ECW The Night The Line Was Crossed 1994 | ECW Saturday Night RetroView

On February 5th, 1994, Extreme Championship Wrestling aired ECW The Night The Line Was Crossed 1994 PPV. There were 8 matches (one Dark match & seven on the PPV). These matches included a tag team Dog Collar Match & a title match for the ECW World Heavyweight).

ECW The Night the Line Was Crossed 1994
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911 defeated Chad Austin (Dark Match)

ECW The Night The Line Was Crossed 1994
Mr Hughes vs. Sal Bellomo

Mr Hughes shoves Sal Bellomo around and pulls him down by the hair as he also keeps blocking Bellomo’s attempts at holds before they trade punches and headbutts.

Hughes hits a splash in the corner, but he misses a second one, and Sal hits multiple shoulder blocks.

However, Jason trips him, and Hughes knees Sal in the back. Hughes then hits a sidewalk slam for the win.

Winner: Mr Hughes (3:17)

ECW The Night The Line Was Crossed 1994
The Sandman & Tommy Cairo vs. The Pitbull & Rockin Rebel

The Sandman & Rockin Rebel fight to the floor while Tommy Cairo hangs Pitbull over the ropes. Pitbull breaks free and uses a chair, and Sandman throws Rebel into the stands.

Rebel returns the favor and hits Sandman with a chair before everyone returns to the ring, and Rebel hits a chained fist drop to Sandman’s balls before they brawl to the floor again.

They end up fighting over to a scaffold, and Sandman sets up a table, but Rebel backdrops him onto it. Meanwhile, Pitbull gets some near falls, and Rebel sends Sandman over the rail again.

Rebel piledrives Sandman on a table while Cairo hits a butterfly suplex on Pitbull. Then both teams end up in the ring once more, and Rebel & Pitbull whip Sandman & Cairo into each other.

Cairo recovers and hits a belly-to-belly suplex before The Sandman wraps the chain around Pitbull’s legs and holds him down for the win.

Winners: The Sandman & Tommy Cairo (4:59)

After the match, Rebel hangs Sandman over the ropes again, then he & Pitbull double-suplex Cairo before The Sandman recovers and clears the ring with the chain.

ECW The Night The Line Was Crossed 1994
No Rules Tag Team Match

The Public Enemy (Johnny Grunge & Rocco Rock) vs. The Bruise Brothers (Don & Ron)

Both teams pair off and brawl into the crowd. Johnny Grunge & Don Bruise end up under Joey Styles’ announce booth, and the camera loses the action.

Meanwhile, Rocco Rock tries to escape over a wall, but Ron Bruise stops him, then sends Rock into the wall and brings him back to the ring to hit a power slam.

They fight to the floor again, and he slams Rocco while Grunge & Don continue brawling. They throw a chair at Grunge’s head and take Rocco up to the announce booth as Styles’ table is broken, which upsets him.

Ron then tosses Rocco into some chairs and brings him back to the ring. However, Grunge blinds him with powder, and Rocco uses a 2×4 to get the win.

Winners: The Public Enemy (7:59)

ECW The Night The Line Was Crossed 1994
Jimmy ‘Superfly’ Sunka vs. Tommy Dreamer

The match starts off with a lock-up, but Jimmy Snuka begins arguing with some fans. Then Tommy Dreamer comes to the defense of one of the fans and even wears his hat. The stalling continues before they finally lock up again and trade headlocks and slams.

Snuka regroups, then Snuka & Dreamer trade slaps and shoves until Dreamer misses a crossbody and tumbles to the floor. Snuka then hits him with a chair and rolls him inside for some chops and a backbreaker.

He also hits Superfly Splash, but Dreamer kicks out as Snuka is in shock so he hits some more chops and 2 more Superfly Splashes to get the win.

Winner: Jimmy ‘Superfly’ Sunka (10:15)

After the match Snuka continues his attack and even takes out the ref before hitting another Superfly Splash. Tod Gordon comes out to stop him, but Snuka hits him with a flying axe handle; then other wrestlers arrive and finally convince Snuka to leave.

ECW The Night The Line Was Crossed 1994
Non Title Match

The Tazmaniac & Kevin Sullivan (c) vs. Pat Tanaka & The Sheik

Kevin Sullivan and the Sheik brawl into the crowd to start the match. Then in the ring, The Tazmaniac puts Pat Tanaka in an ankle lock, but the camera focuses on Sullivan and the Sheik.

