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On February 21st, 2010, WWE presented the first-ever Elimination Chamber 2010 pay-per-view event. This was the last stop before WrestleMania. While the match itself had taken place at events prior, this was the first time an eponymous event was held. It took place in St. Louis, Missouri.


The chamber is being lowered upon the ring before the match begins. The Elimination Chamber rules are shared: the match begins with two men, while the other four are in separate pods. After five minutes expire, an additional competitor will be added. Michael Cole, Matt Striker, and Jerry Lawler are on commentary.

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Elimination Chamber 2010
WWE Championship
John Cena vs. Ted DiBiase (Jr.) vs. Randy Orton vs. Triple H vs. Kofi Kingston vs. Sheamus (c)

Kofi and Sheamus start off the matchup. After a few minutes, Cole reminds fans that another man will be released from their pod soon. Kingston takes the fight to Sheamus with a dropkick. He follows that up with a kick to the thigh and then proceeds to make a pinfall attempt. With both men back to their feet, they exchanged fists left and right. Sheamus whips Kofi into the ropes and hits a back elbow on him. He follows that up a shoulder tackle. Kingston hits a springboard crossbody from the middle ropes. Sheamus blocks a pinning attempt and follows up with one of his own.

Sheamus follows a beaten Kingston onto the deck of the Chamber. Both men are fighting near Triple H’s pod. They both make their way back into the ring, and Sheamus continues his assault. After the countdown ends, spotlights flash on the four pods randomly until they focus on one man.

Triple H enters the elimination chamber.

Triple H goes after Sheamus while Kingston is recovering on the pod deck. The Game drives a knee across the head of Sheamus and attempts a pin. He is then thrown over the top rope to the deck. Sheamus is clotheslined back into the ring. Sheamus tries an Irish backbreaker but is stopped. Kingston recovers and is back fighting off both competitors. He is beating down on Sheamus in front of Ted DiBiase’s pod. Kofi hits a boom drop over the top rope onto Triple H, who is lying on the pod deck. Sheamus, however, recovers and makes a pinning attempt on Kingston. The countdown begins once again, and when it stops, the next entrant is identified.

Randy Orton enters the elimination chamber.

Orton comes in, blasting everyone. The Viper drives a knee across the top of the head of Triple H. He then tosses Sheamus out of the ring. He follows him onto the deck and whips him headfirst into the chamber’s chain fence. Triple H attacks and tosses Orton repeatedly into the chamber., Kingston hits a cross body onto his unsuspecting three opponents on the chamber deck. He then attempts a crossbody in the ring, but Orton catches him with a dropkick mid-air! Orton continues his assault on Kingston.

Triple H comes back in the ring. He hits Orton with a knee drop/atomic drop, but Orton catches him with a power slam. The action is all over the place. A failed pedigree and Trouble in Paradise leaves all three men battered until Sheamus interjects. It is at that point when the next entrant of the chamber match is announced.

Ted DiBiase enters the elimination chamber.

DiBiase goes after Sheamus first and then follows up on Kingston. He then proceeds to go after Triple H. DiBiase is now standing over Orton and offers his hand to help him up. It appears as though the Legacy members are working together. Collectively, DiBiase and Orton are working on everyone else in this match. They are trying to wedge Kingston’s face between the gaps in the fence. The animosity between Orton and Kingston is evident. Now, both men work over Triple H. They take his head and drive it against the steel chain fence. Orton then has Triple H set up for the stalling DDT off the ropes onto the steel deck. The countdown to the last participant begins, and both men then walk over to Cena’s pod and wait for him, as he is ready to charge out the door.

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John Cena enters the elimination chamber.

Cena immediately takes the fight to Orton and DiBiase. He climbs the top turnbuckle and drops a leg on Ted DiBiase, then hits an AA onto the steel deck. Cena is hit from behind but grabs Orton and whips him into the steel cage. Cena has DiBiase in a submission. Cody Rhodes arrives at ringside and tosses in a steel pipe. DiBiase uses the pipe and decks, Orton, while Cena has him up for the AA. Cena finishes hitting the AA, but then DiBiase decks him with the steel pipe. DiBiase then proceeds to cover Orton, eliminating him from the match.

Randy Orton is eliminated from the matchup.

Sheamus goes after DiBiase, and meanwhile, there is a hush as everyone can’t believe what has happened. Kingston hits trouble in paradise on Ted DiBiase, eliminating him from the matchup.

Ted DiBiase is eliminated from the matchup.

Sheamus then hits a big boot on Kofi Kingston and hits a razor’s edge on him. The Celtic Warrior finishes him off with a three-count.

Kofi Kingston is eliminated from the matchup.

