor of the King. Lawler then climbs the top rope and hits a right hand knocking down The Miz. Lawler counters the skull-crushing finale and then hits a DDT on The Miz. The King looks to the WrestleMania sign, climbs the second rope, and lowers his singlet strap. He then hits his patented right hand and goes for a pinfall attempt. But The Miz kicks out at two.

The Miz reverses a sunset flip on The King and then hits a Skull Crushing finale on the King. He makes the pinfall and gets the 1….2… and 3.

Winner: AND STILL WWE Champion, The Miz

After the match, Michael Cole comes into the ring and raises the hand of The Miz. Lawler looks at The Miz, who is up the rampway. We then see highlights of what just took place as Michael Cole continues to sing The Miz’s praises. Lawler then earns cheers from those in attendance, celebrating his effort on this night. Jerry Lawler’s music plays as Michael Cole continues to talk down about the King while on commentary.

Backstage we see John Cena eating a bowl of Fruity Pebbles cereal. Todd Grisham says he wanted to ask John Cena for his thoughts on what happened that week’s episode of Monday Night Raw. Cena shares about how the person who goes to WrestleMania will have to endure a lot of pain after winning Elimination Chamber.

We then see Matt Striker speaking with CM Punk. Punk then says he can’t see anyone other than himself walking out of Elimination Chamber as the winner. We then have a review of what took place in the Elimination Chamber match earlier in the evening. The destruction that took place to the pods. We then see the final result as Edge defeated Rey Mysterio to win the match.

Winner Faces the WWE Champion at WrestleMania XXVII
Elimination Chamber 2011
Randy Orton vs. R-Truth vs. CM Punk vs. John Cena vs. Sheamus vs. John Morrison

The Viper makes his way to the ring first. Next to the ring is R-Truth. Third to the ring is the leader of the New Nexus, CM Punk. The fourth man in the match comes to the ring, and it’s the former WWE Champion, John Cena. Next up to the ring is the recent King of the Ring winner, King Sheamus. The final entrant in the ring is John Morrison. So we know that Morrison and Sheamus will start off the match.

With Sheamus and Morrison in the ring, the bell rings. The two lock up, and we get Sheamus with a shoulder tackle, taking down Morrison. Once back to their feet, Morrison is taken down by Sheamus with a side headlock. As the two return to their feet, Morrison takes out Sheamus and begins throwing a series of right hands to take down King Sheamus.

The two battle on the steel grating near R-Truth’s pod. Morrison hits a kick off the chainlink fence onto Sheamus. Sheamus regains control over Morrison. He hits a clothesline and stands over top, showing his dominance. But Morrison recovers and then hints of Starship pain, but Sheamus pushes him off the top rope.

The two continue to battle on the grating, but Morrison’s face is drilled into the fence. The countdown is on, and the next entrant in the match is Randy Orton. Orton goes right after Sheamus and then follows up by going after Morrison. He then hits a clothesline on Sheamus and hits a back body drop on Morrison over the top rope and onto Sheamus, who was outside of the ropes causing both to fall onto the steel platform.

Orton then whips Morrison into an empty pod along with Sheamus. The Viper hits his DDT onto the grating around the outside of the ring. Orton then begins to hit the Garvin stomp around the bodies of Morrison and Sheamus. He then tries to make a cover but only gets a count of two.

Orton then places Morrison on the top rope and hits a superplex that would make his father proud. Then he places Sheamus on top of another turnbuckle and hits another superplex, this time on the King. He follows up with a pinfall attempt but only for a count of two. The clock counts down, and Orton waits outside of Punk’s pod. Orton stalks Punk as he’s caught in the pod unable to get out. He is immediately attacked by Orton and finished with an RKO. He’s pinned and eliminated.

CM Punk is eliminated….or is he?

But the Anonymous Raw General Manager says ‘due to a malfunctioning pod, CM Punk wasn’t given a fair shot and allowed to re-enter his pod and reinstated in the match. Orton goes after Sheamus and they continue to battle in the ring.

Orton is hit with a brogue kick and a springboard kick by John Morrison. The pod then counts down, and the next entry in the match is John Cena. Cena is attacked by Sheamus not allowing him out of the pod. Sheamus then continues to work over Cena time and time again.

Cena tried to go for an AA on Morrison, but he reverses it and hits both Sheamus and Cena. Morrison is then tossed over the top rope onto the steel outside the ring. Cena follows him outside the ring, and Morrison battles him there. Then Sheamus hits a slingshot double clothesline on both of them.

Orton then hits a Lou Thesz press on Sheamus and continues to work over the King. But King Sheamus recovers and tosses him back in the match. The clock ticks down and the entry into the match is R-Truth. Sheamus tries to do the same thing to R-Truth. But R-Truth recovers and goes right after him.

He then hiptosses Sheamus onto the steel grate around the ring. He then hits a forward suplex. Truth is wiping out everyone…except of Sheamus, who hits him with a brogue kick and makes a pinfall to eliminate him.

R-Truth is eliminated.

The four men square off. Morrison tries to pin Sheamus, but he kicks out at two. With Morrison setting up Sheamus outside, Orton takes Morrison and whips him into another pod, breaking the plexiglass. In the middle of the ring, Randy Orton and John Cena battle. Orton goes for the pinfall but Cena kicks out at two.

The Viper awaits the clock ticking off as the chamber door opens and CM Punk comes out. He then goes after Orton and makes a pinfall attempt but only for a count of two. Punk throws Orton in the ring, mocks Orton’s hand stomping, and then goes for the GTS. He then makes the cover and gets the three count.

Randy Orton is eliminated.

Fans are chanting for CM Punk. Punk then goes after Cena and hits him with a knee. Then follows up with a knee on Sheamus, who recovers and takes him out. John Morrison and Sheamus continue to battle with one another as Cena and Punk are recovering outside of the ring.

Morrison climbs to the top of a pod, but Sheamus trips him up. Sheamus climbs the top of the pod and proceeds to step on Morrison. He then signals for the high cross on the top of the pod, but Morrison fights Sheamus off. He then kicks Sheamus off, who lands on the mat. Morrison then climbs the chamber and is headed near the center, then drops down onto Sheamus. He makes a cover and gets the three count.

Sheamus is eliminated.

Three men now remain in the match. Punk and Cena pull themselves up to their feet. Cena then hits a five-knuckle shuffle on Punk. But can’t capitalize. He proceeds to follow Punk outside of the ring, but Morrison flies onto both men, taking them out. Punk goes for a pinfall attempt on Cena, but he kicks out at two.

Punk is in the ring, and Morrison and Cena is outside the ring. He then charges at Cena, but Cena moves, and he goes knee-first into the pod. Back in the ring, Punk goes for a pinfall cover on Cena, but Cena kicks out at two. CM Punk then tries a submission attempt on Cena, but the former world champion recovers and gets to his feet.

Morrison then hits Punk off the top rope, and it leaves Cena and Morrison in the ring battered and bruised. Cena then hits an AA on Morrison. But Punk, it’s a kick to the head of Cena. Punk then hits a springboard clothesline on Cena. He covers Cena, but he kicks out at two!

Punk then turns his attention to John Morrison, who scales the pod, leaps off the cage, and hits Punk. Morrison tries to hit Starship Pain, but Punk counters with a GTS and a pinfall.

John Morrison is eliminated.

Cena then hits an AA on Punk over the top rope onto the steel grate. He covers him and gets the pin.

[Photo: WWE]
CM Punk is eliminated.

Winner: John Cena

Cena will go to WrestleMania XXVII to face The Miz for the WWE championship. We then see The Miz watching backstage, hoisting the title overhead.