They ram each other into the guardrail while The Tazmaniac switches to a Half Crab, but Tanaka reaches the ropes.

The Tazmaniac puts him in the hold again then The Sheik wraps a chair around Sullivan’s head, but Sullivan is having none of that.

He shrugs it off and continues brawling with Sheik until The Sheik starts throwing fireballs as 1 of them hits The Tazmaniac, so Tanaka rolls him up for the win.

Winners: Pat Tanaka & The Sheik (3:15)

ECW The Night The Line Was Crossed 1994
Mike Awesome vs. JT Smith

JT Smith hits a spin kick, but Mike Awesome shakes it off and hits him with some clotheslines and a splash, then keeps turning Smith inside out with lariats before hitting an overhead belly 2 belly.

He clotheslines Smith to the floor and dives onto him, then follows that up by rolling Smith inside and going for an Awesome Bomb but Smith surprises him with a small package for the win.

Winner: JT Smith (2:00)

After the match Awesome attacks the ref while Smith retreats from the ring. Awesome hits the ref with 2 Awesome Bombs and spits on him before attempting a flying splash, but the ring ropes break, and Awesome face plants into the ring, so Awesome throws the turnbuckle at the ref before heading backstage.

ECW The Night The Line Was Crossed 1994
ECW World Heavyweight Title Triple Threat Elimination Match

Terry Funk (c) vs. Sabu vs. Shane Douglas

Sabu & Shane Douglas fight back & forth in and out of the ring as Douglas keeps trying to slow the pace, but Sabu hits a baseball slide and then hits a springboard somersault leg drop before focusing on Douglas’ injured arm.

He locks Douglas in various arm holds before Douglas fights back, but he has trouble with his arm, and they end up brawling on the floor. 911 helps Sabu set up a table, but Douglas moves when Sabu attempts an Asai Moonsault.

Sabu hurts his knee, and Douglas attacks, but the 15 minutes end, and Terry Funk joins the bout as Sabu is helped to the back because of his knee injury.

Douglas & Funk brawl in and out of the ring, and Funk piledrives him on the floor and then hits multiple DDTs, but Sherri puts Douglas’ foot on the ropes as Funk chases her, and the fans keep trying to hand him chairs.

He takes one and puts it in the ring before calling for more, and the fans throw some as Funk piles up the chairs and hits another DDT, but he hurts himself. Douglas attacks the back, and they brawl around the arena.

Douglas even uses Sherri’s boot as a weapon, then hits his own DDT, then a cover, but Funk kicks out and goes for the Spinning Toe Hold. But Douglas breaks free and busts open Funk then takes out the ref in a daze.

Douglas uses the opening to ram Funk into an exposed turnbuckle multiple times then the fight then spills into the crowd once more, but Sabu returns to the match.

Funk uses Sabu’s reappearance to catch a breather, and he heads to Joey Styles’ table & steals the headset, and mocks his opponents, but he doesn’t realize it’s not a house mic. They can’t hear him, so he yells Well, I’ll come and get you, ya idiot.

Everyone goes after Sabu’s leg, but Sherri, 911 & Paul E. all interfere on behalf of their wrestlers. Sabu recovers and botches a springboard moonsault but manages to hit a 2nd attempt.

Douglas eventually hits Funk with a chair, which draws Ian & Axl Rotten to the ring to help Funk. They attack both men, and everyone pairs off into brawls around the arena.

911 & Paul E. eventually stop The Rottens while the 3 competitors fight outside the building. They return shortly, and Douglas crotches Sabu on the railing. Meanwhile Funk takes out the ref for some reason.

Sabu hits some moonsaults on both men, but Funk recovers and gives Douglas a piledriver then. Sabu hits a couple of splashes, but the ref is out cold and no one can get a pin.

All three men then end up in a triple Camel Clutch spot, but Funk breaks free and uses a Spinning Toe Hold as he has to fend off Sherri, so he gives her a suplex and puts her in the Spinning Toe Hold.

However, Douglas stops him and fights with Sabu until Funk uses Sherri’s boot to give Douglas a low blow.

They brawl on the floor and return to the ring, where a dazed Funk tries to cover Sherri. The match then becomes a mad scramble to make a cover, but the time limit expires.

Winner: No One (Time Limit Draw) (60:00) (Funk retains)