It is down to three, with Sheamus, Cena, and Triple H still in the match. Cena attempts an AA, but Sheamus breaks out of it and hits an Irish Curse backbreaker. Sheamus drives Cena back first into the corner turnbuckle and proceeds to drive knee after knee into his midsection. Triple H hits a low blow on Sheamus and follows up with a pedigree on him. He follows up with a three-count, eliminating the champion.

Sheamus is eliminated from the matchup.

Cena and Triple H try to get to their feet, but Cena locks in the STF. Triple H taps out and is eliminated from the matchup via submission.

Winner, AND NEW WWE Champion: John Cena

Just then, Vince McMahon’s music plays as Cena is on his knees trying to gather himself. He declares Cena will go to WrestleMania as long as he can defeat…Batista.

Batista comes to the ring as a battered and beaten new WWE Champion tries to collect himself and get to his feet. The Animal looks him over, and Cena throws a fist, hitting the challenger. Batista hits a spear on Cena, followed up by a Batista bomb. He covers him for the three count and wins the WWE Championship at Elimination Chamber 2010.

Winner: AND NEW WWE Champion Batista.
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After the match, we can see a distraught John Cena reflecting after losing the title and not being able to go to WrestleMania. We then are shown how Bret Hart returned to make peace, but how tragedy struck. Bret’s car was struck by another vehicle, and he was taken away in an ambulance. His leg is reported to be broken, and there is also ligament damage.

Elimination Chamber 2010
WWE Intercontinental Championship
Drew McIntyre (c) vs. Kane

As soon as the bell rings, McIntyre has to punch and dodge the Big Red Machine. Kane eventually catches up with McIntyre and proceeds to work him over. He locks in a side headlock. Striker points out how Kane is trying to wear down the lanky champion. Kane hits a swinging neckbreaker. He follows that up with a pinning attempt but only for a count of two. McIntyre recovers and eventually backs Kane into the corner turnbuckle. He tries to hit a couple of clotheslines, but it does nothing to the Big Red Machine. McIntyre works him over in the corner some more. He is focusing on his arm and legs, trying to take away his size advantage. The focus on the arm is intended to take away the clothesline and chokeslam from the Big Red Machine’s arsenal.

McIntyre transitions from working over one body part to another. The champion is tossed out momentarily until he comes back into the ring and locks in another armbar, and wrenches on Kane’s face. He is working over his shoulder, but Kane continues to fight out of it. McIntyre rests his knee across the face and chin. Kane recovers but is caught with a big boot. ButKane hits a big boot of his own. Kane then charges and hits a clothesline. He attempts it again, but McIntyre stops him. The Big Red Machine hits a sidewalk slam. He follows that up with a pinning attempt but only for a count of two. Kane climbs to the top rope and hits a clothesline. He signals for a chokeslam, but McIntyre breaks free of it.

“Kane has to get the champion back in the ring”
– Matt Striker –

Kane and McIntyre battle outside of the ring. The referee continues to count until Kane whips McIntyre into the ring. Kane continues to work him over, but the champion tries to leave the match. Both champion and challenger make their way back into the ring. With the referee’s distracted, the champion hits the future shock DDT and makes the pinfall for the three count.

Winner: AND STILL WWE Intercontinental Champion Drew McIntyre.

After the match, Maryse is shown backstage pursuing Gail Kim and speaks to her in French. Kim chuckles, and Maryse says that she is looking forward to their matchup later in the evening. She then says that they are both sexy and beautiful. Kim responds in French herself, telling her to cut the charade, that she knows she’s been trash talked repeatedly. She looks forward to beating her later on in the evening.

WWE Divas Title Tournament Finals
Maryse vs. Gail Kim

This is an all-Canadian matchup. As soon as the bell rings, Vickie Guererro makes her way out and declares that the Raw Divas have made some disparaging comments about the SmackDown Divas. She states that they are postponing the finals and changing this to a tag team matchup, with Kim and Maryse facing two SmackDown Divas.

LayCool (Michelle McCool & Layla) vs. Maryse & Gail Kim

Kim and Layla battle in the ring, and Kim gets a pinning attempt, but Layla breaks the count. With the referee distracted, Kim is hit with a big boot by McCool. McCool is tagged in, and both women work over their opposition. Maryse is on the apron trying to encourage her partner. McCool continues to work over Kim. Kim makes her way to her partner, only to have Maryse clutch her by the face and shove her back to McCool, who hits her with a Faithbreaker. She covers her for the three count and the win.

Winners: LayCool

After the match, Maryse goes into the ring and berates the already beaten Kim. She hits her with a French Kiss DDT and then kneels over her prone body.

Josh Matthews discusses the debut of NXT, and this brings out The Miz. The Miz is asked about mentoring Daniel Bryan, and he shares that he will teach him how to be successful.’ He then says Bryan is as big a loser as the St. Louis Rams to the ire of those in attendance. This brings out MVP. MVP says that personality is important but not as important as winning. He states that he wants to face The Miz for the WWE United States Championship, and he wants that match tonight at the Elimination Chamber 2010.

William Regal comes out to the ring and addresses the recent announcement by Vince McMahon of ‘the new evolution of professional wrestling, WWE NXT.’ The program will begin with eight rookies teamed with eight professionals. Regal says that he will be added as one of the WWE pros. Each of his statements are met with ‘What?’ chants. He demands to be treated with respect and says that everyone in attendance could learn from him. It is at this point that Edge comes out. Edge had recently won the Royal Rumble. Edge shares how the WWE Universe may want to hear something and states that he will make the decision on who he will face tomorrow. Tonight, however…SPEAR! He lays out Regal and leaves the ring at the Elimination Chamber 2010.

Elimination Chamber 2010
WWE United States Championship
The Miz (c) (with The Big Show) vs. MVP (with Mark Henry)

Once the bell rings, both men stare each other down from across the ring. Miz then gets into MVP’s face and proceeds to try and show him up. MVP slaps him and takes the fight to him. He hits a series of knee strikes. He whips The Miz to the outside of the ring and then tosses him inside. Miz attempts to hit a sliding tackle but misses. However, after a brief distraction, he gains the advantage.

MVP recovers and makes a cover, but only for a count of two. He then stretches Miz and transitions that into a Dragon sleeper. MVP attempts to leap over him but is caught and hit with a double knee to the chest. Miz then attempts a rear chinlock, but MVP breaks free of that. He tries a small package, but the US champion breaks the count at two. MVP then tries to counter a roll-up, but Miz breaks the count at two. MVP hits a massive right, knocking Miz back into the corner, but he counters with a clothesline off the ropes.

Miz locks in a quasi-camel clutch, but MVP turns it into an electric chair drop and makes a pinning attempt, only for a count of two. Miz comes back and hits a DDT. He follows up with a pin for a count of two.

Can MVP build any form of momentum in this matchup?
– Michael Cole

Miz stalks MVP and hits him with a clothesline after charging into the corner.  MVP recovers and stops Miz as he climbs to the top rope. Miz hits a head butt that knocks his opponent down. However, MVP runs up the ropes and hits a belly to belly over the top suplex. He follows that up with a pin but once more only gets a count of two. Miz looks like he’s busted open on the top of his head. MVP has a second wind and brings the attack to Miz. Big Show appears and pulls Miz to the outside. Then Mark Henry comes from the other side and charges at Show. Henry crashes through a guard rail.

MVP attempts a boot, but The Big Show decks him with a WMD without the referee seeing. Miz takes advantage and makes the pinning attempt for the three count to retain the title at the Elimination Chamber 2010.

Winner: AND STILL WWE United States Champion, The Miz.

After the match, members of the National Guard are shown. The commentary team discusses the entire nights’ events, including the WWE Championship match. They note how Batista took advantage of a weakened John Cena to capture the WWE Championship at the Elimination Chamber 2010.

World Heavyweight Championship
Rey Mysterio Jr vs. John Morrison vs. Chris Jericho vs. The Undertaker (c) vs. CM Punk vs. R-Truth

R-Truth and CM Punk start off the match. Punk’s pre-match sermon’ was interrupted by Truth, who came to the ring asking everyone, ‘What’s up?’ Cole reminds fans watching of the rules that two men start and another man will enter the pod every five minutes. The bell sounds, and Punk and Truth lock up in the middle of the ring. Punk gets the early advantage. He makes a pinfall attempt but only for a count of two. Truth recovers with a back-leg kick. He tries to make a pinfall attempt but only for a count of two. Truth then whips Punk into the steel chains and follows that up by whipping him into Rey Mysterio’s pod’s door. R-Truth then hits a somersault plancha off the top of the pod.

Punk and Truth are battling on the steel deck. Truth brings Punk inside the ring and attempts a pin but only gets a count of two.  Punk hits the GTS and makes the pinfall for the three count.

R-Truth is eliminated from the chamber.

Punk has a break until the next pod opens as the five minutes have not expired. He shares that being straight edge makes him better than anyone else.

Rey Mysterio enters the elimination chamber.

Mysterio takes the fight to Punk from one side of the ring to the other. He attempts a 619, but it’s countered with a power slam. Punk attempts another GTS, but Mysterio finds the counter for it. Punk whips Mysterio into the cage head first. He proceeds to go for the cover but only gets a count of two. A high knee to the head follows, and a whip into the corner turnbuckle is next. Punk picks up Mysterio and rests him on the top turnbuckle, but Mysterio fights back. Mysterio attempts to climb to the top of one of the pods, but Punk stops him. Rey kicks the legs out from under Punk, who then lands on the turnbuckle. Mysterio follows this up with a hurricanrana onto the steel deck.

He rolls him into the ring and hits a springboard splash. Rey makes the cover for the three count and the elimination.

CM Punk is eliminated from the chamber.

As the clock ticks down, the next man enters the chamber.

Chris Jericho enters the elimination chamber.

Jericho charges after Mysterio and catches him. He hits a press and drops him onto the mat. Mysterio hits a 619, but Jericho avoids a pinning attempt. Mysterio lands like a cat on the fence, but Jericho pulls the legs out from under him. Jericho is relentless working over Mysterio, attacking the neck and chest. He goes over to the Undertaker and attempts to provoke the Dead Man. That momentary action gives Rey a chance to fight back. Jericho applies a rest hold in the centre of the ring.

Rey escapes and hits a springboard moonsault and then a Dragon sleeper. Jericho counters by driving Rey to the corner. He locks in the Walls of Jericho. Mysterio is trying to fight this off as the next entrant to the match comes in.

John Morrison enters the elimination chamber.

Morrison goes after Jericho and then Mysterio. He hits a kick on Mysterio, preventing a springboard attempt. Jericho recovers and pursues Morrison. Rey pushes Morrison back, and he lands on the chamber pod. He then hits a hurricanrana on Jericho but is tossed over the top rope. Morrison comes from across the pod on the deck and hits a double-flying clothesline on both Mysterio and Jericho. He then hits a standing moonsault. Jericho prevents a 619 attempt on Morrison with a tilt a whirl backbreaker. Morrison hits Jericho, but Mysterio takes him out! The fast-paced action is nearly impossible to track. A failed hurricanrana by Mysterio leads to Starship Pain by Morrison. He follows up with a three count and an elimination.

Rey Mysterio is eliminated from the elimination chamber.

Morrison gets back to his feet and continues to strike Chris Jericho. He hits a high knee, but he’s taking too much time. Jericho locks in the Walls of Jericho, but the last man is ready to enter the pod.

The Undertaker enters the elimination chamber.

Undertaker takes the fight to Jericho and then Morrison. He signals for the chokeslam and clutches both Jericho and Morrison, but they counter and work over the Dead Man. Morrison hits a magistral cradle, but Jericho kicks out. A back body drop onto the steel deck leaves Morrison prone. Jericho provokes The Undertaker, leading to him being cornered in the pod and beaten down. Morrison hits a springboard kick, but he’s in pain. He attempts to go for Starship Pain, but The Undertaker puts up his knees to block it. Jericho locks himself back in the pod. The Undertaker goes after Morrison. He is relentless in his beat down.

The Undertaker picks him up, but that gives Jericho the chance to get back into the match. All three men are battered and beaten. Morrison hits a knee to Jericho’s head and then proceeds to make a pinfall attempt but only for a count of two. The Undertaker catches Morrison and hits a chokeslam onto the steel deck. He covers him for a count of three.

John Morrison is eliminated from the elimination chamber.

It is now down to two men. Jericho gingerly walks back, but The Undertaker is quick to pounce on him. Jericho is caught with one knee but avoids a second one. He then hits a superplex on The Undertaker. Jericho attempts to make a pinning attempt but only for a count of two. The Undertaker catches Jericho, but he avoids a chokeslam. He then attempts a Walls of Jericho, but The Undertaker goes for Hell’s Gate. Jericho eventually locks in the Walls. The Undertaker appears almost unresponsive until he finds a way to counter and locks in the Hell’s Gate. But Jericho is able to get away and onto the steel deck.

The Undertaker hoists up Jericho attempting a tombstone but is hit with a codebreaker. He goes for a pinning attempt but only for a count of two! Jericho beats on The Undertaker as he continues to yell at him to stay down. But The Undertaker hits the last-ride powerbomb but can’t capitalize. The Undertaker makes it to his feet and signals for the Tombstone. But Shawn Michaels gets in from under the steel deck and hits sweet chin music on The Undertaker. Jericho sees this and pins The Undertaker as Michaels stands over top of him at the Elimination Chamber 2010.

Winner: AND NEW World Heavyweight Champion Chris Jericho.

Michaels continues to stare down at The Undertaker as Jericho makes his way out of the chamber and on to WrestleMania. The final visual of the match is Michaels starring at the fallen, former World Heavyweight Champion as the night ends on the Elimination Chamber 2010.

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